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Hudson~Litchfield News 10-18-2013

Hudson~Litchfield News 10-18-2013

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Published by Area News Group
The Hudson~Litchfield News is a free weekly newspaper delivered to every home in Hudson and Litchfield, New Hampshire every Friday.
The Hudson~Litchfield News is a free weekly newspaper delivered to every home in Hudson and Litchfield, New Hampshire every Friday.

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Published by: Area News Group on Oct 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Volume 24 Number 15 October 18, 2013 16 Pages
Supported Through Advertisers An Independent Weekly Newspaper 
HUDSON, NH03051PERMIT NO. 33Postal Customer
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isNational Breast CancerAwareness Month
by Kristen Hoffman
It wasn’t like Casey to just bolt. The 15 year oldyellow lab has bad hips, eyesight, and hearing, andcan generally be trusted not to run off.Casey is aging but still has spunk, her face islightening, and she carries herself carefully, herbright pink collar contrasts against her fur.According to her owners, Casey could betrusted to hang out on the porch, and stay put.But something on Friday, October 4, somethingchanged. “Something must have spooked her,Nathan Chase, Casey’s owner said. Nathan, and hisson Matthew were shocked by her quick departureand took to the woods to nd her.Casey went missing around 8:00 p.m., and theChases were concerned that the dog would notmake it through the night as the temperatures werebeginning to dip.After several hours, Nathan said that he didn’tthink the old, arthritic dog would be coming home,and faced the tragic possibility that they would notsee Casey again, after all, their 11 year old cat, andCasey’s best friend had disappeared a few weeksprior. But Matthew, 22, did not want to believe it,Casey has been his beloved pet since he was justseven years old, and he knew it wasn’t time for herto go.Nearly four hours after she initially bolted,Matthew said he heard her whimpering in thenearby Musquash Swamp. “It was around 10:30or 11:00,” Matthew said. At times, Casey couldbarely keep her head above the murky water, “Iwanted to jump in there, because I know she would jump in for me,” Matthew said. Instead, knowingthe situation was dangerous, they called the redepartment. Matthew waited on the banks of theswamp, careful not to lose sight of the pup.A crew from the Burns Hill Station arrivedquickly, and Fireghter Mike Mulcay donned anice rescue suit and waded through the bog. Theswamp can be described as a beaver pond, murky,and a bottom covered in muck, wood debris actedas both a deterrent and a savior. While FireghterMulcay had to make his way around the naturalbarricades, Casey was able to cling to woodpiles,keeping her from becoming fully submerged.Hudson Fireghters train for ice water rescues,and Casey’s rescue was executed as such.
Casey Gets aSecond Chance
by Lynne Ober 
In September when Hudson Selectmenasked their elected state legislators to meetwith them, one of the topics was easing thetrafc on Lowell Road. At selectmen’s request,a meeting was set up with the NH Departmentof Transportation (NHDOT) commissioner andstaff.Late last week Town Administrator SteveMalizia, Selectmen Roger Coutu and TedLuszey, State Senator Sharon Carson, StateRepresentatives Russ Ober, Lynne Ober, AndyRenzullo, Rick Levasseur and Jordan Ulerymet with NHDOT Commissioner ChristopherClemens and his staff.Clemens explained that he had asked hisstaff to provide the history as he had notbeen with the agency when the project wasshelved in 1994 when the U.S. EPA led intentto veto based on concerns about impacts towildlife and wetlands in the southern segment.Clemens also said that the Ten Year HighwayPlan had been drastically revised to justinclude work that could be completed withinthe ten year span. “Prior to the revision, theTen Year Highway Plan had enough work forforty years and was unrealistic.Coutu explained that trafc on Lowell Roadduring peak times was very difcult and slowand that even during off-peak times, usageof that corridor was very heavy. He said thatselectmen were interested in building just thepart of this project that led off Sagamore Bridgeup to Route 111, which would divert trafcnow going to neighborhoods as people soughtalternative routes away from Lowell Road.“This is a topic each and every election.” Hefurther said that Hudson had developed threepossible alternatives, which were:
Put the project back onto the Ten Year Plan
Have the state sell or lease the land toHudson
Compromise with the state on how to buildthe 4.65 miles from the Sagamore Bridge toRoute 111.Nancy Mayville, who had been the ProjectManager for the entire CircumferentialHighway project, attended the meeting andexplained some of the issues that the projecthad encountered, explaining that “whenthe EPA led the intent to veto, we droppedthe project.She brought maps of both theproposed route and the modied route that thestate developed to alleviate US EPA concerns.Both Hudson Police Chief Jay Lavoie andformer Fire Chief Shawn Murray wrote letters
 Will the CircumferentialHighway Rise from the Ashes?
