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Lighthouse October 17, 2013

Lighthouse October 17, 2013

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Published by VCStar
Official newspaper of Naval Base Ventura County
Official newspaper of Naval Base Ventura County

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Published by: VCStar on Oct 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vol. 13, No. 21 | Thursday, October 17, 2013www.thelighthousenews.com
By Andrea Howry
Much of Naval Base VenturaCounty(NBVC)returnedtonor-mal Monday, Oct. 7, as mostDepartmentof Defensecivilianscame back to work after beingfurloughed since the start of themonthbecauseof thepartialgov-ernment shutdown.ThecommissaryatNBVCPortHuenemereopenedat10:30thatmorningwithlimitedsuppliesof meat, dairy goods and produce.Shelveswerefullystockedbythemiddle of the week.StoreDirectorVelmaSilersaidthe commissary tripled its busi-ness Tuesday, Oct. 1, after an-nouncing the day before that itwould remain open just that onedaytoreducethenumberof per-ishables. The store was closedWednesday and throughout theweekend.“We are glad to be open!”shesaidthemorningof Oct.7.“We’reready to rock and roll!”AlsobackinbusinesswerethePass & ID offices at NBVC PortHueneme and NBVC PointMugu. The Fleet & Family Sup-portCenteratNBVCPointMugureopened, and the center at PortHueneme was back to full staff-
Base edges back to normal operations
But shutdown takestoll on SeabeeMuseum; Catholicsmust attend Massoff base
Photo by AndreA howry / Lighthouse
MA1 Scott Chilko shows incarcerated teens what 5-year-old Yago is capable of during a military workingdog demonstration Sunday, Oct. 6, at the Ventura County Juvenile Justice Complex in Oxnard. Theteens attend Providence School, a court school run by the Ventura County Superintendent of SchoolsOffice. Religious Ministries at Naval Base Ventura County has a partnership with Providence andarranged for the demonstration.
Story, more photos, Pages 16-17.
By Andrea Howry
With October being DomesticViolenceAwarenessMonth,Lau-ra Hanson and Rosie Flores of theFleet&FamilySupportCen-ter(FFSC)aretakingthepreven-tion message of “Silence HidesViolence”tocommandsallacrossNaval Base Ventura County(NBVC).Thursday, Oct. 10, the domes-ticabusevictimadvocatesvisitedUnderwater Construction Team
Speaking up, speaking out
Photo by AndreA howry /Lighthouse
Underwater Construction Team2 shows its united opposition todomestic violence with a bannerthat will hang in command officesthrough October.
Domestic violencein the spotlight
See SHUTDOWN, Page 23See DOMeSTIC, Page 18
An engineer from the Timor-LesteDefense Force spot-welds a metaloint for a new school in Metinaroduring Sapper 13, a monthlongexercise involving Naval MobileConstruction Battalion 3 and amultinational team of engineers.
Page 8
R.J. Asedo, left, the son of Air ForceReservist Terri Asedo, and IsaiahPerez, the son of YN1 Julie Stallingsf the Center for Seabees andFacilities Engineering at Naval Baseentura County, Port Hueneme,squeeze limes for a fruit saladressing during an after-schoolooking class at the Camarilloouth Center in the Catalina Heightsmilitary housing complex.
