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The fallen church. (a call to repentance)

The fallen church. (a call to repentance)

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Published by Spiritus_Films
When the church sows rebellion to God... what does it reap?
When the church sows rebellion to God... what does it reap?

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Published by: Spiritus_Films on Oct 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The fallen church.The email asking to remember a priest in prayer touched off more responses than all of my previouscommunications combined. There were a lot of encouraging emails and several that focused on the roleof the priest vis-à-vis the church, some of them included a description of the sacraments.My email was not intended to focus solely on Catholic priests. It was intended for all churches of alldenominations.I
ve decided to share a discussion with a friend of mine in Virginia. He did an excellent job of explainingthe role of the priest and my response follows. ______________
A Catholic priest has a unique role as a mediator of God's grace through the sacraments: Baptism, HolyCommunion, Confirmation, Anointing of the Sick (Extreme Unction), Marriage, and Reconciliation(Confession) -- the seventh sacrament, Holy Orders, can only be administered by a Bishop. A priest canmost effectively wage spiritual warfare by administering the sacraments. To further the analogy, youwould not take your most skilled doctors or most brilliant tacticians and say "what we really need aremore soldiers, so we're going to give you a rifle and send you to the front lines." - BillEven if what you say is 100% accurate -- that wouldn't explain the absence of Protestant pastors. And itcertainly wouldn't explain the absence of the parishioners.I'm not Catholic, but if the focus of the priest is his flock (which is their best defense)... where is theflock?If I spent all of my time feeding the flock and the flock refused to go into the world as Christcommanded, then at some point I either have to go there myself (double duty) or question my methods.On the flipside, were it not for Catholics I would be standing alone 99% of the time. The remnant thatshow up to the sidewalks are predominantly Catholic and I believe that is a result of Humanae Vitae andPope Paul VI's refusal to embrace the sexual revolution. The pro life movement would be nearly non-existent had the Pope followed the path of the Protestant denominations which embracedcontraception that ultimately led to sex outside of wedlock, broken marriages, and abortion on demand.I agree that the battle is not abortion -- it's just a symptom. The disease is rebellion against God. Andthat's the core of the problem: priests, pastors, politicians, and parishioners that are in open rebellionwith God.How many times did the tribe of Israel turn away from God? God's chosen people repeatedly rebelled.And today the church is in rebellion.The church has insisted that the priests exclusively serve them rather than God and they appeal to thescriptures to justify their tyranny over the laity. I've described it as a child demanding that their Fatherhelp them with their homework rather than rescue the screaming children that are dying in a burning

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