submitted by Presentation of Mary Academy, Hudson
Every year at Presentation of Mary Academy, classes gettogether to share Christian Values and Spiritual Bonding.Students in the older grades, partner up with the younger childrenin various age groups to be “Prayer Partners.During their timetogether, they may make crafts, sings songs or learn new prayers.Each gathering is lled with excitement, anticipation and love.Pictured here are Mrs. Pilon’s Pre-Kindergarten 4 year olds, Mrs.Demers’ Pre-Kindergarten 4 year olds, and Mrs. Ribeck’s Pre-Kindergarten 3 year olds, along with their Prayer Partners. Theyare enjoying quality time with special friends who make learningand friendship fun, both spiritually and socially.
Presentation of Mary Prayer Partners
by Laurie Jasper 
Alvirne High School Culinary Arts studentshave been busy preparing menus, creatinglists of ingredients and keeping an eye on theirbudgets since the start of the school year, inpreparation for the opening of their very ownChecker’s Restaurant. Checker’s Restaurant,so named after the black and white checkereduniform pants the culinary students wear, willopen for business beginning Tuesday, October22, and the students and staff are eager toshow off the newly renovated dining room.This is the rst major improvement of thedining area since Checker’s opened in 1992,and regular customers will be impressed bythe new upgrades. “There are new cabinets, anew lighting system and new wall treatments,”said Chef Tim Buxton, Alvirne’s Culinary ArtsInstructor, who has held the position for 21years. Gone are the burlap-covered walls,replaced with plaster and white paint. Thedining area is bright and cheerful, with falldecorations adding to the festive atmosphere.Tim Buxton is a 1981 graduate of AlvirneHigh School and was working in the culinaryeld when Vocational Director Wilbur “Webb”Palmer (now retired) asked him to be on theplanning committee for the culinary artsprogram at what would be named Alvirne’sWilbur Palmer Vocational Center. Tim waslater asked to head the department. Tim andhis assistant, Shirley Nadeau, have beenworking as a team at Alvirne for 19 years. “Icame here in 1994,” said Shirley. As theyconducted a tour of the newly renovateddining room, it was apparent how well theywork together. As Shirley carefully showedthe annual “Great Chefs” banners with eachstudent’s name embroidered on them, sheand Tim spoke fondly of their former students,sharing updates on what many of them havedone since graduation, oftentimes culinaryor hospitality related. “Alvirne graduatesgo out into the world and make somethingof themselves, and they keep in touch.We’ve seen a lot of our students go on to berestaurant managers, work in the hospitality
 Alvirne High School’s Checker’s Restaurant,
 Newly Renovated and Ready for Business!
