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The Gospel of the Childhood of Jesus

The Gospel of the Childhood of Jesus

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Published by glennpease



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Published by: glennpease on Oct 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE GOSPEL OF THE CHILDHOOD OF JESUSBY EDWARD MEYRICK GOULBUR, D.D.Edited by Glenn PeaseCHAPTER I.OUR Blessed Lord, God manifest in theflesh, grew up gradually to man'sestate, like other people. He was first aninfant, unconscious of what was going onaround Him ; then a child, with powers of mind just dawning ; and lastly a boy, beforeHe became a man. ow fix your mind onthis point for a few minutes. Christ mighthave been made fullgrown at once. Onceupon a time there was a man, who was somade ; it was Adam. Adam never was aninfant, or a child, or a boy. Adam was unlikeall his descendants in this, that he never wasdependent upon parents, never had any homeof his childhood to which he could look back.The moment after God created him, he wasfully conscious of what was going on aroundhim ; his powers were quite ripe ; and hebegan to observe, and think, and reason atonce. ow our Blessed Lord is called byS. Paul " the last Adam," "the second man ;"that is to say, Adam was a type or figure of Christ. And one might have expected, there-fore, that our Lord would be what Adam hadbeen, a man sent into the world fullgrown.Infancy, childhood, boyhood, are very hum-bling conditions. Infants cannot think at all ;if they can just take notice of some shiningobject held before their eyes, that is as muchas they can do. Children can understand
a few things ; but there are many subjectswhich, because their minds are so weak, can-not possibly be explained to them. Boys andgirls can learn and receive instruction fromothers ; but their judgment is not formed, andit would be a great risk indeed to leave amatter of any importance to their decision.And so one might have imagined that, whenthe Son of God, who had lain in the bosom of the Father from all eternity, condescended tocome into the world and to be made in thelikeness of men, He would not become first aninfant, then a child, then a boy, but wouldappear as a man at once. Whereas, on thecontrary, we are expressly told that the ChildJesus " grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filledwith wisdom," and again that " Jesus " (as tohis human soul) "increased in wisdom," aswell as in " stature."Let us reverently seek to understand whythis was so.Firstly ; our Blessed Lord's condescensionis infinite ; and therefore in coming into theworld. He desired to stoop as low as everHe could stoop, in order to set us themore striking example of lowliness of mind.Therefore He preferred, for His entrance intothe world, the condition of an unconsciousbabe, and of a little child dependent upon itsparents, to that of a full grown and indepen-dent man. It was the same when He went outof the world. He might have died the deathof one of the world's heroes, a gallant death,which men admire, or at least He might havedied in a private chamber, amid the sighs andtears of those who loved and adored Him ;but this would not have been going low
enough for Him ; because the infinitely greatOne is also infinitely humble. " I am meek,"says He, " and lowly of heart." And He gaveproof of it, by coming into the world as a babe,and going out of it as a criminal. His deathwas by a public execution — a scene whichusually draws together the lowest rabble ; andamong the last sounds which greeted His earwere jeers and revilings. So His course endedas it had begun — in the lowliness of an in-conceivable condescension.Secondly; our Lord, out of His infinite com-passion for us, earnestly desired to sympathisewith men in all their trials, and in every con-dition in which they can be placed, in orderthat He might bless and comfort them by HisOf the Holy Child Jesus.sympathy. o one class of people was to beable to say, " The Lord Jesus never knew whatour trials were." And therefore it would nothave answered His purpose to come into theworld in a peculiar way, as Adam did, orto go out of it in a peculiar way, as Enochand Elijah did. o, He would come intoit by the usual gate — infancy, and go outalso by the usual gate — death. So that thesmallest child, the youngest boy, cannot say," The Son of God is so great that He can-not enter into my feelings, or stoop to helpme in my little troubles." And the manor woman who is laid upon a very sufferingdeath-bed, cannot say, " The blessed Jesus,who is now exalted to God's right hand, far

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