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Jesus at the Pharisee s Table.

Jesus at the Pharisee s Table.

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Published by glennpease

[Luke vii. 36-50.]

[Luke vii. 36-50.]

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Published by: glennpease on Oct 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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JESUS AT THE PHARISEE S TABLE.BY REV. HERY AXELSOX, D.D.,[Luke vii. 36-50.]WE often read in our Bibleof Jesus sitting at a tableor "sitting at meat.' If you would "see Jesus" at atable, you must rememberthat they did not set theirtables at all as we do. Instead of chairs, they had wide couches, morelike what we call "lounges,' 1 butbroad enough for a man to lie downacross one of them, having his headtoward the table, resting the weightof his body on his left elbow, and his104JESUS AT THE PHARISEE'S TABLE. 105feet extended away from the table, just off the farther edge of the couch.The servants who brought the foodwould come up on the opposite sideof the table, where there would be nocouch, and other servants could passalono- the back side of the room andwash the feet of the guests, withoutdisturbing them or hindering themfrom eatino- or conversing.They wore no boots or shoes. Their
sandals were only soles of shoes fast-ened on by straps, somewhat as wefasten skates; and in walking abouttheir feet would become dustv, and itwould be very refreshing to have themwashed. I should think they wouldgenerally wash them before going tothe table, but it might sometimes bemore convenient for quests to taketheir places at once on those broad106 SEEIG JESUS.couches, and let the servants cool andcleanse their feet as they lay.On one occasion, Luke tells us,our Lord was invited by " one of thePharisees," to "eat with him," and heaccepted the invitation.' As he sits, orrather lies reclining, partaking of thefriendly Pharisee's food, and doubt-less conversing with him and hisother guests, there comes in a woman,who goes along on that side of theroom where Jesus is reclining andstops at his feet. She evidently hascome in on his account. Does sheknow him? Does she love him? Willshe speak to him?She does not speak to him. Sheleans forward over his feet, and im-mediately her tears drop on them likerain. At the same time the loosetresses of her long hair fall forward,
JESUS AT THE PHARISEE'S TABLE. 107veiling her flushed face and coveringhis feet as she stoops to kiss them.So abundant are her tears that theyfairly "wash 1 his feet, and her hairdropping upon them serves the pur-pose of a towel. When she has thuswept a while over the feet which she soaffectionately caresses, and has becomeable to stop her abundant tears, shetakes a box filled with very costly andfragrant ointment, breaks it andpours it over the feet of the Saviour.It fills the whole room with a deliciousodor, and calls the attention of allpresent to the woman's remarkablebehavior.To the host, whose name we find tobe Simon, the behavior of our Lordseems equally remarkable. He won-ders that he will allow a woman totake such liberty with him, and thinks108 SEEIG JESUS.he cannot be a prophet, else he wouldknow that she is a bad woman.]\) doubt he does know it, andknows equally well what is passing inthe Pharisee's mind.So he speaks a parable to Simon inthe hearing of all his other guests,and Luke afterward writes it down for

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