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Bob Newman Letter

Bob Newman Letter

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Published by Anna Merlan
Robert Newman on his recovery
Robert Newman on his recovery

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Published by: Anna Merlan on Oct 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 An Update and Thanks from Bob Newman
OCTOBER 18, 2013:
First, I want to pass along a giantthanks or all the love and support that riends,colleagues, relatives, and internet pals have been sendingto me (and my amily and loved ones) or the pastseven months. And another huge thanks to everyone who has contributed nancially through the Friends o Bob Newman page to help mysel and my amily. Thesupport, messages, contributions, and general goodwillhas been a major actor in my recovery. When things were darkest (and they were very dark or a long time),it was the outpouring o love and goodwill that helpedkeep me going and lited my spirits. It’s been an amazingexperience to connect with so many people in so many  ways, and although I wasn’t always able to respond(or even click “like”), believe me that every note, card,Facebook message, and email was read and appreciateddeep in my heart.My recovery is going slowly, but continues to progress ina positive direction. The great news is that the cognizantpart o my brain is A-OK (or at least as good as it ever was). I did get a couple not-so-great scores on somerecent neurological tests at NYU, but the doctor kindly suggested that perhaps it was because as an art directorI am “primarily a visual person.” I’ll have to rememberthat excuse in the uture! However, it does seem that thethinking part o me has recovered very well.It’s the physical side o me that suered the most damage,and that I continue to work on daily to get back into my pre-accident shape. I look a lot better on the outside thanI did a ew months back; most o the damage is hiddeninside. There are still a lot o parts that aren’t unctioningright or that are slow to recover, and I’ve been workingthrough all kinds o therapy to try to make them better.One o the biggest problems has been that the accidentlet me unable to swallow ood or fuids or almost sixmonths, and I was orced to use a stomach eeding tube.Thanks to lots o swallow therapy, that tube is going to beremoved in just a couple weeks.
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