Casey was stuck in the Musquash Swamp on October 4.She had been lost or several hours when fre crews rescued her rom the bog Firefghter Mike Mulcay is reunited with Casey  Above:Lola Dumont, Ann Marie Kordishand William JeknovorianRight:Colin Trudel, Joey Riebeck and Jivian Polhrel Gemma Orlando, Riley O’ Sullivan and Danielle Orr-SkirvinNewly renovated Checkers Restaurant Shirley Nadeau and Tim Buxton
   S   t  a   f   f  p   h  o   t  o  s   b  y   L  a  u  r   i  e   J  a  s  p  e  r   S   t  a   f   f  p   h  o   t  o  s   b  y   K  r   i  s   t  e  n   H  o   f   f  m  a  n
continued to page 6- Casey Rescue
  c  o  u  r   t  e  s  y  p   h  o   t  o  s
continued to page 6- Circumferential Highway continued to page 6- Checker’s
2 - October 18, 2013
| Hudson - Litchfield News
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Up to 5 quarts of oil 
Friday, Saturday, Sunday Oct 18, 19, & 20th211 Derry Rd, (Hills House) Rt. 102, Hudson, NH
to Benefit e Charitable Causes of e Hudson Kiwanis 
FREE Classic Car Show Saturday 9am-2
(featuring The Belairs)
HUGE Craft Fair 
(Over 100 Crafters & Vendors)
FREE Kids activities, Petting Zoo, Classic Car Show Sat 9-2
Live EntertainmentFri:
Studio Two
Beatles Tribute Band
Magic by Steve Noon, NH’s Own
The Bel Airs
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Rock Daddys
Sun: Campbell High Jazz Band
Fri- 4-8, Sat 11-8, Sun 11-5
Rain orShine!
FREE Trick or Treating
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Sunday, 2-4pm
Hudson Kiwanis PumpkinFest
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Saturday, 8PM!
Friday 4-8PMWristband Night Ride all Rides for One Low Price! 
 Where the Rails Once RanDonate to Food Pantry andGet a Free Pizza Certificate
by Lynne Ober 
It started with the Hudson CommunityClub inviting Ruth Parker to talk aboutHudson’s railroading history. Because of community interest, the talk was open tothe public.Ruth Parker and Sue Misek researchedthe railroad route from the river throughHudson according to Parker. Using oldmaps and old pictures they traced theroute, which ran through Merrill Park. “Youcan still see where the rail bed was in thepark,” said Parker. “It is now kept open asan easeway.During its heyday the railroad crossedLowell Road just below Central Streetand cut through the park that is now theFireman’s Memorial. It ran along Central Street,passing in front of the home currently occupiedby Dave Alukonis and then ran behind the housesand came out just about Westview Cemetery.The railroad ran behind what is now the WhiteBirch property. Parker said there was an overpassbuilt approximately behind the Burger King onRoute 111. “This overpass allowed the trolleys topass,” said Parker. The trolley route had some 90degree corners which made it a very dangerousroute. It ran out to Canobie Lake ParkParker said the railroad in Hudson continuedparallel to Route 111 until it reached WestWindham.The railroad bridge across the river wasoriginally made of wood, but it burned downand was replaced with a metal bridge. DuringWorld War II that bridge was used by the militaryfor practice bombing runs. “They didn’t destroythe bridge, but they did break some windowsin town,” said Parker. The bridge, however, wastaken down during the war and used for scrapmetal in the war effort.The old train depot now sits on Benson Park andthere are plans to refurbish it as part of the park.Parker said three male railroad buffs attendedthe talk. “One of the gentlemen brought aphotograph he’d purchased at a show. It showsthe railroad station in 1959 when it was used asa dwelling. He gave the photo to the HudsonHistorical Society after the talk.”
submitted by Hudson Kiwanis
This is a critical time for the St. Vincent de PaulFood Pantry in Hudson. As soon as supplies comein, the shelves are emptied by the almost 200Hudson families being served.Selectman Ben Nadeau has teamed up withthe Hudson Kiwanis (sponsors of the HudsonPumpkinFest at the Hills House on October 18,19 and 20) for their support.The Kiwanis have offered to let Nadeau park atruck at Pumpkinfest and ask the community todonate non-perishable food that the panty candistribute to those in need. Bring a bag of fooditems, canned goods, etc. and you get a free SmallCheese Pizza certicate from Professor’s Pizza,and help replenish the food pantry.“Our goal is to overll this truck,” commentsSelectman Nadeau. “We cannot have peoplegoing without food in this day and age. We askthe community to rise to the occasion and helptheir fellow Hudson neighbors who are strugglingright now.” Join in and bring a bag of food to HudsonPumpkinFest at the Hills House this weekend.Hours are 4 to 8 p.m. Friday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday.