Page 22
By Captain Larry Vasquez
NBVC Conn Oc
The LighThOuse is puBLished aT NO COsT TO The gOVerN-meNT eVery OTher Thursday By The sTar, Of CamariLLO,Ca. The sTar is a priVaTe firm iN NO way CONNeCTed wiThThe deparTmeNT Of defeNse Or The uNiTed sTaTes NaVy,uNder wriTTeN CONTraCT wiTh NaVaL Base VeNTuraCOuNTy. The LighThOuse is The ONLy auThOrized CiViLiaNeNTerprise Newspaper fOr memBers Of The u.s. NaVy,CiViLiaN empLOyees, reTirees aNd Their famiLy memBersiN The VeNTura COuNTy area. CONTeNTs Of The paper areNOT NeCessariLy The OffiCiaL Views Of,NOr eNdOrsed By,The u.s. gOVerNmeNT, aNd The deparTmeNT Of defeNse,Or The deparTmeNT Of The NaVy aNd dO NOT impLy eN-dOrsemeNT ThereOf. The appearaNCe Of adVerTisiNg iNThis puBLiCaTiON iNCLudiNg iNserTs aNd suppLemeNTs,dOes NOT CONsTiTuTe eNdOrsemeNT Of The deparTmeNTOf defeNse, The u.s. NaVy Or The sTar, Of The prOduCTsOr serViCes adVerTised. eVeryThiNg adVerTised iN ThispuBLiCaTiON shaLL Be made aVaiLaBLe fOr purChase,useOr paTrONage wiThOuT regard TO raCe,COLOr,reLigiON,sex, NaTiONaL OrigiN, age, mariTaL sTaTus, physiCaLhaNdiCap, pOLiTiCaL affiLiaTiON, Or aNy OTher NON-meriTfaCTOr Of The purChaser, use, Or paTrON. if a ViOLaTiONOr rejeCTiON Of This equaL OppOrTuNiTy pOLiCy By aN ad-VerTiser is CONfirmed, The puBLisher shaLL refuse TOpriNT adVerTisiNg frOm ThaT sOurCe uNTiL The ViOLaTiONis COrreCTed. ediTOriaL CONTeNT is ediTed, preparedaNd prOVided TO The puBLisher By The LOCaL iNsTaLLa-TiON puBLiC affairs OffiCes uNder The auspiCes Of TheNaVaL Base VeNTura COuNTy puBLiC affairs OffiCe.
COmmaNdiNg OffiCer
Chief sTaff OffiCer
CmdR. SCott LoESChkE
COmmaNd masTer Chief 
puBLiC affairs OffiCer
LighThOuse ediTOr
aNdREa howRY
fiNd us aT:
adVerTisiNg deparTmeNT
N aVa L B a s e V e N T u r a C O u N T y
pl bt o qton o cont to Lto eto an how t lto@nv.l
800-221-sTar (7827)
     T     h    u    r    s     d    a    y  ,     O    c     t    o     b    e    r     1     7  ,     2     0     1     3
     T     h    e     L     i     g     h     t     h    o    u    s    e
    w    w    w .
     T     h    e     L     i     g     h     t     h    o    u    s    e     N    e    w    s
 .    c    o    m
Question: When the government shutdown oc-curred, I was surprised that the commissary closed but activities like the bowling alley stayed open.Why is the bowling alley essential and buying gro-ceries is not? Answer: The government shutdown and civil-ian furloughs affected federal services across thenation, but as you noted, not all services were af- fected equally.Those affected services – like the commissary – are those funded by federal appropriations. As such, they were effectively without money on Oct.1, the beginning of the fiscal year, without a budget or continuing resolution having been passed. Other  services, like the bowling alley, movie theater and other Morale, Welfare and Recreation activities,are not dependent on congressional appropriationsbills for funding to operate.Those appropriated-fund services considered essential — like fire and security — were contin-ued during the shutdown, initially without fund-ing in place, based on the critical nature of the services. Later, the Pay Our Military Act allowed the Department of Defense to return many civil-ian employees to work during the shutdown. Thecommissary was able to reopen, but thousands of   federal employees in other departments are stil furloughed, as are some DoD employees. For more about the shutdown, its effects at Na-val Base Ventura County and what services are still affected, see The Lighthouse article on the front  page of this edition. Keep the questions and feedback coming! Youcan submit via this forum at lighthouse@navy.mil,online using the CO’s Suggestion Box at http://cnic.navy.mil/ventura/index.htm or at www.Facebook.com/NavalBaseVenturaCounty. You can also followus on Twitter at www.twitter.com/NBVCCaliforniaand keep up on the latest news and events.
Why did the commissary close during the shutdown but not the bowling alley?
 eL  i     g  t   o u s  e ew s 
. c  om
 eL  i     g  t   o u s  e
 ur   s  d  a  y   , O  c t   o b  er    , 0  3 
1 to 3 p.m.,Navy Exchange, NavalBase Ventura County,Port Hueneme. Walk of Honor forsurvivors. Flower giveaway, raffles.Information: 982-6846.
