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Table Of Contents

Part One: Introduction
Course Objectives
Exercise 1—Trackball Mouse (Warm-up)
Part Two: Customization
222 Customizing Rhino
The toolbar layout
Exercise 2—Customizing Rhino’s interface
Command aliases
Shortcut keys
Template files
Part Three: Advanced Modeling Techniques
Exercise 3—Topology
Exercise 4—Trimmed NURBS
Curve degree
Exercise 5—Curve Degree
Curve and surface continuity
Curve continuity and curvature graph
Exercise 6—Geometric Continuity
Exercise 7—Tangent Continuity
Exercise 8—Curvature Continuity
555 Surface Continuity
Analyze surface continuity
Exercise 9—Surface Continuity
Surfacing commands that pay attention to continuity
Exercise 10—Continuity Commands
Exercise 11—Patch options
Exercise 12—Lofting
Exercise 13—Blends
Exercise 14—Blends Options
Additional surfacing techniques
Exercise 15—Fillets and Blends
Exercise 16—Variable Radius Blend
Exercise 17—Fillet with patch
Exercise 18—Soft Corners
666 Advanced Surfacing Techniques
Dome-shaped buttons
Exercise 19—Soft Domed Buttons
Creased surfaces
Exercise 20—Surfaces with a crease
Exercise 21—Surfaces with a crease (Part 2)
Curve fairing to control surface shapes
777 Use Background Bitmaps
Exercise 22—Handset
888 An Approach to Modeling
Exercise 23—Cutout
999 Use 2-D Drawings
Use 2-D drawings as part of a model
Exercise 24—Importing an Adobe Illustrator file
Make a model from a 2-D drawing
Exercise 25—Making a detergent bottle
Exercise 26—Surface Analysis
Exercise 27—Dashboard
General strategy
Exercise 28—Troubleshooting
Exercise 29—Meshing
Part Four: Rendering
Exercise 30—Rhino Rendering
Add lights
Image and bump maps
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Rhino Level 2 v4 (ENGLISH)

Rhino Level 2 v4 (ENGLISH)

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Published by Baris Akgül

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Published by: Baris Akgül on Oct 17, 2013
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