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The Island Connection - October 18, 2013

The Island Connection - October 18, 2013

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Volume 7, Issue 13
Volume 7, Issue 13

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Published by: Lucky_Dog_Publishing on Oct 17, 2013
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R S  OR S  NDRD U S  O S  GI  D C HR S  O N S  C RMI   N O 4 3 7  O S R O N
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FloodInsurance Rises
 Volume 7 Issue 13October 18, 2013
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Nests for Ospreys
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Bluegrass & BBQ
Your Candidates 
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he two mayoral candidates and sixcity council candidates running in the own o Seabrook Islandelection on uesday, Nov. 5 submittedthe ollowing biographies to Te IslandConnection.Te candidates will also participate ina special debate between town council andmayoral candidates at the Lake House onMonday, Oct 28, rom 7 - 8 p.m.
Seabrook MayoralCandidates
Terrence James Ahearn 
 A native o Worcester, Mass., Ahearnearned a B.A. in English rom Te Citadelin 1963 and was commissioned into theU.S. Air Force where he served or sixyears as a radar navigator, and ew 143combat missions on B-52 bombers.Subsequently, he earned a J.D. romBoston College School o Law where he was a member o the law review. He then joined Humble Oil & Rening (laterExxon Corporation), serving in varioushigh-level positions during a career thatspanned thirty years. While stationed inHong Kong as General Counsel o ExxonChemical Asia Pacic, he became thepresident o the American Club and ledthe eort to build new club acilities at a cost o almost $30 million. He currently resides on Seabrook Island, SC, where hehas been involved in civic aairs or overten years.He has served on numerous committees,the Board o Directors o the Seabrook Island Property Owners Association, asvice president and president, and the towncouncil o the own o Seabrook Island, where he currently is Mayor Pro em.
 John DuBois
Born in South Carolina on Feb. 17,1929, DuBois grew up in Charleston andattended public schools here. He enteredthe army out o high school and becamea career soldier, serving as an enlistedman, Warrant Ofcer and CommissionedOfcer. He served in combat units andcombat support units. His career specialty  was military police and rom there hemoved into criminal investigation, serving in that capacity in Japan, Korea, France,Italy, Iran, Vietnam and the U.S..
As elections loom get toknow your candidates
The IslandConnection 
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Future deadlines: October 23for submissionsfor the November 1 Issue
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Lucky Dog Publishing, LLC
Publishers of 
 Island Eye News
The Island Connection
Civic Calendar
21 Beachwalker DriveKiawah Island, SC 29455Phone: 768-9166Fax: 768-4764
2001 Seabrook Island RoadSeabrook Island, SC 29455Phone: 768-9121Fax: 768-9830Email:lmanning@townoseabrookisland.org 
Meetings are held at the Berkeley Electric Co-op located at3351 Maybank Hwy, Johns Island.Chairman Chris Cannon: 343-5113
4045 Bridge View Dr, N. Charleston958-4700t
75 Calhoun St.724-3745
2October 18, 2013
Mayor Holtz reported that revenueis slightly up rom expected, with$106,000 more than budgeted coming in or the year-to-date. As an added plus,expenditures are down at approximately $39,000 less than budgeted or the year-to-date. In comparison to last year, theexcess o revenues over expenditures are$279,124 compared to $304,058 in 2012.Since there were no citizen orguest comments, the council movedimmediately into committee reports.
Transportation and the AngelOak Project 
Councilmember San Reed reported onthe most recent meeting o the Council o Governments (BCDCOG) on September16, stating that the council discussed: A report on a study to consolidateCARA and the tri-county transportationsystem, which the Policy Committee laterunanimously approved moving orwardon.Long range plans to repair andresurace road shoulders in rural areas,though Reed noted that Seabrook Island was not included in this plan since it is notconsidered a rural area.Tat action is expected to be taken onthe 1-26 tree removal issue during eitherthe October or November meeting.Mayor Holtz was also pleased toannounce that the Charleston County Council approved Seabrook’s request tocontribute $20,000 o their Greenbeltunds to the Angel Oak project. For moreinormation about this project and theeorts to save the Angel Oak tree, visit www.lolt.org/community-initiatives/angel-oak-preserve.
