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Kemetic Liturgy

Kemetic Liturgy



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Published by Mogg Morgan
Kemetic/Pagan Liturgy - basic rites and invocations - work in progress. Needs to be printed both sides of landscape A4 sheets to make a little booklet.
Kemetic/Pagan Liturgy - basic rites and invocations - work in progress. Needs to be printed both sides of landscape A4 sheets to make a little booklet.

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Published by: Mogg Morgan on Jul 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Golden Dawn Egyptian Gnosis- LiturgyGuardiansof theHouseof Lifeat Abydos © Mogg Morgan& Golden Dawn Occult Society
Opening:(revised version :)
Hekas, Hekas, Este BabaloiLoveand dowhat you will”FaceNorth and try to seetheconstellationUrsa Major.Draw down itspower and say:0. Guardiansof theHouseof Lifeat AbydosBeforemeIn theEast: NepthysBehind mein theWest IsisOn my right hand in theSouth isSethAnd on my left hand, in theNorth HorusFor abovemeshinesthebody of NuitAnd below meextends theground of GebAnd in my centreabideth the‘Great Hidden God’Mnemonic:FAther GEt GAmeto FEEd theHOt NEw hOme.1. Now turn to theEast.Make the “Horus Fighting” gesture.[Breath in and in oneperfect movement, form both handsinto fistsand raisethem up and to theleft of your head, stretch your right handand arm in front of you and bring theleft hand and arm to join it. Asyou finish theintonation, bring both handsback to thecentreof yourbody}Vibratethefirst vowel long and hard - AAAAAAA -2. Now turn to theNorthMake the gesture “Horus Fighting” and vibrate the second vowelEEEEEEE, using themnemoic gEt asabove.
If you have guests ask them if they have any questions or petitionsto make to the god.Listen and try to interpret any answers to these questions.When done - say:“You are uplifted in our hearts, may the kisses of the stars rain hard upon yourbody”Leave the shrine taking any discarded offerings andwithout turning your back on the god - ie walk backwardsyou may need to practice this.At the doorway reseal the door -finish
3. Then turn to theWestMaketheHorusFighting” gestureand vibrateÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ asinGAme4. Turn to theSouthMaketheHorusFighting” gestureand vibrateIIIIIII asin fEEd5. Return to facetheEastNow bend over and reach out to theEarthvibrating OOOOOOO asin HOt6. Then gradually unfolding, comeup and placeyour handson yourheart and vibrate YYYYYYY as in NEw7. Finally stretching up to theheavensvibrateÔ Ô Ô Ô Ô Ô Ô asinHÔme.(Now makethesign of the(invoking) pentagrammein theair in frontof you and vibrateAa, Eye, EE, Ou, Uh (Ay EAO - Oh Hail) NephthysAa, Eye, EE, Ou, Uh (Ay EAO - Oh Hail) HorusAa, Eye, EE, Ou, Uh (Ay EAO - Oh Hail) IsisAa, Eye, EE, Ou, Uh (Ay EAO - Oh Hail) SethAa, Eye, EE, Ou, Uh (Ay EAO - Oh Hail) GebAa, Eye, EE, Ou, Uh (Ay EAO - Oh Hail) NuitAa, Eye, EE, Ou, Uh (Ay EAO - Oh Hail) Hidden God8. Repeat "Abydos Arrangement" (0)
Basic Egyptian Temple LiturgyIf you are alone - do this office at least once at the stipulated time.And repeat for any visitors during your shift.Purify yourself in the fountains or convenient water source. If you have companyask them to purify themselves and leave any weapons outside the temple.Approach the door of the Osiris Shrine - Open the door saying:"I remove the finger of Seth from the Eye of Horus"Step into the shrine and look at the Godsaying whatever somes into you mind as a greeting.Perhaps"Be not unaware of me OsirisIf you know me/us, I/we shall know you"Move into the shrine and stand before the altar.Clean away any debris and tidy the place upmake an offering of food etc saying :“Hetep di nesew asir neb djedu neter Aa neb Abdu” (omit if necessary)then say:“An offering that the king give to Osiris [name] Lord of Djedu, great god, Lordof Abydos, so that he may give voice offering in bread, beer, ox, fowl, alabaster,linen, everything good and pure on which a god lives for the ka of the reveredone”The god may reply (to be spoken by the priest on behalf of the god):“I gave bread to the hungry, beer to the thirsty, clothes to the naked, and a boatto him who was boatless, I have done what is right for the possessor of truth, Iam pure, my brow is clean, my body is fragrant.”Or:If the spirit moves you, improvise a reply

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