   S   t  a   f   f  p   h  o   t  o   b  y   L  e  n   L  a   t   h  r  o  p
Fall Foliage
submitted by Don Reeves
A few photos from a recent trip up through Franconia Notch, Crawford Notch, and the Kancamagus Highway.
Hudson - Litchfield News |
October 18, 2013 - 3
The Word Around Town...
Letters to our Editor
Learn more here!
CentralCatholic.net/ OpenHouse
A college preparatory high school of excellence in the Marist tradition.
300 Hampshire Street | Lawrence, Massachusetts |
| CentralCatholic.net
Connect with us!
Build a solid 
 our campus
 our faculty & students
 with coaches & advisors
about our iPad Program,Syracuse University studies& online courses
 Join us at this year’s
Open House
Sunday, October 20, 2013 • 1pm – 4pm
 Our mission is to providecomprehensive, state-of-the-art dental care to our patients in acomfortable atmosphere for a reasonable fee. We stresspreventative dental care to helpmaintain your teeth for a
5 George Street, Hudson, NH
 E xce pional  Denal are  f or he  Enire  F amily 
 E xce pional  Denal are  f or he  Enire  F amily 
Now Accepting New Patients! 
MEMBERSHIP SIGNUP NIGHTMONDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2013 6-8 PMHUDSON RECCENTER – 2 OAKWOOD STREET The “JBMF 300 Club ” is a fundraiser created tosupport the Jeanie Barkley Memorial Fund. The “JBMF 300 Club” is limited to 300 Members.Membership fee is $100.00 per number.
Numbers are going fast! 
Members are eligible to win any one of 17 prizesranging from $100 to $1000– AND THEN –One member will walk away with $10,000!JBMF 300 Reception Night and Drawing –November 1, 2013 6:30 – 9:30 PMFor more details and to see the grid, visit
www.JeanieBarkley.org.If you can’t make signup night, you can sign upby emailing us at JBMF03051@gmail.com orcalling (603) 881-5835
Motorcycle Rage and RoadSafety: e Reality 
Last week’s Letters section included a missive from Jerry Gutekunst about how motorcycle rage happensin our area and not places like NYC. Now, the largemajority of the time I agree completely with what Jerry Gutekunst writes. Tis time though I would liketo provide a dierent perspective along with a reality check. My initial impression of the letter was that it was sensationalistic and written in a fashion to foster a stereotype and incite fear should one encounter a “gang of motorcycle riders.” After reading it several times itstill came across as a “me too” letter written to denigratemotorcyclists and the Nashua Police Department sincethey could not take action. Te only useful part of the message: When confronted with a threatening situation, do not get out of your vehicle, do not openyour windows. It may also be helpful to blow yourhorn to draw attention to the situation. I will add: If possible proceed to the nearest police station.Please understand. I am certain it was a horrifyingly frightening situation, the likes of which I hope noneof my loved ones should ever encounter. I do notcondone such behavior and feel anyone proven guilty of such behavior should be dealt with to the fullestextent possible, regardless of the means of conveyance.However, the majority of the time a group of motorcyclists is … just a group of motorcyclists. Nodierent than a group of cars except they have half asmany wheels. Such ‘gangs’ are an extreme minority and comprise an even smaller portion of the threats oneencounters on the road.My perspective: I commute from Hudson toBedford, MA by motorcycle several days a week, all yearlong. I must be alert and signicantly more aware of  what goes on in tra c. It is a survival issue. My mantra is that everyone on the road is trying to kill me. A littleextreme perhaps but it does the job. Most car driversare oblivious to anything more than a few feet outsidethe windows of their vehicle, and some are simply oblivious to everything. I challenge anyone reading this to drive south on Route 3 any weekday during rushhour and count how many car and truck drivers they see texting, or with a phone up to one ear creating anawesome blind spot to one side. I regularly witness cardrivers reading books and magazines, eating or smoking 
talking on the phone, no hands on the wheel. Ieven saw (true story) a man playing the trumpet whiledriving one morning! Just this morning, while (luckily)driving my car to work I was forced halfway onto thebreakdown lane by a texting tractor trailer driver.Hate it when someone tailgates you? Consider how unnerving it is for motorcycle rider to have a vehiclemere inches away from the back tire. How often do yousee people change lanes or merge back in after passing leave way to little room between vehicles? Ever see a ‘gang’ of cars racing and swerving through tra c? Ihave, and I witness cars doing it a heck of a lot moreoften than I see motorcyclists do so. Are there bikers looking to make trouble? Absolutely,but they are not the norm, and are a far less frequentoccurrence than car drivers of the same mentality.Riding a motorcycle does not make one inherently dangerous or someone to be feared any more thandriving a car does. Let’s all try and keep things inperspective.