Branding Seabrook 
Councilmember erry Ahearnreported that the Community RelationsCommittee is currently moving orwardon an advertising campaign or the islandollowing the positive eedback they’vereceived so ar on their branding initiative. As part o the island branding project,proessional photographers and models were brought out to the island to captureimages o the island or advertising purposes. Te images included:
People on a boat fshing 
Men at the Pelican’s Nestcelebrating a round o gol 
Bicyclists on the bike path underthe shady trees
 A couple enjoying dinner at sunset
 A lowcountry boil at a local home
Contracting for DisasterCleanup Continues
Councilmember Ronald Ciancioprovided the council with an updatedcontract or Phillips & Jordan, thecompany they are currently negotiating  with or post-disaster restoration o the island. Te new contract removesthe charges or mobilization anddemobilization, which makes the contractFEMA compliant as FEMA will not pay or these services. Ciancio moved that thecontract be executed in the orm presentedand the council approved unanimously.SIPOA/own Memorandum o Understanding Councilmember Ciancio also reportedon the Memorandum o Understanding between the ownand the Seabrook Island Property Owners Association(SIPOA), which is reviewed andrenewed annually. Ciancio stated thatthey cannot move orward on theapproval until the own provides SIPOA  with a written list o chain o commandand an inventory o own assets that canbe shared with SIPOA and other islandentities.
Town Administrator’s Report 
own Administrator Randy Piercereported on his recent attendance at theCharleston County Emergency OperationsCenter (EOC) training program. For twodays, attendees learned about the day today operations o the EOC and on thethird day, everyone participated in aneight hour training simulation centeredaround a potential chlorine leak disaster.Pierce also requested that the townconsider using the $9,000 let in theSpecial Events und section o the budgetto und the annual own Christmasparty and the Mayor/Council swearing-inceremony in November. Te councilapproved the unding unanimously.
Te ollowing ordinances wereapproved unanimously or frst reading:Ordinance 2013-04: An Ordinance Adopting the 2014 Budget or the owno Seabrook Island.Ordinance 2013-05: An Ordinanceto Amend the own Code Regarding Business Licenses. Tis ordinance replacesOrdinance 2013-02, since it has been
Seabrook Town Council,Sept. 24, 2013
Seabrook Council 
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Tuesday, October 22
Seabrook Town Council
2:30 p.m.Seabrook own Hall
Kiawah Public InformationMeeting 
1 p.m.Kiawah own Hall
Tuesday, October 29
Kiawah Ways & MeansCommittee (Rescheduled romOct. 22)9 a.m.Kiawah own Hall
Wednesday, October 30
Kiawah Comprehensive PlanPublic Hearing 1 p.m.Kiawah own Hall
Kiawah Code Text and Zoning District Map Amendment Public Hearing 
1:15 p.m.Kiawah own hall
KRA Development Agreement Public Hearing 
1:30 p.m.Kiawah own Hall
Seabrook Council 
continues rom page 2
modied since rst reading.Te ollowing ordinance was approvedunanimously or second reading:Ordinance 2013-03: An Ordinance Adopting an Amended Franchise Agreement with Berkeley ElectricCooperative, Inc.
Fire Department Headquartersand U-Verse Inquiry 
Fire Chie Walz reported that the new re department headquarters building should be completed by April o 2014.Seabrook Island resident Philip Squireinquired as to the potential availability o  A& U-Verse on Seabrook Island. Pierceresponded, stating that A& has hadissues in the past with SIPOA regarding the locations o equipment boxes, but hecould ask the POA board i those issueshave been resolved.
