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Modern 'Ash'aris Tampering with the 'Aqeedah Works of the Maliki Scholars

Modern 'Ash'aris Tampering with the 'Aqeedah Works of the Maliki Scholars

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Jason Galvan (Abu Noah Ibrahim Ibn Mikaal) on Jul 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Modern 'Ash'ar\u01f1 Tampering with the 'Aqeedah Works of the M\u01d9lik\u01f1 Scholars
Studies in Contemporary 'Ash'ar\u015d Polemics
Shaykh Mashh\u017ar Hasan\u0144l Salm\u0145n
THE M\u0144LIK\u015c SCHOLARS1
If only the matter was limited to delving into 'Ilm ul-Kal\u0106m and the argumentation of those
have been censured! Yet it has even led to many of the later verifiers to play about
with the

books of the 'Ulama of the past in order to support the b \u0106t il that they had authored. It is
known that: "whoever believes in a madhhab then that leads him to become a defence
lawyer for

the madhhab and to expunge verses and ah\u0106 de e th from the meanings which All\u0106h
and His

Messenger intended."2 Rather, this can also lead to dishonesty in transmission and
expunging the
statements from the intent of the author and can even lead to omission and tampering!
on such distortion is plentiful and the position that we are meant to discuss here does not
to expound fully, I mean (that we are studying) what is related to the support of the past
Im\u0106ms for the 'aqee dah and m anhaj of the Salaf us-S\u0106liheen. However, I will give some
examples so
as to leave the noble reader to decide.

1Abridged from Ab\u017a 'Abdull\u0145h Muhammad 'Abdull\u0145h al-Hamm\u0145d\u015d, Mas\u0145'il ul-'Aqeedah allat\u015d Qarrarah\u0145 al-
Aimmat ul-M\u0145likiyyah [Creedal issues that the M\u0145lik\u015d Im\u0145ms Affirmed]. Intro. Shaykh Ab\u017a 'Ubaydah Mashh\u017ar
bin Hasan\u0144l Salm\u0145n, (Amm\u0145n, Jordan: D\u0145r ul-Athariyyah, 1429 AH/2008 CE), p.5-23.Translatedby'AbdulHaq
2 Al-'All\u0145mah Ab\u015d Muhammad Bad\u015d'uddeen ar-R\u0145shid\u015d as-Sind\u015d, at-Taw\u0145m al-Mar'ashah f\u015d Bay\u0145n Tahreef\u0145t Ahl
ur-Ra'y al-Mudhishah,p.126.
1\u00a9 SalafiManhaj 2009
Modern 'Ash'ar\u01f1 Tampering with the 'Aqeedah Works of the M\u01d9lik\u01f1 Scholars
The respected Shaykh, Dr 'Abdul-Muhsin bin Muhammad ar-Rayyis, may All\u0106h preserve
safeguard him, conducted a doctorate at Im\u0106m Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in
Riyadh entitled Us\u015fl ul-Fiqh 'inda al-Q\u0106d\u0129 'AbdulWahh\u0106b: Jam'an wa Tawtheeqan wa Dir\u0106satan

Theory According to Q\u0106d\u0129 'AbdulWahh\u0106b: A Compilation, Verification and Study]. It was published by D\u0106r ul-Buh\u015fth li'd-Dir\u0106s\u0106t al-Isl\u0106miyyah wa Ihy\u0106 at-Tur\u0106th in Dubai in 1424 AH/2003 CE in one large volume of 763 pages as part of the Silsilat ud-Dir\u0106s\u0106t il-Us\u015fliyyah,

Dr ar-Rayyis(hafidhahull \u0106h) dedicated the third section of the study to 'The Academic Life of
al-Q\u0106d\u0129 'AbdulWahh\u0106b (rahimahull\u0106h)' and within it included a case study of his'aqeedah on

page 11 of his actual doctoral thesis, yet it was omitted from the published version on page 26 and mentioned within the biography of al-Q\u0106d\u0129 'AbdulWahh\u0106b, on pages 62-64 of the published version, al-Q\u0106d\u0129 'AbdulWahh\u0106b's'aqeedah with good words. Within this section he stated:

Al-Q\u0106d\u0129 'AbdulWahh\u0106b was Salaf\u0129 in 'aqeedah and was of the seniors of Ahl
us-Sunnah. The senior Im\u0106ms of Ahl us-Sunnah wa'l-Jamah testified to this about him
such as Shaykh ul-Isl\u0106m Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibn ul-Qayyim and al-Qurtub\u0129 may All\u0106h
have mercy on them all. Ibn ul-Qayyim stated:

