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Glassory (Maintenance & Realibility )

Glassory (Maintenance & Realibility )



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Published by asadmallah7520

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Published by: asadmallah7520 on Jul 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 A uul glary wh 500maac & rlably rm
© Life Cycle Engineering 2008
A 5 step program to create, stabilize, organize and sustainimproved workplace environment. The 5 steps are:
(Sort) –organization (all necessary items close at hand, unnecessaryitems removed from the area);
(Straighten) – orderliness(Everything in its place);
(Shine) – cleanliness (clean,identify necessary repairs, effect repairs);
(Standardize)– standardized methods of organization, cleaning,and daily activities (create standards, safe work practices,operator check lists, etc.);
(Sustain)– discipline(implement inspections, audits, and action plans to ensuresustainment).
see Activity Based Costing
ABC Analysis
Method of classifying materials on the basis of relative importancei.e. Monetary value; Usage, Availability of resources; Variations inLead time; Material criticality for the running of a facility.
Action Plan
The specific steps that must be taken to execute group decisions,including who does what by when.
Activity Based Costing
A method that allows an organization to determine the actual costassociated with each product and service produced by theorganization based on their use of resources.
Actual Delivery Date
The actual date the supplier delivers the material.
(1) Minor tune-up action requiring hand tools, no parts and lessthan one half hour. Adjustments restore parts or assemblyrelationships such as tolerance, alignment, tension and tightness.(2) Write up, write down, of inventory as a result of a cycle count toadjust to the correct quantity.
Administrative Information
Information used to administer the Maintenance Program. Typical:Error Reports, Open Work Order Lists, etc.
Quantities of MRO materials that have been assigned to one or more Work Orders, but have not been “issued” from the storeroomto Maintenance or Production.
© Life Cycle Engineering 2008
Andon Board
A visual control device in a production area, typically a lightedoverhead display, giving the current status of the productionsystem and alerting team members to problems.
Area (or Zone) Maintenance
A type of maintenance in which the first-line MaintenanceSupervisor is responsible for all maintenance within a reasonable-sized geographical area.
Area System
The Area System is a form of decentralization. It is the regroupingof forces into smaller, more manageable units. It is a philosophyof operation that establishes responsible units capable of solvingtheir own problems and running their own show, within theframework of authority conferred, while reporting the results.
Lowest level of equipment that requires monitoring maintenancecost, equipment history and reliability information, i.e. Motor, VFD,Pump, Gearbox, Fan, Fan coil, etc.
Asset Part
Pertaining to a maintenance storeroom, a part that has inventoryvalue.
Asset Value
The book value of property owned and listed on the balance sheet.
Attitude of Error Free Work
Our personal commitment to fulfill our agreement with our customers “the first time, every time.”
Authorized User 
Any person who is authorized, by assignment of a password, toenter and use the CMMS.
Automatic Storage & RetrievalSystem
A computer-controlled method for stocking, moving and selectingparts in a storeroom with little or no human material handling,typically used in high volume areas where storage density isimportant because of space constraints.
Automation with human intelligence. Refers to semi-automaticprocesses where the operator and machine work together.Autonomation allows man-machine separation providing automaticdetection and line stoppage. The purpose is to free equipmentfrom the necessity of constant human attention, separate peoplefrom machine and allow workers flexibility to perform multipleoperations. Also referred to as Jidoka.

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