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Maddie - a short story by Kody Boye

Maddie - a short story by Kody Boye



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Published by Kody Boye
A short story about a young man who, while persuing a sexy waitress, learns that she is more than what she seems.
A short story about a young man who, while persuing a sexy waitress, learns that she is more than what she seems.

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Published by: Kody Boye on Jul 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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a short story by Kody Boye
Originally published in the ANTHRO Webzine, January 2009
The man whose bed she shared tonight was only the very beginning of her plan. Sheknew that changing him had worked this time
it had finally, finally,
unlike her other  failures of the recent past.Those failures, or at least what was left of them, were hanging from the logs on the
upper portion of her lair. That, of course, wouldn’t be seen by any visitors, because it had 
beensealed up long ago, and she was
good at what she did.
 The diner was old, musty, dusty, and filled with oddball people (whom some would call
freaks) but it was Shaun’s favorite restaurant. It was the ‘Hillside Café’. Not an original name;
 just the cheapest and quietest restaurant in town, more or less. And it was on days like this, thetypical Sunday morning, when the coffee was good and it was an easy day to read
The Stock Exchange
The New York Times
 Shaun, fresh out of High School and eagerly waiting his acceptance into the military,read from a newspaper in his usual booth, waiting for the waitress to bring him his coffee.
 Shaun placed the newspaper on the table and gave the waitress a smile.
“You ordered dark coffee, right?”
“Yes, Maddie, thank you.”
 She nodded and walked off, cleverly sliding her jeans down a bit to expose her thong.Maddie Corvetta was a well-known waitress hereabouts. Or maybe 'notorious' wasmore like it
—most people described her as, ‘A charmingly distasteful young woman’ and, ‘Thereason why I don’t go to that diner.’
 He shook his head and picked up his cup of coffee. Before Shaun took a drink, he
noticed that the beans were floating at the top, something he wouldn’t have done if he’d been
at another restaurant.Every single time he came to this diner
every single goddamned time
something waswrong with his order. But then, Shaun didn't come here for the service. Today, his order wassomething too simple for even the Hillside Café to screw up: A grilled cheese sandwich.After silently debating whether or not it might improve the taste, Shaun grabbed a
spoon to crush his coffee’s single, Siamese bean against the side of his cup.
 The sandwich came, surprisingly, normal. The same waitress, Maddie, had come back to deliverthe sandwich.After giving Shaun a wink, she walked off.
Damn, she’s hot,
Shaun thought to himself after it had finally sunk in,
I’ll have to get her 
number before I leave.
He distracted himself from looking at her “nice ass” as everyone
called it (all the hornyHigh School and college guys, anyway) by taking a bite out of the sandwich. Grilled cheese, anodd morning meal, but it was better than not eating.He ate the sandwich, while alternating between the newspaper and his coffee. WhileShaun was eating, he noticed something go by under his feet.
It was a cockroach…
 That truly showed how dirty this restaurant was.Shaun had pretty much lost his appetite by the time he saw the third cockroach gounder his foot. Standing, he left the money for the food, coffee, and a rather large tip of twenty
Page #2
 © Kody Boye 2007-2009
dollars on the table.He gave a wink at Maddie before he left the restaurant and drove back to hisapartment.
She was the last of the half-cats. The second-to-last, her father, was years and yearsdead; he always said she was
and that she'd be the one who killed off her race. Shedespised him. And after she ripped his heart out of his chest, she swore she'd prove him wrong.But although it was easy to say that a thing be done, it was harder to actually 
it. So it was that the long years of aloneness went quickly by. She hardly noticed their passage, becauseshe occupied her time with attempt after attempt to fulfill her oath.
 It was about ten-thirty in the morning when he got back to his apartment. A strongsmell of sweat and unwashed clothes came from the corner of the room, but Shaun ignored it.Putting his jacket on the rack, he sat on the bed, flicking on the television. The normal