Al-Q\u0106d\u0129 'AbdulWahh\u0106b, the Im\u0106m of the M\u0106lik\u0129s in al-'Ir\u0106q and one of the seniors of Ahl
us-Sunnah, may All\u0106h have mercy on them, clearly stated that All\u0106h made istiw\u0106 over His
Throne with His Essence. Shaykh ul-Isl\u0106m Ibn Taymiyyah transmitted this from him in

more than one instance within his books and al-Qurtub\u0129 transmitted this (from al-
'AbdulWahh\u0106b) in Sharh Asm\u0106 ul-Husn\u01063.
Just as al-Q\u0106d\u0129(rahimahull \u0106 h) clearly expressed this Salafi'aqeedah that he believed in when
he mentioned creedal issues in his books or as was transmitted from him by
hiscontemporaries or those who came after him. Of these expressions of his Salaf\u0129
are when he stated:
For this reason the saying of All\u0106h,
"Indeed, Our word to a thing when We intend it is but that We say to it, "Be," and it is."
{an-Nahl (16): 40}
Is real and not as how the Mu'tazilah say.4
Al-Q\u0106d\u0129 'AbdulWahh\u0106b also said:
3Ibnul-Qayyim, Ijtim\u0145 ul-Juy\u017ash ul-Isl\u0145miyyah,p.124
4 Al-Bahr ul-Muheet,vol.4,p.1578,Drad-Duwaysh(ed.)
\u00a9 SalafiManhaj 2009
Modern 'Ash'ar\u01f1 Tampering with the 'Aqeedah Works of the M\u01d9lik\u01f1 Scholars
Thus, it is also relayed in the Shar ' via a linguistic route that All\u0106h said,
"And All\u0106h spoke to Moses with [direct] speech."
{an-Nis\u0106 (4): 164}
For its emphasis with a verbal noun (takleeman) benefits reality and that he (Moos\u0106) heard All\u0106h's
Speech and that He spoke to M\u015fs\u0106...5
Then he (rahimahull \u0106 h) also faced the R\u0106fidah, resisted them and shamed them
andaffirmed the futility of their beliefs, this is documented within hisfiqh works. This was due
to his residence in al-'Ir\u0106q wherein he was in close proximity to them, al-
'AbdulWahh\u0106b stated:
With this we annul the permissibility of it being possible that a remnant of the Qur'\u0106n
didnot reach us or the possibility that some individual Companions affirmed (as part of the
Qur'\u0106n) that which is not affirmed in the Mus-haf. We also sever the false claims of
theR\u0106fidah, who defame the concurred upon Mus-haf, that the complete Qur'\u0106n is actually
the possession of the (hidden) Im\u0106m who according to them is the "Im\u0106m uz-Zam\u0106n".6
All of these statements testify to al-Q\u0106d\u0129's(rahimahull\u0106 h) purity in'aqeedah, and,
enquiry and investigation, I did not find that any of the seniors of Ahl us-Sunnah

Jama'ah ascribed to al-Q\u0106d\u0129 'AbdulWahh\u0106b matters which indicated deviation in his ideas
or misguidance in his beliefs which opposed the m anhaj of Ahl us-Sunnah wa'l-Jama'ah.
This lengthy quote is omitted from the D\u0106r ul-Buh\u015fth print and this omission was without the
permission of the author of the thesis. From the evidences of this intentional omission from


thesis is in the introduction wherein it was stated (in the original thesis): The first
case study
contains six sub-categories, yet in the published version in book form it states: 'there
are five

sub-categories' and omits the first one which is in regards to the ' aqee dah of
'AbdulWahh\u0106b al-Baghd\u0106d\u0129. The researcher ar-Rayyis had a chapter toward the end of the
entitled 'The Most Important Results Gained from the Research', pp.554-556 (page
which have been clearly typed) and then mentioned eight points the first of them being:
Indeed al-Q\u0106d\u0129 'AbdulWahh\u0106b (rahimahull\u0106h) was Salaf\u0129 in 'aqeedah and from
theseniors of Ahl us-Sunnah in al-'Ir\u0106q.7
Yet in the D\u0106r ul-Buh\u015fth print (pp.622-624) there are seven points and the

initial one is omitted! All of this certifies that the omission was intentional and that the hand

5As-Suy\u017at\u015d,al-Muzhar,vol.1,p.363;alsosee al-Bahr ul-Muheet,vol.4,p.1578
6Q\u0145d\u015d 'AbdulWahh\u0145b,al-Ishr\u0145 f, vol.1,pp.76,130
7 Translator's note: For more on al-Q\u0145d\u015d 'AbdulWahh\u0145b al-Baghd\u0145d\u015d refer to this paper here, from pp.23-34:
\u00a9 SalafiManhaj 2009

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