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Giving Thanks Always for All Things.

Giving Thanks Always for All Things.

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Ephesians v. 20.

Giving thanks always for all things unto God^ and the
Father^ in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Ephesians v. 20.

Giving thanks always for all things unto God^ and the
Father^ in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Oct 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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GIVIG THAKS ALWAYS FOR ALL THIGS.BY REV. J. SARGEAUT, M.A.Ephesians v. 20.Giving thanks always for all things unto God^ and theFather^ in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,In the consideration of this text, I shall takethe words in the order in which we find them.First is set forth the duty of thanksgiving-,simply, and of itself, ** giving thanks ;" andhere, may we not presume, that the apostlehad in his mind, when he wrote this adviceto the believers of the church of Ephesus,those other duties which he had been beforerecommending ? And may we not interpretand explain his meaning to be, Christiansought to observe all the commandments of theirGod and Saviour ; but there is yet one duty^* This and the two following Sermons were preached onthe three Sundays appointed for the reading of thePrayer of Thanksgiving, in 1832.GIVmC THAKS ALWAYS, &C.which may go along rcith all the rest : other graceshave their times and fitting occasions, and thengive place to others equally necessary to be observed ;but the grace and virtue of thanksgiving, is to beexisting in the mind, even during the perform-ance of these. It is as the water of a pure
fountain, that never ceases to flow throng-hthe barren hill, and refresh the smiling valley,whilst the birds of the air, and the beastsof the field, and men from their cities cometo slake their thirst tlierewith ; or as the fireof the Jewish sacrifice, that fire which came" out from before the Lord,"* upon Aaron'sfii-st offering, and which " was ever burning, "f so that it always continued during the otheroccasional services of the tabernacle andtemple. It is the inclination of the mind,the unvarying feeling of the heart, the dis-position of which St. Paul seems to speak,when he says, (in addition to other admoni-tions,) giving thanks. But it is giving thanks*' always." ow what shall we understand bythis word ? Does it mean, that we are neverto do or sav any thing else, but, Utito thee, Olard, do we give thanks, unto thee do we givethanks : and that we should thus go on re-peating, the same strain, from the time whenwe can first utter articulate sounds, until" all the daughters of music shall be brought* Lev. is. 2*. f Whitby on Lev. vi. la174 GIVIG THAKS ALWAYSlow ?"* It is almost foolish to ask suck aquestion, for it were impossible to be reallythus " always'' employed in one and the samething : we have natural wants, which weknow must be supplied ; we have otherduties, which God has taught us, by his worksand by his word, must be performed. Suchconduct would be like the prophets of Baal,who, in their memorable trial with Elijah,** called on the name of Baal, from morning
even until noon, saying, Q Baal, hear ub !"tIt would be like the practice of the heathensof that very city, to which St. Paul addressedthe Epistle, wherein are the worcfe of mytext : '' Who all with one voice, about thespace of two hours, cried out. Great is Dianaof the Ephesians.**J So, to importune God,is contrary to the express conmiand of ourLord Jesus Christ. He said to his disciples,¦ ^ When ye pray, use not vain repetitions as tiieheathen do : for they think thdt they shall beheard for their much speaking : be not ye there-fore like unto them ; for your Father knowethwhat things ye have need of, before, ye ask him/'§ When, then, we are enjoined '^alwaysto give thanks^'' all that is intended is, that weshould be ever ready and prepared, frona theframe and tenor of our minds, to be ; thankful ;* Eccles. xii. 4. ")• 1 Kings xviii. 26.X Acts xix. 24, &c. § Matt. vi. 7, 8.r FOR ALL THIGS. 175that we should very often make open professionand declaration, that we are aware that we owea larg-e debt of gratitude to " God our Father,in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ ;" and thatwe should never omit, on all proper occasions,and meet opportunities, showing how deep asense we have of our entire dependence uponthat almighty Being, who " made us and allthe world, who redeemed us and all mankind,who sanctifieth us and all the elect people of God."* We should cast from us the spottedcloth of unrighteousness, and be clothed inthe *' wedding garment ;"t we should eschew

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