channels came on, and, by the time he’d flicked
through the twenty channels he had, he hadlost interest in the television. The screen died in a blink of a white, pixilated blur.Shaun laid himself on the bed, remembering the way Maddie had bent over to showhim her undergarment.The thought that he may soon be hooking up with her turned him on, and hedesperately wanted tomorrow to come, so he could go to the diner again.
Sure, the diner smelled of bad, musky perfume. Shaun didn’t care—
any more than he
cared if the food wasn’t all that good at times
, or that there were cockroaches and Hell knowswhat else crawling around the restaurant floor. He went to the Hillside Café for exactly one
reason, and food wasn’t it:
Shaun went there so he could get in Maddie Corvetta’s pants.
 The phone seemed to beckon to him, along with the fact that his friend, Michael, hadwanted Maddie for himself for some time. He would flip when Shaun told him that he hadscored Maddie for himself.After dialing the number, Shaun sat for a moment, waiting for Michael to answer.
“Michael, you won’t believe what just happened.”
“What… What happened?”
“Are you drunk?”
“What’s it to you?”
“Never mind,” Shaun said, rolling his eyes. “You’ll never guess who was flirting with metoday.”
“Who? Come on, tell me.”
“No way, you’re shitting me!”
“No, I’m serious. She was winking and smiling at me. She even slid her pants down so Icould see her thong.”
“Do you have a date with her?”
“No. I think I’ll just go to the diner at night when no one’s there wi
th her
she does
work the night shift.”
Page #3
 © Kody Boye 2007-2009
“All you want to do is get in her pants.” Michael said from the other end of the line.
“How do you know—
“Because that’s all you’ve ever wanted Maddie Corvetta for. Come on, that’s all
wants Maddie Corvet
ta for. No one cares that she’s a slut… Well, us guys don’t, anyway.”
“Well, whatever, just called to brag about that.”
“Fuck you!”
“See you later, bro.”
“Wait, Shaun.”
“What is it?” Shaun asked. “If this is something about you being jealous of me goi
ng out
with Maddie, I don’t want to hear it.”
“It’s not me being jealous, Shaun; it’s about Maddie.”
“What are you going to tell me about Maddie?”
“You know the guys Maddie’s been going out with?”
“Yeah. And?”
“Have you noticed that some of them aren’t around anymore?”
“So you’re telling me that Maddie’s some kind of freak?”
“I’m not saying that, Shaun.”
“Then what are you telling me?”
“I’m just saying, Maddie might be different. Be careful.”
“I’m not listening to this bullshit anymore.”
 Shaun hu
ng up the phone. Michael probably wouldn’t even remember the call by the
time he woke up tomorrow morning, or after he passed out, whichever came first.Shaun shook the thought away, and was met by an onslaught of more.
No, he was just jealous, that’s all 
, he thought to himself,
maybe I can actually get into arelationship with her.
But in reality, he knew that actually getting into a relationship with Maddie Corvetta wasa lie. Her name might have sounded like that of an expensive car, but all she wanted from menwas sex. After that, she dumped them and went in pursuit of another man.
“Well, whatever she wants, she’ll get it.” Shaun said as he got up and walked into the
bathroom to take a shower.After stripping out of his clothes, he jumped into the small shower stall and turned thewater on. The cold water made him jump at first, but it eventually evened out into warmth.Shaun washed his hair, then got out of the shower, dried off, and dressed from the waist down.As he got some shaving cream and a new razor out of the medicine cabinet, he smiled at hisreflection in the large mirror.He was everything that a girl could want: pure, hard muscle. He was no stranger to thegym. His six pack and his well-defined pecs were proof of that. After shaving, he flexed his
muscles in the mirror again, giving a wide grin at the mirror. “Damn, I’m hot,” Shaun said to
himself, throwing a bit of cologne under his arms.He walked out of the bathroom, closing the door so the steam could dissipate inside thebathroom and not in his small apartment.Three rooms
the living room, his bedroom and a bathroom
was not a very largeapartment, but it suited him. It was all he could afford right now, being fresh out of High Schooland only able to pay for this place by running a n
ight shift job at a gas station…

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