1 p.m., Navy Exchange, Naval BaseVentura County, Port Hueneme.Information: 982-6846.
5:30 to 7:30 p.m.,Seabee Chapel.Games and candy giveaway for Family Fun Night. Information: 982-4358.
4p.m. English afternoontea, Seabee ChapelFellowship Hall. Breastcancer awareness, education andsupport event. Dress frilly andfancy. RSVP chapel office, 805-982-4358.
By Andrea Howry
SailorscelebratedtheNavy’s238th birthday last week withrime rib in the galley, a 5K inhe wind and dancing in alamorous beachside hotel.In the middle came one of he most traditional celebra-ions of all: a bell-ringing cer-mony that ended with theyoungestSailorpresentandtheost senior officer present us-ing a sword to cut a cake.Festivities began Thursday,Oct. 10, when the galleys ataval Base Ventura County(NBVC) served lunch to any-one with base access, a raretreatinthesecost-cuttingtimes.Chief WarrantOfficerRodelioRosales said 560 meals wereserved at Point Mugu, nearly670atPortHuenemeand75atSan Nicolas Island. The mealincluded prime rib, friedshrimp, baked potato, rice pi-laf, asparagus and corn.At the same time, nearly 80runnersshowedupforalunch-time run put on by Morale,WelfareandRecreationoutsidethePointMuguGym.Therun,slightly longer than a 5K, waswon by Lt. Cmdr. Rob Allenof the5thNavyExpeditionaryLogistics Regiment, who camein with a time of 20 minutes,46 seconds. Norma Santiago,the wife of Lt. Cmdr. JesseSantiago, the executive officerof the Naval ConstructionTraining Center, was the first-placefinisheramongthewom-en with a time of 23 minutes,0 seconds.“It was a little windy,” saidllen, who recently returnedrom a deployment to Kuwait,here he’d run at 6 a.m. toavoid the brutal heat. Eventhen, he said, temperaturescouldhit 100degrees beforehewas through.Friday morning came thebell-ringing ceremony outsideBuilding 1 at NBVC PointMugu. Capt. Larry Vasquez,commanding officer of thebase, discussed this year’stheme, “Defending Americawith Pride Since 1775.”“Historyteachesusthatwithgreat power comes great re-sponsibility,”hesaid.“Wehavechampioned peace, and wecontinue to shield the repub-lic.”With Equipment Operator3rd Class Simon Charumontastanding by, Builder 3rd ClassGregory Steinhurst followedNavy tradition and rang thebell in front of Building 1 ninetimes — eight tosignal theendof the watch and one for thestart of a new one — a newyear.Then, after a simple show of hands determined that no oneinattendancewasbornin1992andonlyonein1993,CulinarySpecialist Seaman Justin Feld-man of Carrier Airborne Ear-ly Warning Squadron (VAW)116 shared a sword withVasquez to cut a cake thatserved 250.Thecelebrationswrappedupthat night with the Navy Ballat the Embassy Suites Manda-lay Bay, a luxury beachfronthotel near NBVC Port Huen-eme. Three-hundred ticketswere sold for the formalevent.The Navy’s actual birthdayis Oct. 13, which fell on a Sun-day this year.
Sailors wish Navy a happy 238th birthday
Runners take off on the Navy Birthday 5K Friday, Oct. 11, at the Point Mugu Gym. Lt. Cmdr. Rob Allenof the 5th Navy Expeditionary Logistics Regiment, wearing 273, would come in first among the men;Norma Santiago, in green, would finish first among the women.With EO3 Simon Charumonta standing by, BU3 Gregory Steinhurstrings the bell nine times during the Friday, Oct. 11, Navy Birthday ceremony in front of Building 1 at Naval Base Ventura County, PointMugu.
Festivities includea special meal inthe galley, a 5Krun, a bell-ringingceremony and theNavy Ball
Continues Oct. 29.Rates will be lowered Tuesday,Oct. 29, through Thursday, Oct.31, to an all-status rate of $20for walkers and $25 for riders.Weekend rates Nov. 1 throughNov. 3 will drop to $25 for walkersand $30 for riders. Greens areexpected to be 95 percent healedin 10 days, at which time normalrates will resume. Information:982-2620.

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