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Strength Training For Lightweight rowers

Strength Training For Lightweight rowers



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Published by mctsou
Strength Training For Lightweights
By Gianni Postiglioni, Head Coach – Greece,
FISA Coaches Conference, Budapest, Hungary 7-11 November 2007
Transcript by Jamie Croly
As posted on Association of Rowing Coaches of South Africa Blog
Wednesday, July 8, 2009
Strength Training For Lightweights
By Gianni Postiglioni, Head Coach – Greece,
FISA Coaches Conference, Budapest, Hungary 7-11 November 2007
Transcript by Jamie Croly
As posted on Association of Rowing Coaches of South Africa Blog
Wednesday, July 8, 2009

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Published by: mctsou on Jul 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Strength Training For Lightweights 
Strength Training For LightweightsBy Gianni Postiglioni, Head Coach – Greece, FISA Coaches Conference, Budapest,Hungary 7-11 November 2007Transcript by Jamie Croly---------------------------------------------Weight lifting in rowing is quite common, we have a lot of things in common, when Ilisten to Jurgen and also when I listen now to Adrian, I said what can I say more thanthem? It is possible because in rowing we are mainly talking about strength enduranceand I have seen that the angle of Jurgen was very good and also the angle of Adrianwas different from him, but a lot of things in common. It means that if we are leadingand we are preparing different rowers the mentality, the approach to the problem ismore or less the same. The only thing I am thinking here with Adrian that is doingthings a bit different between my approach and his approach is that I am mainlycoaching small countries and I don’t have the opportunities to speak with thespecialists and have people making this, and I believe that this is the right way to dothis with a specialist, but with the new sport in the future it means that we must have apsychologist, a specialist for weightlifting and maybe for biking or running or othersport activities, physiotherapist, doctor which means a big team. But we havequalified 4 athletes and we should have 10 people supporting them. It means for thesport federation that is a huge amount of money and it’s not possible to do it. And thisway the small countries they say Ok we give up or we make an easier way for thesystem and we try to make our best because at the end I think we can find a goodsystem but at the end it is the mentality of the rower, the motivation of the rower andthis is the main point, they must be convinced of what they are doing. And I think thatour duty as a coach is to make the things easy for them and not to complicate toomuch. And just to make things easy for the rowers this is my philosophy. To try tounderstand better the problems. Now about the weight lifting for lightweights.I said to myself what is the problem? For my rowers to make more strength andmainly more endurance strength because this is the call(??) And I was listening that
the weight lifting is also positive for Rene for injuries but I also see that there is a bigrisk for injuries with weight lifting so I don’t know if it works so well with preventinginjuries. I know that we should build better the body of the athlete but when theymake a squat as I have seen with the seniors in Great Britain with 150kg on theshoulders some repetitions 15 repetitions I think that this is a risk and we cannotprevent injury but we are looking for injuries. And I know that the technique and allthese things are very important but we should go in the easier way and in this speechto you I will try to tell you what I think is the easy way that I want to apply.First of all with the weight I want to have the goal and the goal is what I am lookingfor with this training methodology. I want to get something that I can read and therowers they can read so that we cannot go there and lifting up and down many kilosfor whole year. I think that the point is just start from this point.I think that one of the
goals of strength is to see the strength and endurance from the velocity point of view.This is one example that Professor Bosco he has made in 1983 where two athletes arepushing a very heavy machine and between these two they have two different speedcapacities. The one athlete is a slow athlete and the maximum speed that he can putpower is at 5m/s. The quick athlete is at 10m/s is his maximum speed capacity forpower and you can see that in the beginning when the velocity of the object is at zeroboth of them can pull together and its no big problem. At the beginning it doesn’tmatter about the qualities of the way they sprint it is just the start but when they arriveat close to 5m/s we see the slow athlete is not really able to push together with theother because of his maximum speed and the other athlete is using more but whenthey arrive at the speed of 8m/s, before the maximum of the other one, the slowathlete is braking, he is not making propulsion, he is not pushing the load, but isbraking the effect of pushing of the other athlete. The strength is important but it isalso important to relate the velocity and the strength that you are producing. Thismeans that what we should look for, we were talking about tall athletes, strongathletes but I think that we should also find the fast athletes because they can movefaster in boats because fast twitch fiber or slow twitch fibers are very important fromthis point of view.So we need special athletes but at the same time we need also to see find the pointswhere we want to see our training working and the main points as we have seen in thepicture in the first one, we can say that the point is that we should have one strengthwhen we start which is the maximum strength and we need another strength duringthe base race and another at the end of the race.

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