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QTP Exam4 Done

QTP Exam4 Done



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Published by pragati_goraya

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Published by: pragati_goraya on Jul 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Q1. QuickTest has ..... built-in toolbars.A) 5B) 6C) 7D)
Q2. The ......... toolbar contains buttons for recording and runningyour test.A) StandardB) ToolsC)
D) EditQ3. Shortcut Key for opening a new Function Library is:A)
B) Ctrl+Alt+NC) Shift+ND) CRTL+NQ4. Shortcut Key for Closing all open Function Libraries in one go.A) Ctrl+Alt+CB) Shift+A+CC)Shift+N
D) None of these
Q5. shortcut Key for Commenting out the current row, or selected rows
A) Shift+MB) Ctrl+CC)
D) Shift+CQ6. You can manage the test actions and the test or function librarysteps using the ... menucommandsA) FileB)
C) AutomationD) ToolsQ7. To expand all the steps in the keyword view which option you woulduse from the View menu.A) ExpandB)
Expand All
C) Expand ItemsD) Expand RowsQ8. What is the shortcut key to open a Step Generator.A) F2B) F5C) F6
D) F7
Q9. Function Definition Generator in found in which menu option.A) FileB) ToolsC)
D) ViewQ10. The shortcut keys for Record, Stop and Run respectively are
A) F3, F4, F5
B) F4, F3, F5C) F4, F5, F3D) F3, F5, F4Q11. What is the shortcut key for opening an Object Repository.A) Alt+RB) Shift+RC)
D) Shift+O+RQ12. Shortcut key to Insert/Remove a breakpoint isA)
B) F8C) Ctrl+bD) Shift+bQ13. .........runs only the current line of the script. If the currentline calls a method, the method isdisplayed in the view but is notperformed.A) Step OveB) Step OutC)
Step Into
D) Step TillQ14. .........runs only the current line of the script. When the currentline calls a method, the method isperformed in its entirety, but is notdisplayed in the view.A)
Step Ove
B) Step OutC) Step IntoD) Step Till

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