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Swissindo CVAC Model

Swissindo CVAC Model



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Published by Karin E. J. Kolland

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Published by: Karin E. J. Kolland on Oct 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Model and Rationale for a CVAC
As was announced publicly on 25 December 2012, the existing system of corporate andgovernmental rule has been legally shut down via one of its own mechanisms.
All debt has beenerased and corporations (including but not limited to corporate governments and banks) havebeen foreclosed.A series of Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings made by the One People’s Public Trust(OPPT) in 2012 created a new framework for social governance that is now in effect. All thepeople of the world are now legally and lawfully free of economic slavery systems. This fact hasnow been ratified and formally established within the legal framework of the formerlydominant, corporate-controlled law codes. Corporate-controlled governments and corporate-controlled media have refused to announce this remarkable event, because it means the end of their power. As aware global citizens, we must understand what happened and how, so that wecan inform others and begin the process of worldwide change for which all the world's peoplehave been waiting.
Important facts about the existing slavery systems that have now beenforeclosed:
Existing governments are corporations. Corporations collect money on behalf of theirinvestors. This system is oligarchical and designed only to profit a powerful few while therest of the people work their whole lives in order to support it, thereby stealing the value of the people. So-called governments have acted as beneficiaries rather than trustees of government trusts. For example, the United States, Canada, Australia, The United Kingdom,France, Italy, Brazil, Japan, and South Africa are registered as corporations with the UnitedStates Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). The Corporation of Egypt (which weconventionally think of as a country) is in fact registered with the SEC as an oil company.2)
Banks working in collusion with corporate governments then provide huge loans to eachcountry. Bankers and government officials make these loans with the direct intention of 1
creating such a massive debt that the people of the country will be unable to pay it. In thisway, banks and governments knowingly and intentionally bankrupt the nation. They startwars and conflicts by selling weapons to both sides, thereby increasing the corporations'profits for the corporations and increasing the people's debt in regions involved in theconflicts.3)
Persons are corporations. When a child is born, that child's parents apply for a birthcertificate on behalf of the child. After this application is signed by the parents, the corporategovernment of the child's natal country uses it to establish a trust fund in the child's name.This trust is used as a collateral account, created and funded in the name of the child who isthe actual beneficiary of the trust. However, the crime is that the corporate governmentdoes not tell the child's parents that this trust exists. If the child does not register a last willand testament by the time they are 7 years old, the corporate government declares thatchild to be deceased. Corporate government then assumes financial control of the child'sestate, and the bankers and government officials (who are quite aware that most peopleactually live beyond the age of 7) thereafter treat all people as living slaves. The fundsgenerated by monetizing every person's life, by using every child's future work as collateral,are in turn loaned back to them when they apply for bank financing or a mortgage. Allpeople are then forced to work to repay those funds, plus interest, to the corporate bankingsystem. Again, people have no legal rights within this corporate system of admiralty lawbecause a person is considered to be legally 'dead' by the age of 7 and the corporategovernment takes control of the estate.4)
Corporate governments use mainstream media as a tool to deliver propaganda directly intothe homes of the people. Bankers and government officials use mainstream media tomanipulate public perceptions of corporate government action and inaction; to reinforcesocial norms, limits and behaviors; and to sell the people nonsense by creating a fictitious'need' alongside a product to full fill it. Educational and religious institutions reinforce thispsychology as well. Corporations, governments and mainstream media all tell the same lies.The aim of all of them is to create conflict, person against person and country againstcountry, so that they can make more money.5)
The world’s existing economic structure, now foreclosed, is a mechanism of mass slavery.Slavery is a system under which people are treated as property and are forced to work forsurvival. Slaves are held against their will from the time of their birth, capture, or purchase,and they are deprived of the right to leave or refuse to work.2
Is this an overthrow of governments?
The foreclosure does not constitute an overthrow of governments, because these so-calledgovernments do not in fact represent the people: they are corporations that have until nowmasqueraded as governments by secretly rewriting the constitutions of sovereign nations. Theirend can only be seen as long overdue.
UCC: The ‘bible of commerce’
See: "Jordan Maxwell - 'You are property of the elite globalist bankers'"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1dAiz6_14gThe Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is called the 'bible of commerce'. It precisely dictatesthe manner in which international trade and commerce should be enacted. In fact, the entirecommercial system pivots around UCC law. If a person's mortgage is foreclosed on, or their caris repossessed, the bank uses the UCC process to do so. All international transactions betweennations are settled through the UCC. UCC law is not taught in law schools. It remains thedomain of corporations who train their own legal-department employees in UCC law, thuskeeping the knowledge of this important mechanism 'in house'. The U.S. court system invariablysupports the corporate system. This is not surprising, because 99% of our laws relate toownership or commerce. The OPPT Trustees concluded that the corporations operating underthe guise of the people’s governments and financial systems were committing treason against allthe people of this planet without the people’s knowing, willing and intentional consent.
How did the Trustees achieve the foreclosure of slavery systems?
OPPT was created when the three OPPT Trustees bonded themselves to (and so reinstated)the Trust that was framed in the original UnitedStates Constitution of 1776. That constitutionwas abandoned when the United States government was incorporated in 1871. Other countrieswere incorporated after the Great Depression of the 1920s, which was itself a result of marketmanipulation by bankers. The very same manipulation has been ongoing since 2008.The OPPT Trustees then bonded every individual on the planet to this Trust as its beneficiariesin equity, known as 'the One People, created by The Creator'. In so doing, the Trustees framed atrust that has a superior claim to any other: the Trust between the Creator and the 'states of body' of Earth. The 'states of body' of Earth are the beneficiaries of the Creator; all the peopleof the world are the custodians of the Creator’s manifestations on Earth. Lawfully speaking,3

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