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Corporate TA Overview

Corporate TA Overview

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Published by Jacob Sten Madsen

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Published by: Jacob Sten Madsen on Oct 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HelloWhat you are about to see here is a brief insight and overview of who I am in regard to corporatetalent acquisition.It is a mixed bag, containing snippets of insight and information into who I am and what I know andmy abilities in hiring the best people for open roles.
Talent Acquisition (TA) in today’s world is complex and multifaceted. It is about whether someone has what it takes
to fill a role from a skills/background/ability perspective. Additional and often the differentiator is personalengagement and passion ensuring not just a fit, but a valuable short mid and long term asset enablingcompany/organisation to evolve and reach the next level. Best in class TA is about solving business challenges fromstrategic planning through to operational delivery, utilising the vast range of ever evolving tools, channels andsolutions available, be it to external or internal communities. With increasing channels and tools available TA holdmore opportunities today than ever before. For me that start with the framework of Recruitment 3.0, businessunderstanding/interpretation of requirements, knowledge of best and most efficient solutions of needs, paired withmy own quest for excellence and personal engagement/passion for all matters TA. Extensive background/abilities inall above, learnt from the best within global leading brand companies across various locations and roles spanningsales, marketing, R&D, engineering, development, support, finance, corporate functions and graduate/interns giveme a substantial range of abilities, solutions and insight.Achieved resultsSince having started working in an in-house/corporate capacity in 2007 I have:Operated roles covering; sales, marketing, R&D, engineering, development, support, finance, corporate functionsand graduate/interns. Roles have been anything from senior/management/region/country level through to graduateWithin these 70% of all candidates placed are still either in the roles hired for and/or within the companies hired for.Approximately 30% of these candidates hired have been internally promoted since hired.
Jacob S. Madsen Corporate Talent Acquisition, a brief overview
 My objective with the following pages is to provide a brief insight into what I know,from an overview perspective, yet as an introduction to a much deeper and widerworld of myself and my abilities.
For some areas these are directly own tried, tested and proven ‘plug & play’
solutions/templates, for other subjects they are of a more generic nature or refer to anoverall knowledge and insight.
As this presentation is public , there are areas where I may not wish to give away too
much information, however where I do hold substantial data /information and insightto back it up, available upon request.
This presentation is an extract of one given on the subjects:
‘How has (corporate)recruitment techniques evolved in the last recent years’ 
‘What does the future of (corporate) recruitment look like’ 
Corporate Recruitment / Talent Acquisition
Time to hire Cost per hire Quality per hire
Since 2007 and to date undergone a complete transformation
Gone from Web 2.0 to Recruitment 5.0
Enabled and changed the recruiting function from being ‘reactive’ to ‘pro active’
Terms, names, products and solutions never heard about before emerged and becomemain stream.
Moved from a ‘try and see’ to now ‘tried and tested’ with tangible data and results to
back up use, relevance and methodology.
Moved from being static to ever evolving and continuous better and more efficientsolutions.
Becoming as much about a mind-set about how and where to communicate and via
which channels.
Become a question of ‘survival of fittest’ meaning those that understand, adopt and
utilise opportunities also those with biggest chance of success.

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