 Matthew J. Harper, Hudson
ank You To Volunteers
Te GFWC Hudson Community Club and theGFWC Hudson Junior Woman’s Club are very gratefulto the following organizations and people for helping us build the pergola in our buttery garden andlandscape around it: Brox Industries, Hudson Quarry, Al’s Masonry, Reeds Ferry Small Buildings, Dube’sLandscaping, Habitat for Humanity, Friends of BensonPark, the many biology students form Alvirne doing outreach hours, many volunteers at the Benson Park cleanup days, and the spouses, families and friends of club members. It was a project made possible becauseof our Community Improvement Project Award fromthe General Federation of Women’s Clubs nationalorganization, and the businesses and organizations listedabove who helped with materials, expertise, labor, andtime to make our pergola a restful place to sit and look over the buttery garden. Many thanks to all of youfor your help with this project; it was a joy to work  with you all, and we appreciate the generosity of thecommunity.
Linda Kipnes, Hudson
Support Teachers,Support Education
eachers in the Litcheld School District are six  weeks into their second year without a teachers’contract. In 2011, negotiators were unable to reach anagreement, so no warrant article was put before townvoters. In 2012, a proposed teachers’ contract which was supported unanimously by both the School Boardand Budget Committee failed by just forty-ve votes.Last spring, LEA members began working thosehours set out by the terms of the expired teachers’contract. Tus, you may have seen teachers arriving later to school or leaving earlier from school than they had in past years. If you have students in school, youmay have noticed it took longer for teachers to getassignments graded. eachers may also have beenunavailable to answer parent phone calls and e-mailsoutside of the contractual hours.However, our membership has decided “sticking to the contract” has become uncomfortable, if notintolerable, to us in our pursuit of excellence. Simply put, we are dedicated professionals who love ourstudents and take pride in our work. We just can’t doless than our best and feel okay with it.In light of our collective desire to maintain quality education in Litcheld, your teachers have decidedthey must return to working “above and beyond”the contractual hours. In order to maintain our ownestablished professional standards, teachers may be working longer hours than required by an expiredcontract.Please be aware our decision does not mean weare satised with the status quo. Many teachers havealready left Litcheld, motivated to nd work inother communities which value teachers and theircontributions in a real and tangible way. Many currentteachers in this town are intensely frustrated withthose in Litcheld who do not value teachers in sucha way. eachers are the core to an excellent education.Excellent education is the core to a successfulcommunity. Excellent teachers in this town won’t stay here forever when other pastures are indeed getting greener.Our membership hopes that you’ll pay close attentionto what goes on in Litcheld schools, and we hope thatyou’ll let your School Board representatives know thata fair contract for teachers is the only way to maintaineducational excellence in Litcheld.
