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First Date Master

First Date Master

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Published by Gaslight Hotel

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Published by: Gaslight Hotel on Jul 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Title: First DateAuthor: StephRating: R Character: Dr Anthony GirardeauDisclaimer:The following story has been written with no intention of claimingownership or solicitation, nor does the author claim the movie character(s) as his/her own. The movie character(s) have been borrowed solely out of a love of the particular movie and is not intended for any other purpose but amusement and entertainment.First Date is preceded by “Faith”First Date is continued in “Grace”~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~Stephanie looked into the mirror and released a cry of despair. She had hardly eatenanything at dinner- a considerable feat considering the enormous Thanksgiving feast thatAnnabella had laid out in the main dining room- but somehow, defying all laws of logic,her hips had grown about half a mile wider since she had woken up that morning. It wasincredible. When she had tried on the clothes earlier, the pants had looks fabulous- the buttery brown suede skimming her curves with flattering closeness. Now they made her look like a slut. With a sigh, the woman tugged at the zipper, and flew to the closet.
Anthony would be here any moment...Anthony would be here!!!!...and she didn't havethe slightest idea what she was going to wear.How was it possible that it was already almost six o'clock? Time hadn't seemed to moveat all this morning. It wasn't until she had finally given herself permission leave the tableand return to her room to get ready that the minutes had begun to stream past in a blur.Anthony would be here in five minutes...Anthony!Stephanie closed her eyes as the memories of the night before flooded in. She had finallytold Anthony what she felt- that she loved him as more than a friend...and he hadn't runaway! He had wanted her too! He had said so, and then he had kisses her....Involuntarily,she smiled at the memory. She could almost still feel his lips against hers, his stronghands on her back....He was going to be here in FOUR minutes! Stephanie snapped herself back to attention.Her eyes fell on a corduroy skirt and matching jeans jacket. She could change it, butremoving the black turtleneck sweater that she was wearing would undo her hair...THREE MINUTES!She was stuck with the slut pants.With a sigh of frustration, Stephanie hopped into her ankle boots and looked for her coat.She frowned as she spied the supple black leather jacket, suddenly struck by the number of cows that had died for her outfit. What if Anthony was an animal rights activist? Whatif he was allergic to leather?TWO MINUTES! Stephanie felt a fluttering in her stomach as she threw the jacket on her shoulders and ran to the mirror for a final check. She should have thought of all of thisearlier. She had been surprised- distracted by the sound of his voice first thing in themorning when he had called to arrange the date- a trip into town to watch the ceremoniallighting of the Christmas lights in the park, and to visit the little festival booths set up inthe center of town. She had half-believed that the night before had all been a dream, andwhen the phone had rang....ONE MINUTE. Stephanie clawed for a brush, suddenly noticing that her hair lookedcompletely ridiculous. Cosmo hair. What had possessed her to think that a bluefly.com adwas an appropriate inspiration for a hairstyle? The woman wearing it in the picture was acartoon... Maybe if she could find a hairclip, she could just tuck it up and-A gentle rapping at the door interrupted the line of thought.
 He's here
. Stephanie thought with despair.
 And I look like an idiot....
She looks like a model 
. Anthony had to struggle to keep his jaw from dropping whenStephanie opened the door. Her hair was fluffier than usual, - part of it had been teased back at the crown and secured with a tortoiseshell clip. Her bangs that slashed saucilyacross her forehead, and the rest fell around her shoulders, flipped up on the ends. Her clothes were equally attractive- soft looking brown suede pants, black books, black  jacket...A lot of cows died for that outfit, he thought, noting the abundance of suede andleather, but she looked amazing. At least the creatures had not died in vain."I....uhm....." Forgot how to talk. Anthony thought as he struggled for a simple "hello."He finally managed it."Hello." Stephanie replied with a shy smile. She looked at the tissue-paper wrapped bundle in his hands. Sensing the gaze, the Dr. thrust the parcel forward."They're for you." He said quickly. "They're flowers." You moron. She knows that they'reflowers."Thank you. " Stephanie smiled as she accepted the gift, inhaling deeply.I should have brought roses....Anthony lamented, the mixture of mums, tigerlilies and brown-eyed Susans which had seemed so jaunty and attractive in the store where he had bought them suddenly seeming cheap. His worried gaze watched her face...He didn't bring me roses. Stephanie smiled into the blossoms as she held them to her nose. How had he known that she didn't like them?- at least not the hothouse variety thatcame from the florist. The flowers that he had chosen were perfect. She smiled at thedoctor before going to put the flowers in the vase beside her bed."Shall we?" She asked when she returned.Anthony nodded, holding open the door, walking a half-step ahead of her as they walkeddown the staircase, into the lobby, and then out of the Inn. Stephanie had a brief momentof confusion as Anthony rushed ahead of her. Then she felt her cheeks color with pleasurewhen she saw that he had gone forward to hold open her door and help her inside.He washed the truck.As much as possible for a twenty-year old vehicle, the body gleamed, and the frayingupholstery had been covered with a blanket. She was pleased by the obvious effort that hehad put into the date. His own appearance showed equal care. His oxford shirt, the collar  peeking over a heathered-green sweater that brought out his eyes- and his khaki chinoshad been neatly pressed. His shoes were polished, and his hair had been gelled within aninch of its life. She suppressed a giggle as she pondered whether his boxer shorts-somehow Anthony struck her as a boxer man- had been ironed too..."Have you been in town before?" Anthony asked as they pulled out of the parking lot and

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