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Meeting Minutes 10-9

Meeting Minutes 10-9

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Published by LoganMcDonald
Guest Speaker: Kelly Benkert
Discussed adding Students with Disabilities Position
Guest Speaker: Kelly Benkert
Discussed adding Students with Disabilities Position

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Published by: LoganMcDonald on Oct 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Student Government of Seattle UniversityRepresentative Assembly MeetingMeeting Minutes
October 8, 2013 STCN 130 at 6:00 p.m.
Call to Order
Mallory calls the meeting to order at 6:01 PM
Roll Call (initial on the line)
Eric Chalmers, President _________ Mallory Barnes, Executive Vice President _________ Bharat Bhojwani, Vice President of Finance _________ Brady Carlson, Vice President of University Affairs _________ 
 Dominic Ortiz, Senior Representative - ABSENT 
Raquel Davalos, Junior Representative _________ Samantha Marshall, Sophomore Representative_________ Austin Kawano, At-Large Representative _________ Clark Huey, Multicultural Representative _________ Brandon Moak, Students with Disabilities Representative _________ Kristen James, Athletic Representative _________  Nicole Robison, Advisor _________ 
Approval of the Minutes
 Motion passes with abstention of Dominic
Public Comment - None
Guest Speakers – Kelly Benkert at 6:30 PM
 Mallory seeks a motion to add Kelly Benkert to the speaker’s list  Austin motions Kristen secondsThe motion passes unanimously with Dominic abstaining 
Kelly Benkert
One of the things we are doing this year is trying to improve our assessment of our  programs. And one of the ways we need to do that is to have some groups of comparison.-
You all are the student government and you will respond in a certain way, but Iwould appreciate you filling out this survey (fall/spring survey).
SGSU members present filled out this service survey
Center for service: connecting learning to service through service learning,leadership development programs, organizing projects like Labor of Love, week longimmersions that are local and within the state of Washington
70 or 80 partner organizations and lots of students expanding that number and lots of students taking the initiatives to stay on with the organization
~ 25% of employees at our community organizations are SU grads, we aregraduating students that are ready to be plugged it
: We heard about the changes in boundaries this year. What is going on with that?
: There is a boundary change going on in the Seattle Public Schools without publiccomment and not following the guidelines and not just talking to the rich white families – wedon’t have all the information on this yet
: Also! We are asking students to commit to an organization for the whole year because it is better for the people in those organizations and for the students, you can print out a pledge formand you get a t-shirt that says “Serve Local”
: Where are you located?
and Cherry on the ground floor of the Douglas
Old BusinessREPA 20130508 Elections Code (Mallory Barnes) -- Action
 Mallory seeks a motion to table this issue until Mackenzie is ready to talk Clark moves Raquel secondsThe motion passes unanimously with Dominic abstaining 
New BusinessREPA 20131009: Tobacco Free Campus Exploration Committee Update (Austin Kawano) – Discussion
The motion presented last year at the last representative assembly: Motion that theStudent Government of Seattle University as the official governing body of theundergrad population continues to explore the possibility of transitioning to a tobaccofree campus. Motion on February 20, 2013, motion by Katie Smith (sophomorerepresentative), seconded by Brady Carlson (freshmen representative), passesunanimously.
5/29/2013 SGSU will support the creation of the ad-hoc committee for the TobaccoFree Campus Exploration and to ensure all voices are heard and represented on thiscommittee.-
 Nicole Gaddie sent out application to the whole undergrad population and thecommittee was selected of all different views.-
GSC and Student Bar Association are also working on the committee and would liketo work with SGSU-
Members: Austin Kawano, Nicole Gaddie, Eliza Jordan, Joesph Schmitt from SBAand Anna Thiel, Michael (Kaleb) Greissl from GSC-
Tentative members: Alex Riss, Kris Zucconi, Rochelle Nelson, Katie Myers-Wiesen-
Dedicated to explore the possibility of tobacco free campus-
Seattle University Values (that correlate with the committee’s mission statement):Care, Justice and the competence to promote it, Leadership and developing leadership-
Purpose: explore all possibilities of tobacco free campus, educate SU communitymembers on the implications of the possibility, draft a model of a transition plan-
The model for the transition should be in place by the end of the year -
Difference between this and HAWC: transparency of process, affects on campus,focus more on FAQs, alternative reasons to going tobacco free-
 NEXT STEPS: Research! Low at other Institution’s models (Seattle CentralCommunity College and Seattle Pacific University) and potential partnerships-
 NEXT MEETING 10/22 at 4-5 PM in Lemx 270 or email Austin-
Unveiling new logoQ&A
Are you filled up on the committee or are you still looking for people.
: At first I was thinking that it would be a good balance of people, but the committee isalready formed and we are already at work.
: What’s the difference between tobacco free and smoke free
Tobacco free means all tobacco including chewing tobacco has to be removed fromcampus but smoke free is only smoke.
: This is an exploration committee, but you are drafting a resolution. What does thismean?
We are only exploring the possibility and most importantly the concerns and issues likehow will this impact faculty? We are processing all of these before we make a decision
: I know that Father Steve had come up with several statements in support of thiscommittee. Are there any memos going to Father Steve on this?
The hope is that the committee will give this to SGSU and they will pass a resolution. Ihave heard that there is maybe a task force.
There is no task force.
When are we going to make a statement on it?
The hope is that SGSU will make a statement before the end of fall quarter.

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