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The Ideal Filipino

The Ideal Filipino



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Published by Faust Cirrus Cullen

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Published by: Faust Cirrus Cullen on Jul 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Ideal Filipino: The Type of Citizens We Ought to Be”
“…Pinoy, Ikaw ay Pinoy Ipakita sa mundo, Kung ano ang kaya mo Ibang-iba ang pinoy Huwag kang matatakot  Ipagmalaki mo Pinoy ako Pinoy tayo…”
 Pinoy Ako, Orange and Lemons
These are the words that came from the chorus of a very inspirational song; a song thattook the country by storm. But beyond those catchy lyrics and beguiling melody, there is thatsomething that had captured the hearts of many Filipinos.Are we the “Pinoy” being referred to in the song?
 Pinoy ba tayo, mga kababayan ko?
Or perhaps… we’re really not?Wikipedia defines the term
in various ways: Filipino as a culture, Filipino as alanguage, and Filipino as a group of people living in the Philippines and of Filipino ancestry.But which is which?Filipino, as many define it, refers to the people dwelling in the Philippines. They are the people who have intact customs and traditions. They are those who have enduring hearts thatwere able to bear up any problems in life. They are the citizens of a fast-improving country. Theyare those who love their country more than any place in the world.They, they and they.When will be the right time to say “WE”?Finding an ideal Filipino is like finding a gold nugget in a haystack; tiring, strenuous, yetrewarding when done. An ideal Filipino is a “101% Pinoy”. He’s Pinoy in and out. He’senduring, courteous and respectful to people whatever status they are in. He’s proud of hisancestry and never turns his back on his country no matter how hard or shameful or degradingthe situation may be. A true Filipino never forgets his manner. If he sees an old man/woman, a pregnant mother, or even a lady who wants a seat in a crowded MRT or LRT, he automaticallystands up, approaches the person and offers his own seat to them. A genuine Filipino can makehis way out even in the most difficult trials. His resourcefulness and ingenuity are his bestweapons in toppling down his problems. He’s hardworking, keen, observant, patient, bold,gallant and most of all, modest. He is proud of his achievement, but never brags about it. Henever shouts his opinions, he whispers them. He’s self-willed and stubborn. In times, hisheadstrongness leads to unfavorable cases. But most of the time, his willfulness often fuels
dramatic changes; changes that could revolutionize the face of his country and the face of theworld.A Filipino is a “leader” by nature. He doesn’t revolve around his community – he makesIT revolve around him. Through his unmistakable intelligence and unquestionable wit, leadinghis community is a piece of cake. Though he could get very reserved sometimes or would wantdetach himself from the crowd to brood on his thoughts better, he will never want to be isolated permanently from others. He needs the support of his people. Liking the way he runs hiscommunity, which is the common in most cases, his people eventually loves him back.An improving country entails improving citizens. Logically, an ideal nation requires idealcitizens. Applying it personally, ideal Philippines demands ideals Filipinos. A genuine Filipinoshould serve as the molding plate both of his country’s leaders and his populace. Like a mirror reflecting every single movement of anyone who faces it, he should also act like one. Humansare intended to make mistakes for we live by taking risks. But repeating the errors made isanother thing. A mistake is not a cycle that is meant to be repeated, it is a lesson that is meant toenlighten.Using probably the most worn-out cliché of all, “Change is the only permanent thing inthe world.” is the best way to describe what Filipinos today want to happen – change ingovernment, change in politics, change in economy, change in nation’s system and all other things that can be changed in order for them to have a better living. They all want to twist andturn things until it finally fits in a position that agrees to their penchant. And because of these“quite selfish” perceptions, they were blindsided of what they should really change beforeanything else – THEMSELVES. The change of oneself is a very meaningful step towards theactual changing of the entirety of the world.Our national heroes didn’t shed their sweat and blood in vain. As they sacrificed their lifein every slash of their swords, in every stroke of their flaming pens, and in every song of nationalism of their mouths, there is that aspiration that someday, some time in the imminentfuture, the coming generations will heed the contents of their hearts – not to be EXACTLY likethem, but to be the best citizen they ever can be.We need to carry on our country’s legacy through thick and thin – no matter what.Regardless of personal preferences and predilection, people should have the initiative to master the art of acceptance. Accepting not only what is preferred but what is necessary. Also, thechange should not start from the adults alone. It should also begin at the opposite side – the sideof the youth. The youth’s innocence on certain things is not an alibi. In fact, the more naïve theyare, the more they should learn and be informed. Young Filipinos should be raised as “socially-aware” individuals and not as those people who have nothing aside from indifference andegoism. And as proud members of the Filipino youth, I can proudly say that, gradually, the youthstarts to reach out to the society and to the nation itself. It may not be immediate still, but I think we can work it out. Each and every one of us is responsible in carrying the
(talisman) of our 
(race). How would we suppose to do that? Simple. We can start onourselves. Still, how? There are countless of ways. And putting them into writing is a senselessthing to do.

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