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The Day of Small Beginnings VOLUME 2

The Day of Small Beginnings VOLUME 2



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Published by arulraj1971
read and get benefited, these are challenging christian books to live a holy life.for more books visit the web site www.poonen.org,www.cfc.org.more christian resources are available to help to grow in christ
read and get benefited, these are challenging christian books to live a holy life.for more books visit the web site www.poonen.org,www.cfc.org.more christian resources are available to help to grow in christ

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Published by: arulraj1971 on Jul 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Day Of Small Beginnings – Volume-2
Page 1 of 53
Copyright – Zac Poonen (2007)This book has been copyrighted to prevent misuse. It should not be reprinted or translated without written permission from the author.Permission is however given for any part of this book to be downloaded and printed  provided it is for FREE distribution, provided NO ALTERATIONS are made, provided the AUTHOR'S NAME AND ADDRESS are mentioned,and provided this copyright notice is included in each printout.For further details, please contact:Publisher  
The Day Of Small Beginnings – Volume-2
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(Continued from Volume 1)
 25. Money And God’s Work26. When People Speak Evil Of You27. Preparation For Building The Church28. Some Distinctives Of The New Church29. Authority Over Satan30. Influencing The Government31. Casting Out Demons32. Early Days Of Meeting And Outreach33. A Meeting Place34. Reaching Out To Other Places35. Delivering People Oppressed By The Devil36. Travelling Mercies37. Planting Churches In Other Countries38. No Dependence On The West39. Life At Home40. My Style Of Preaching41. God’s Time Is The Best Time42. God Adds To The Church43. God Removes From The Church44. The New Covenant Pattern Of Ministry45. The New Covenant Message46. The Mistakes We Made47. Making Disciples In All Nations48. Looking Ahead
The Day Of Small Beginnings – Volume-2
Page 3 of 53
CHAPTER 25Money And God’s Work
When considering the building of the Body of Christ, why should we start with achapter on money??Because money is the greatest alternate master to God in this world and Jesussaid that that no-one could serve both God and Money
(Luke 16:13).
is thegreatest power in God’s kingdom and
is the greatest power in this world.So I realized, that if I am to build the Body of Christ, it was vital that I be free fromthe love of money and that my methods of obtaining money for my personal needsand for my ministry be godly. Many Christian workers have not thought through thisissue – and so they end up in all sorts of compromises.When I started serving the Lord full-time, I took two decisions in relation to money:(1) That I would
make my financial needs known to anyone but myheavenly Father.(2) That I would live very simply so that my needs would be minimal.By God’s grace I have been able to maintain both those decisions until today.Most of my ministry in the early days was to poor people in village churches – andI refused to receive any gifts from them, because their standard of living was muchlower than mine. Some others however (who were richer than me) wouldoccasionally give me gifts, and I received enough for my expenses each month, aslong as I was single. But once I was married and had a child, I found that what Ireceived was not enough for my needs.How could I meet my family’s financial needs now? I did not want to be thesalaried employee of any Christian organization, lest I become their slave. And ofcourse, I would
certainly not 
send out circular letters hinting about my needs. Iwould also
visit rich churches, merely to get gifts from them. The well-knownpreachers in India preached only in the large cities. The great need for in-depthministry was therefore among the poor people in the villages of India. So I asked theLord to send me to those villages – and He did just that.However, since I had to provide for my family, I found myself frequently thinkingabout money. I knew that those who are called to serve the Lord full-time should
 be thinking about money frequently – just as a person called to be single, should
 be occupied with thoughts of sex. One whose mind burns with sexual thoughts isobviously
called to a single life; and one whose mind is always on his financialneeds, should
be in full-time ministry. So, in January 1970, I decided before theLord to wait for another
months. If by the end of that time, my mind was not freedfrom preoccupation with my financial needs, that would prove to me that I did nothave grace to continue in full-time work. I would then take up a secular job, and servethe Lord in my spare time.One week before that 6-month deadline expired (in end-June 1970), a Christiangroup sent me a letter stating that they wanted to support me with a fixed amountthat would be enough for my family’s needs. On my part I would have to give them allthe gifts I received for my ministry. I could choose whatever ministry I wanted and gowherever I felt led to go – and they would not control me in any way. I was amazed attheir offer, because I did not know of any organization in the world that supportedChristian workers without controlling them. Those who gave money always pulled thestrings! I saw then that this was the Lord’s way of confirming to me that He hadindeed called me to full-time ministry.

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