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Song Story Redemption

Song Story Redemption



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Published by Sousuke_the_Paladin
Story to a song by me.
Story to a song by me.

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Published by: Sousuke_the_Paladin on Jul 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Your form which returns gently to heaven
She was the most important person to me in this life, and yet she was the very one I couldnot protect. Why did she choose to give up her life for this worthless existence I live?Why did she leave me here alone when she knew I could not live without her?
What else can I do, besides avenge you?
I’ve lost all purpose. I’ve lost the woman who made me who I am, and I betrayed thetrust of our daughter. Every time a mission was assigned, I swore to our little girl that I’d bring Mommy home alive. Now…? Now, I can see the hatred in my daughter’s eyeswhen she looks at me. There’s nothing left to me now—nothing but vengeance, andredemption.
 I watched it for the longest time, until my tears dried up.
I can still see it in my mind and when I close my eyes. I see her diving in front of me asthe volley of arrows approaches. Every night, I have the same nightmare; am I cursed torelive her death over and over for the rest of my life? No… No, I will avenge her andredeem myself in her and my daughter’s eyes.
 And the sorrow overflowing from the scar which can't be erased, I swore that I would never forget it.
I walk the battlefield now. Surprisingly, my daughter actually seemed sad to see me gowhen I left her with my brother. I have cast aside justice and honor; all I seek now isvengeance for the woman I love. The Paladin is dead, and the Dark Knight has beenreborn. I’ve left everything that I was behind. I died with her.
 I'll flap my broken wings and erase it all some day, you'll see,Until the last bell ringing the dirge completes.
The sword on my back feels as if it will crush me under its weight. As I walk the field of  battle, I can hear it screaming in my mind for blood. My love, what have I become? Isthis really all that is left to me? How can I ever face our child again?
You told me to live as if you were to die tomorrow. Fail not and be what we were now Face as if we want to have forever 
I face them now, the men who killed you. I can sense the fear in their eyes as they look atme. I draw the sword at my back and I feel the blade’s bloodlust seeping through me. Itwill all be over soon, and at last I will be at your side once more. I care for naughtanymore; our daughter cannot grow to be the beautiful woman we envisioned without
you, and she cannot live under the roof of a murderous father either. Your death flashesthrough my mind again. I must die… it’s the only way any of us will find peace.
 Bright red tears traced by a trembling finger, I had nothing to lose, nothing to lose It crashes through the dark memories.
How saddened would you be now, I wonder? How sad to see me returned to my true self?How horrified would you be if you were to watch as I mercilessly cut down the ones whotook you from me? I care not if they were involved any more; as long as they are with theones who murdered you, they will die. As I let loose the beast, my emotions also break free. I do not know why, but I’m crying. The tears I could never summon before nowdrench my face and mix with the blood.
The last smile wavered, and disappears, And the warmth is all that's left.
Finally, one man and his family cower before me. He pleas for their lives, but his wordsdo not reach my ears. I raise my blade, but something stays my hand. Is it the woman athis side, or perhaps the child standing before me in defiance? My sword falls to my sideand I stare at the child and his mother. I turn and walk away; my revenge is complete, yetI still feel so hollow inside. A voice catches my attention. The man from before hasfollowed me.
Your kind and gentle words can't heal me now,This body's only dedicated to the never ending fight.
As I stood there, lost in my confusion and despair, he told me of a place; a place where Ican see you one last time. At first I didn’t believe him. It all sounded too good to be true.Eager to learn the truth, I returned to our home and scoured over dozens of books andrecords at the cathedral, despite how unwelcome I was. It seems I am considered a traitor, but it is no matter. I have lost what is precious to me: my wife and the love of mydaughter. Nothing else matters now but you.
 Because everyone returns to heaven, some day,You'll never need to say goodbye.
At last, I find what I’ve searched for. The man spoke the truth; in the ancient ruins of Fei’Yin to the north, there is rumored to be a device that can restore life to one lost, but ata price. Already, it is quite obvious to me what the price will be. I care not, though… thisworld and its inhabitants no longer require me.
 Break out!
As I trudge through the thick snows of the Northlands, my mind is filled with thoughtsabout you, my love. Ice has formed on my armor, and I’ve lost almost all feeling in my

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