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Drug Analysis

Drug Analysis

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Published by lee_17

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Published by: lee_17 on Jul 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Drug Indication: Action: Mechanism of Action Side effects: Adverse effects: Contraindications: Nursing considerations:
Vitamin KGenericName:PhytomenadioneBrandName:Kona-KDuopharma(M) Sdn BhdPrevention andtreatment ohypoprothrombinemia caused bycoumarinderivative-inducedor other drug-induced vitamin Kdeficiency,hypoprothrombinemia caused bymalabsorption or inability tosynthesize vitaminK; hemorrhagicdisease of thenewbornHemostaticPromotes liver synthesisof clotting factors (II, VII,IX, X); however, theexact mechanism as tothis stimulation isunknown. Menadiol is awater soluble form of vitamin K; phytonadionehas a more rapid andprolonged effect thanmenadione; menadiolsodium diphosphate(K4) is half as potent asmenadione (K3).Local irritation or pain, sometimeswith erythema atthe injection site;there may alsobe tendernessSevereanaphylactoidreactions,Diaphoresis,hypersensitivityreactions, Dyspnea,abnormal tastes,Hyperbilirubinemia,Scleroderma-likelesions, Cyanosis,flushing, ohypotensionPatients who areneonates, allergicdiathesis,hypersensitivity tophytonadione or anycomponent of theformulation.
Oral administration is thesafest and requires thepresence of bile salts for absorption
It should be given byvery slow IV injection, or where appropriate, withcontinuous infusion of NaCl 0.9% or dextrose5% into the lower sectionof the infusion set
Must note whether clienthas allergic reaction withvitamin K
Must not give topregnant women andchildren below 2 yearsold
Follow your doctor'sorders or the directionson the label
Teach patient proper use, possible sideeffects/appropriateinterventions, andadverse symptoms toreportGenericName:AmpicillinSodiumBrand name:Pharmawealth LabAmpicillinTreatment oinfections causedby gm+ve & gm-vemicroorganisms egUTI, otitis media,respiratory tract,enteric infections,bacterialmeningitis, gm-vesepticemia, biliarytract & othesurgical infections,infectiveendocarditis,listeriosis.AntibioticsAmpicillin is able topenetrate Gram-positiveand some Gram-negative bacteria. Itdiffers from penicillinonly by the presence of an amino group. Thatamino group helps thedrug penetrate the outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria. It actsas a competitive inhibitor of the enzymetranspeptidase.Transpeptidase isneeded by bacteria tomake their cell walls. Itinhibits the third and finalstage of bacterial cellwall synthesis, whichultimately leads to celllysis.Nausea,dizziness,fatigue,abdominal paindiarrheaGI disturbances,skin rash, pruritus,urticaria, erythemamultiforme,exfoliativedermatitis,anaphylactic shock,thrombocytopenia,eosinophilia,agranulocytosis,laryngeal or highfever.Patients who arehypersensitive to thisdrug or any other penicillins. Those whohave glandular fever or lymphatic leukaemia.
Before giving drug, askmother about allallergies of child.
Obtain specimen foculture and sensitivitybefore giving first dose.
Give drug 1 to 2 hoursbefore meals.
Take note of infectiousmononuclesis, opossibly HIV infection asthese conditionsincrease susceptibility toampicillin-induced skinrashesGenericName:For iron or vitamindeficienciesMultivitamins+ Minerals;Iron becomes a part of our hemoglobin andConstipation,diarrhea, nausea,Serious allergicreaction: rash,Patients who areallergic to any of its
Use this medication asdirected on the label, or 

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