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God's Goodness Leads to Repentance.

God's Goodness Leads to Repentance.

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Romans ii. 4.

Not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to


Romans ii. 4.

Not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to


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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Oct 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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GOD'S GOODESS LEADS TO REPETACE.BY REV. J. SARGEAUT, M.A.Romans ii. 4.ot knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee torepentance.On the Sunday which is just past, we medi-tated on the many blessings for which we arecalled upon to be thankful to our God, Father,Son, and Holy Ghost. For the mercies of creation, redemption, and sanctification, we,as in duty bound, presented the offering of our lips to their author and giver. We then,in conclusion, briefly considered that to ourthanks and praises it is right to add our fer-vent prayers in gratitude for favours past andin possession, petitioning humbly for theircontinuance. I have thought that for thisday's holy occupation, by God's grace, it maybe profitable to take a survey of the merciesvouchsafed to us, not merely as gifts, for theenjoyment of which we ought to be mostthankful, but as the great and all-importantend, to which, as the apostle suggests, they190 god's goodness leadsnaturally conduct our minds, and should in-fluence our lives ; which end, if we do not seeand learn from them, he intimates that we fool-ishly and wickedly spurn at the hand thatstrews them so freely amongst us, for that very
purpose ; and shall be heaping up, of our ownselves, the full measure of our iniquities,bringing on ourselves that grievous punish-ment which he, who gave the warnings weoverlook, will at last inflict upon our impeni-tent hearts. His very words are, '^O man,despisest thou the riches of his goodness, andforbearance, and long-suffering ; not knowingthat the goodness of God leadeth thee to repent-ance ! But after thy hardness and impeni-tent heart, treasurest up unto thyself wrathagainst the day of wrath, and revelation of the righteous judgment of God !** May thatGod of his mercy enable us to feel the truevalue of the many and inestimable blessingsthat he has showered upon his unworthy chil-dren ; and, above all, lead us to repentance (that*^ godly sorrow which worketh to salvationnot to be repented of,*) in the name of ourLord Jesus Christ V'^ It is true, we have " re-pented and been baptized^'* every one of us, Itrust, in this holy name, for the remission of sins, and, according to the preaching of St.Peter, " received the gift of the Holy Ghost/'J* 2 Cor. vii. 10. t Eph. v. 20. X Acts li. 38.TO REPETACE. 191But, unhappily, whilst we live in the world,there is danger lest we should not be " keptfrom the evil."* The ministers of the i^ospelwill, in every age, I fear, have need to applyto themselves and their hearers the admonitionof St. Paul to the first bishop of the church atEphesus — " We put you in remembmnce thatyou stir up the gilt of God, that is in you."-f Surely no man will say, that the promise of 
repentance made for him by his godftithersand godmothei's, has been, once for all, ra-tified when he was confirmed by the bishop,and that therefore he has no further need of anysorrow for sin ! Surely no man will ventureto suppose, that repentance is only necessaryat the first entrance into a state of grace, andnot required in those who are already " inChrist Jesus."J Every reasonable person whoexamines into his own heart, will have verydifferent thoughts. o teacher of righteous-ness will regret if, by his discourses, he makehis people sorrow to repentance. § In further-ance of this evangelical object, I will endeavour,my brethren, by God's help, to remind you," that the goodness of God kadeth to repentance."Perhaps the only way, in which such weak beings as we are can form any estimate of the m.ercies we enjoy from the favour of God,* John xvii. 1.5.t 2 Tim. i^ 2 Cor. viX Rot192 GOD*S GOODESS LEADSis by imagining ourselves deprived of them ;but even this requires an effort of the mind,greater than some are, without assistance, ca-

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