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Index for The Patterns of English Spelling Volume 8

Index for The Patterns of English Spelling Volume 8



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Published by AVKO Foundation

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Published by: AVKO Foundation on Jul 27, 2009
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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The Patterns of English Spellingwith their
Word Families Put in SentenceContext
Volume 8
 The Advanced SuffixesSuch as: -cious -tial -ssion -tion -iveas in: delicious partial mission location passiveferocious initial passion ignition imperativeluscious martial concussion execution conducivesuspicious special concession promotion definitive& Miscellaneous Relatives
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Index of Volume VIII by Suffix EndingsFamily Family FamilyExample Pg Example Pg Example Pg-C 801-816 -AL 817-827 -ON 832-851
ac maniac 801 bal verbal 818 bon carbon 832ec Aztec 801 cal local 817 con falcon 832aic archaic 802 cial special 818 don London 832 bic cubic 802 chal matriarchal 818 gon wagon 832dic medic 802 dal medal 818 geon surgeon 833fic traffic 803 dial cordial 819 gion religion 833gic magic 803 fal offal 819 shion fashion 834hic/c psychic 803 gal legal 819 ssion mission 834hic/p graphic 804 gial vestigial 819 sion invasion 835hic/r pyrrhic 804 ial imperial 819-820 sion/r version 836hic/t mythic 804 kal jackal 820 sion/l emulsion 836lic public 805 mal primal 820 sion/n tension 836mic comic 806 mal animal 820 ion million 837nic panic 807-808 nal criminal 821 ion champion 837oic heroic 808 pal principal 822 cion suspicion 837 pic topic 808 ral rural 823 tion/a vacation 838-846ric fabric 809-10 sal basal 823 tion/e completion 847sic basic 810 shal marshal 823 tion/i petition 847tic/a automatic 811-812 tal fatal 824 tion/o motion 848tic/c hectic 812 thal lethal 824 tion/u solution 848tic/e energetic 813 ial trial 825 tion/c action 849-850tic/i critic 814 tial partial 825 tion/n mention 850tic/l Baltic 814 ual gradual 826 tion/p option 851tic/n frantic 814 val rival 827 tion/s question 851tic/o patriotic 814 wal withdrawal 827tic/p skeptic 815 yal royal 827
-AN 852-856
tic/r cathartic 815tic/s fantastic 815-816 ban urban 852tic/t attic 816
-M 828-831
ian Arabian 853tic/u therapeutic 816 gian collegian 853tic/y analytic 816 am madam 828 cian magician 854vic civic 816 am Islam 828 man woman 854-856xic toxic 816 em tandem 828oc havoc 816 im pilgrim 829sc/u mollusc 816 om seldom 829
-EN 857-860
um museum 829um medium 830 en adj sudden 857um talcum 831 en (N) warden 858en (V) thicken 859-860
-ment 863-866
ment experiment 863-866
-IN 861-862
-IVE 875-880
in margin 861-862sive passive 875tive relative 876-80
-OUS 867-874
 dous tremendous 867geous gorgeous 867gious religious 869cious precious 868tious ambitious 870-871rous glamorous 873xious anxious 871tuous impetuous 874mous famous 872
Contents of The Patterns of English Spellingwith their Word Families Put inSentence Context by Volumes
1 Short Vowels: CVC dad get tin 101cab dog ripfit man jam2 Short Vowels: CVCC band went itch 201lift lamp pathsalt milk tack 3 Long Vowels: CV & CVCe go nice tube 301fly note Janeme gate time4 Long Vowels: CVVC raid seem roam 401vein read crawlweight field taught5 -R & W- controls car/war part/wall ford/word 501tar/ward bar/wan pork/work cart/wart card/warm form/worm6 Basic Suffixes batter battle dreadful 601splinter pickle possiblefrighten tunnel elevator 7 The Ending Y's destiny simplify trickiest 701 privacy therapy memorygeography monarchy thrifty8 Power Suffixes precious partially permission 801ferocious initially compassionateluscious especially ignition9 Advanced Patterns techniques chauvinist fiancée 901ricochet bureaux debutantesurgeons impartially compulsion10 Prefixes/Suffixes/Roots psychology photographic synthesizer 1001 beneficial ambiguous linguisticsmagnitude unconscious euphemism

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