Town Council and Mayoral Debate -Monday, Oct. 28
 A special debate between town counciland mayoral candidates or the own o Seabrook Island will be held at the LakeHouse on Monday, Oct. 28, rom 7 - 8p.m. For more inormation, please contactSeabrook own Hall at 843-768-9121.
Te next meeting of the Seabrook ownCouncil will be held on uesday, Oct. 22 at 2:30 p.m. at Seabrook own Hall,located at 2001 Seabrook Island Road.For more information, please visit www.townofseabrookisland.com.
Your Candidates 
continues rom cover
Your Candidates 
continues on page 9October 18, 2013
 As a result o his service, DuBois wasinducted into the U.S.A. Army CriminalInvestigation Command Hall o Fame,located at Quantico, VA.Following his military careerand a short career in manuacturing management, DuBois returned toinvestigations, primarily white-collar-typecrimes, working or the Oce o InspectorGeneral, U.S. Department o Agriculture,rst as a eld agent, then as a supervisory special agent. He was promoted to anexecutive position at national managementlevel, beore relocating to Pennsylvania to work as the Regional Inspector General,U.S. Department o Labor, where heremained until reaching the mandatory retirement age.He returned to the Charleston-area to be close to his parents, but ater somemonths o shing and relaxation, realizedhe needed to return to work. “I was lucky enough to nd Seabrook Island, and wasemployed as the community Saety andSecurity Director, starting September 25,1986, where I worked until May 1998,”DuBois said.Since that time he has servedthe community as a S.C. WildlieConservation Ocer, St. Johns FireCommissioner, Chairman o the St. JohnsFire Commission, own Councilmano Seabrook Island, Mayor o Seabrook,Board Member o the CharlestonConvention and Visitors Bureau, andassisted his wie in volunteer work withthe Sisters o Charity Outreach Programon Johns Island, James Island and Wadmalaw Island. He is also active inchurch activities and has a BS degree romthe University o Maryland.
Seabrook TownCouncil Candidates
Ronald J. Ciancio 
My wie Sue and I have been marriedor orty-eight years, and we have twochildren. I received my undergraduatedegree rom the University o NotreDame, and my law degree and MBA romNorthwestern University. I practiced law or orty years, retiring as Senior VicePresident, General Counsel and Secretary o GAX Corporation. Since moving toSeabrook Island seven years ago I haveserved on the SIPOA Board o Directorsand as chair o its legal committee; servedon the Green Space Conservancy Board o Directors and I am a past president o thatorganization; and served on the Boardo Directors o Sea Island Habitat orHumanity, and I am currently presidento that organization.For the past two years I have hadthe privilege o serving on the Seabrook Island town council as Public Saety Ocial. As Public Saety Ocial I haveocused on emergency preparedness, andbelieve that over the past two years I haveaccomplished a number o objectives thathave better equipped our community or an emergency situation. I chairedthe Public Saety Committee whichconducted a complete review and revisiono the own’s Comprehensive Emergency Plan to make it a much more unctionaldocument or our elected ocials.I revised the own’s debris removalordinance to make it more consistent withthe intent o council and allows council a greater degree o fexibility to participatein debris removal ollowing a hurricane.I introduced a bond ordinance giving theown fexibility, should it elect to do so,to issue up to $4 million o debt in theorm o either general obligation bondsor shorter term bond anticipation notes(BANs) the proceeds o which must beused to und debris removal.Te own has obtained a avorable a credit review and an indicative interestrate rom a local bank, which has provideda preliminary indication o willingnessto purchase the bonds or BANs. Iimplemented a FEMA compliant standby debris removal contract providing theown with an alternative to reliance onCharleston County or debris removal. Iinitiated a memorandum o understanding between the own and SIPOA, whichor the rst time allocates the specicresponsibilities o the two organizationsbeore, during and immediately ollowing a hurricane. In addition to the oregoing,I chaired the own’s 25th anniversary celebration committee.I would very much appreciate yoursupport and the opportunity to serveSeabrook Island.

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