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High Magic

High Magic



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Published by Matthew Oberlies
Using these mechanics you can use magic for whatever you want almost. Depending on how much mana you use you can make a spell stronger or weaker. You can summon invisible hands (been tested) and do things with them.
Using these mechanics you can use magic for whatever you want almost. Depending on how much mana you use you can make a spell stronger or weaker. You can summon invisible hands (been tested) and do things with them.

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Published by: Matthew Oberlies on Jul 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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High Magic Rules: v0.3
 Needs work ObsoleteCreation, Destruction, and Manipulation are the Techniques and are capitalized. Someclasses can specialize in a Technique and receive bonuses to experience and spellefficiency.The schools are the steps of spell creation that are bold and underlined.You “level up” in Schools by using a set amount of mana in that school. The mana-experience formula is the same as the standard class-experience formula and mages get10% bonus mana-experience when using their specialized Technique. Reductions tospell cost from Technique specializations and Handicaps chosen during spell creationdo not affect experience granted.A special note on durations of spells: the way it is right now is not how I meant it to be.Magic is not supposed to “wear off”. However, in the name of game balance, I havedecided that spells that the schools Healing, Damage, Cancellation, Teleportation, andCharms are expended and have duration “instant,” meaning that they do not revert totheir former states at all. The other schools are investments by default and to make them permanent you must expend 100 times their cost evenly over a period of 20 hours.While I make edits to the individual entries, High Magic will be on version 0.25.Miscellaneous Rules:A character may spend at most 100 times (School level) mana on any one spell.If two or more spells conflict, unless one spell is specifically being cast to dispel theother, resolve them by making an opposed caster level check modified by Schoollevel. School level may be added to this check once more for every 15 additionalmana spent (devoted to this purpose).School mod if the average of SPELL and school level.Casting Spells: Move down this list, adding desired effects and mana costs as you go.Multiplication comes after all addition unless stated otherwise and exponentiationcomes after multiplication.
: default is touch. Monks initially do not have access to this but can deliver touch spells through monk weapons.For every (school mod) feet (or more appropriate unit), add 1 to cost.If a touch attack is required to hit, divide range cost by two.
: default is 0 Magic, Fortitude save at standard DC negates. This portion of the spell is Destruction and is expended.For every 10 damage, add 1 to cost.For every 1d(school mod +
) damage, add 5(
+ 1) to cost.Mana damage costs the same as health damage.If a saved attack does half damage, double the damage cost.If the damage cannot be saved, instead quadruple the damage cost.For each element added to the damage, add 5 to cost (Magic may be replaced atno cost).To reduce one attribute of the target by one point for 
hours, add 5
.To make this attribute damage permanent, square this portion of the cost(treating
as 1).
To absorb each attribute point as 100
mana (mental) or health (physical),add
. To absorb them as one point in the same attribute, square this portion of the cost. Absorbed points return to the target after recovery butare kept if the target dies before that.If the damage is to be dealt over 
turns, divide the cost by ½
.If damage is not subject to resistance, square the damage cost.
: default is 1 character/object or a five-foot-radius sphere centered withinrange.To add
characters/objects or feet of radius, multiply total cost by
+ 1.If the spell arcs to
additional targets within
feet of the original after arcing atmost (
 – 1) previous times, add
to cost.If the caster can choose which targets to arc to, double the targeting cost.To instead target a spell, add the level of the spell’s caster to cost unless thecaster is willing.
: default is none on a willing target, save DC (school mod) Will or Fortitude negates. Lasts until investment is taken back (but can be made permanent). This portion of the spell is Manipulation unless it is used to producegradium from lesser metals or vice versa.For each physical attribute point added to or removed from the target, add 10 tocost.For each mental attribute point added to or removed from a mortal target, add10 to cost. For Empowered targets, add 100. For Half-mortal targets, add1000. Stronger targets cannot be transmuted in this way.For each 10 maximum health bestowed upon the target, add 1 to cost. Neither actual health nor mana can be affected by transmutation.To raise an elemental resistance to
%, add
1001000to cost. To lower it, insteadadd 100 – 
.For each (school mod) pounds added to or removed from mass, add 5 to cost.For each (school mod) cubic feet added to or removed from volume, add 1 tocost.To transmute against the target’s will, double the transmutation cost. Add 25mana to increase DC by one.To change from living to nonliving or vice versa, add 100. To change fromanimated to living/nonliving or vice versa, add 50.Material can be changed without affecting cost, but inherently magical (likegradium) materials cannot be created using only Transmutation. Magic itemsalso cannot be created with Transmutation.To transform one pound of gradium into two pounds of a lesser metal, add 10and change this portion’s Technique to Destruction. No extra cost is neededfor violating Conservation of Mass.To transform two pounds of a lesser metal into one pound of gradium, add 10and change this portion’s technique to Creation. No extra cost is needed for violating Conservation of Mass. This is expended and is permanent.
: default is none, lasts until investment is taken back (but can be made permanent). This portion of the spell is Creation.
To create complex objects, the caster must have sufficient ranks in theappropriate craft skill but need not make a craft check or pay material costs.This does not cost extra mana.For every (school mod) pounds or cubic feet created, add 5 mana.If the object created is to be animate, add 100. If it is alive, add another 100.If the caster has the relevant feat, a soul may be created for 1000 mana. Thissoul has whatever personality the caster wishes and is usually loyal to thecaster. Living things that lack souls cannot be revived.For each attribute point of the created object, add 10 mana.For every ten life or mana points bestowed upon the created object, add 1 mana.Mana bestowed upon conjurations is maximum; created objects begin with nomana.For every level in a mortal class the object is to have, add 100. For non-mortallevels, add 1000. Drifter levels cannot be bestowed upon a created object.Inherently magical materials or objects cannot be created using Conjurationalone.To allow the use of Transmutation to create gradium from lesser metals, add100. This is automatically permanent.The creation may begin with as many augmentations as you can afford, but theexperience from these goes to Enchantment. Mana from this transfers at thespell’s speed rather than the augmentation’s.
: default is none, save DC (school mod) Will negates. Lasts until theinvestment is taken back (but can be made permanent). Target can feel this even if the spell was cast stealthfully. This portion of the spell is Manipulation.To increase DC by 1, add 15 mana.To emulate a request made with (school mod +
) ranks in Persuade or Intimidate, add (
+ 1) mana.If the language barrier is ignored, double the cost of this effect.If the request is made telepathically, double the cost of this effect.If this effect is not subject to the save, double its cost.To force compliance with a single reasonable demand of 10 words or less,double Charm cost (or add 100 mana if Charm cost is less than 50).To add one word, add 5 mana.To ignore language barrier, make the request telepathic, or cause the targetto obey unreasonable demands (such as those obviously harmful), doublethe cost again.To reduce a mental attribute by 1, add 20.To alter or erase (school mod) hours of memories, increase Charm cost by 10.To make target unaware that they were affected, double the Charm cost. Tomake the target unaware that they even attempted a save, double the Charmcost again.To increase duration by (school level) hours, add 100 to the cost. To make it permanent, instead apply the cost of the entire spell to maximum mana andexperience.
: default is none, does not affect dead, takes place over one day, does notaffect cursed wounds. Health is drawn from the casters pool. This portion of the

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