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Jesus Enigma

Jesus Enigma



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Published by barnabas leon
The crux of difference of Faiths..
The crux of difference of Faiths..

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Published by: barnabas leon on Jul 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jesus Enigma: The Strange Absurdity of Islam, Christianity and JudaismOne of the most fascinating sides about the study of religion and its history is its Silent Features.What I mean Silent Features are the basis of religious beliefs where the religion itself is silentabout it. When their authorities come to accidentally mention them or deliberately read themthey do so just for a passing glance, and thereby mention references which have no bearing to thebeliefs in question itself.For example, Christianity is silent about the people whom Cain associated with after he killed
Abel. They were not or could not belong to Adam’s family. Otherwise the author would mention
This is similar during the times of Jesus Christ. He mentioned “other” flocks of sheep that were
not in his sheepfold. Just as like when he said that there were also those who do healing but werenot his followers. If you ask who they were, Jesus was silent about them. His only response was
those who do His Father’s wil
l were with him.There are lots of questions if we are to dig about it. But what interest us here is that if one wereto compare the three religions one falls into a strange absurdity. Here it is in a nutshell.Judaism does not believe about the Messiahship of Jesus Christ. They rejected him andbranded him as a heretic, bewitched-charlatan and sorcerer.Christianity believed him as the Son of God; a redeemer and a crucified for the sins of theworld
a savior.Islam believed him to be the Messiah, the son of Mary. But the Quran rejected hiscrucifixion. It was according their famous scholar Ahmed Deedat--
a cruci-fiction.
 Where does one fit in if he is to believe Jesus Christ? If you were born to a Christian parent, thenyou take it for granted as your belief that Jesus Christ is your God and Savior
a personal Savioraccording to the sect. But thinking out of the box, out of the sheepfold, then you discover thatyour fold is not that absolutely unique from others. Moreover, each fold thinks they are uniqueand each one holds the truth if not the absolute truth.If one were to hear from a distance these folds are silent about this absurdity. But as one nearsthe gate, you can hear the din and each one speaks differently.Religion is a fundamental need for Man. Humans cannot do without religion
let it be a cult, asect, a strange belief like the snake charmers. In spite of crass materialism, people feel the wantto adore, to worship and to revere
let alone those who cannot decide. It is called atheism. Butthe failure of Man to decide to believe and the loss of whom to believe despairs humanity for anexplanation. Instead, Man diverts his adoration, worship and reverence to wars, bloodshed andhate. And moreover, for what they were taught within their sheepfold became the basis for theirhate and instinct to kill.

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