Carolyn Leite, LEA President, Litchfeld 
Donations Are Trickling in,But More Are Neded
 A huge thank you to all who have already taken thetime to donate to the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry.Te shelves are still thin and eorts are being madeby all the volunteers to nd new resources to providefood and toiletries.Te pantry is still in need of stu ng, 64 oz. juice,brownie mix, frosting and cake mix, pie crust mix andpie lling, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy,cereal and ramen noodles.Donations can be made through purchases at theDollar ree on Derry Road, Hannaford Supermarket(drop box at the exit door), and at Chiropractic Workson Lowell Road.Te Alvirne High School students and sta will beaccepting donations at the home game this Friday,October 18th. Tere will also be a truck parked at thePumpkinFest this weekend at the Hills House. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.
 Meghan Kostro, Hudson
 A President Takes theOath of Offi ce to Abideby the U.S. ConstitutionOnly to Dismantle it?
President Obama’s radical rejection of the rule of law, which presents a clear and present danger to thefreedom of us all. Te Constitution states that it is thepresident’s a rmative duty to enforce the law. Tatduty is not an abstract formulation. Rather, it meansthe president cannot decline to enforce laws with which he disagrees or whose enforcement might causehim or his political allies to lose popularity. Everyone who works for the government in the United Statestakes an oath to uphold the Constitution and the laws written pursuant to it. In our system of government, we expect that Congress will write the laws, the courts will interpret them and the president will enforcethem. It also means the president cannot make uphis own version of the law as a substitute for what theConstitution commands or Congress has written. Allen West: “ime to teach Obama ‘lesson ourforefathers taught King George III’ By Jessica ChasmarFormer Rep. Allen B. West had some harsh words forPresident Obama and the Supreme Court on Sunday night, taking to Facebook to express his disdain for thecourt’s decision on Proposition 8. “ Obama said he would fundamentally transform America,” Mr. Westconcluded. “Te time draws near to teach this usurperand charlatan the lesson our forefathers taught King George III. We will not be ruled by arrogance andedict.”Hussein Obama is nothing more than a Marxist,Communist leader who is determined in destroying the Nation of the United States of America. HusseinObama, a tyrant claimed he was a Christian, only totell the minister of Egypt that he is really a Muslim, why the big secret? Hussein is turning America intoanother Greece with yearly $one trillion dollars annually increasing our debt, blowing our decit over $seventeentrillion dollars without no end in sight to his madness.Tis president is not for the people of America, butinstead he thinks that he is “the chosen One.Obama along with his fellow ‘New Democratic left wing Communist Party’ are making headway in the decline of Te United States of America.Obama wants to make the United Nations the oneand only Global Government of the World Order.Hussein Obama’s goal, to get rid of Te United StatesConstitution. Hussein plot is to give away America’ssovereignty to Te United Nations. America’s hardfought centuries to keep our liberty, our Republic, ourU.S. Constitution, now it’s being walked on by a U.S.Senate who’s Marxist/Communist outlook are nothing more than Hussein Obama’s puppets. Harry Reidbetter known as the Grim Reaper. Nancy Polosi, betterknown as ‘the Socialist liberal ‘when she tells America that even she doesn’t know what’s in the Obama Carepackage, “I guess we will all nd out once it passes.”Hussein Obama, who refuses to abide by the Law of the Land. Who ignores the U.S. Congress, andrules by Executive Order. What do you think of 923executive orders in his rst term and counting. It isthat Hussein Obama is determined to take control away from the House and the Senate. Does this scare you asit does me? For decades, a so-called anti-propaganda law prevented the U.S. government’s mammothbroadcasting arm from delivering programming to American audiences. But on July 2, that camesilently to an end with the implementation of a new reform passed in January. Te result: an unleashing of thousands of hours per week of government-fundedradio and V programs for domestic U.S. consumptionin a reform initially criticized as a green light for U.S.domestic propaganda eorts. So what just happened?I bet you all thought it couldn’t happen in America!Tink again!
Stephen Reardon, Hudson
continued to page 11- More Letters

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