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Published by Sam Kelly

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Published by: Sam Kelly on Jul 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lies, Lies, Lies…What is Really Going on, Clarence Richard
Sharon wants everyone to think that Jake is unfit to be Michele’s father. Shecalls him a drug dealer. But those days are over for Jake.She sais he’s a drug using rock star and that life is not what she wants for Michele.Jake knew that no matter what he did, it wouldn’t be good enough. He alsoknew that even if he was to quit using altogether, Michele would probablybecome a user of sorts as well, because of the way Sharon uses people. Itwould be better if she knew that he had been there and done that, so hewould have knowledge on the subject and maybe she would respect thatenough to keep her off of it.“I’ll keep her out of that mix.” Pleaded Jake as they argued back and forthwith each other from day to day. Jake was always trying to gain Sharonconfidence and trust that he would be able to handle bringing Michele up ina good environment.“I promise, I won’t let Michele be influenced by drugs." “I don’t want her todo Drugs either.” Jake said as he was being scrupulously interrogated.Sharon’s house became a very gloomy place for Jake and it took a lot to bethere because after a while it turned into a wrestling match every time hewent to visit Michele.Every night that he left the house, he wrote in the diary how he felt so thatMichele would know what he went through to be with her, if she ever wantedto know but today Jake made another sacrifice.It might not have been a smart thing to do but Michele was getting to be four and a half years old now and he thought that she might be able toremember if he told her just once more that he was her father.On this visit, he would do it. He would wait until the right time and just tellher, then see what she would say.
Sure enough, Sharon asked him to go to the store to get a jar of mayo for her. He then asked if Michele could come with him.“Only if you take Mathew too.” She said.“Okay...”“Alright !!!” Said Michele, excited.When they arrived at the store, Michele was a little quick getting out of thecar and Jake had to stop her.“Wait Michele...” said Jake.“Mathew has to tie his shoe.”Now was his chance while Mathew was still in the car and they standoutside. He walks behind Michele and as she’s singing Jake blurts it out.“Hay Michele.”“What.” She replies.“You know I’m your real father...” He sais, with a tremble in his voice.“My daddy’s dead...”She said as she turns to look at him with a confusedlook on her face.‘Alright !!!’ Jake sais to himself with a cheer of excitement.‘The seed is planted.’Michele walks on like nothing happened toward the front doors of the store.Jake feels like he might or should say it again. Maybe say something elsebut he doesn’t want it to get back to Sharon that he’s said anything.As they walk through the store, Jake notices that people are looking at themas they shop. He picks the mayo and pickles as Michele turns to him andsaid, “Pick me up,” with her arms spread out wide.Jake hands the jars to Mathew and reaches for Michele, picking her up. Shehugs him tight with a kiss and as they reach the register, the people arelooking at them like they are receiving an answer to a question they’ve beenasking for a long time.Jake acts like nothings happening and pays for the goods.
When they reach the house and get inside, Michele sits in his lap and as her mother cooks on the other side of the breakfast bar, Michele blurts out...“All those people thought that you were my daddy.”Not even a New York second could have gone by when Sharon screamed,“What!?!”“What did you say young lady?” Screamed Sharon.Michele sat quiet and scared in Jake’s lap. Jake couldn’t help but to snicker with a shit eating grin as Sharon had a ‘conniption’ and wanted someone toclarify the statement for her. They were both scared as Sharon walked over to them.She calmly said, “What did you say just now Michele?”Michele stuttered quietly, “All of those people were looking at us in the storeand I think they thought that Jake was my daddy.”Sharon didn’t realize what she did by making an emphasis on what tookplace. Now Michele would definitely know that there was an issue aboutJake and who was her real father. Putting the pieces together wouldn’t toohard for her as she thought about it.Michele didn’t know that Jake was also a bit of a celebrity in New Orleansas well. But, Michele was half right, they did think that he was her father andthe singer for “The Unwilled.” There music was getting around pretty good atthat time and the people in that store were regular customers and somefans of the band.Sharon and the kids had been going to that store for at lease five yearsbefore Michele was even born, now Michele is six. He was ready to tryagain to leave a memory of him saying to her that he was her father.On a day that was to be one of the last to be able to see Michele, Jake wentto visit her again and while playing word games on the living room floor withMichele, he spelled out the word ‘daddy’ on the board. Right away, Michelelooked up at him and smiled. The word didn’t correspond with the lessonbeing taught, so Michele knew that is was done on purpose, or for another purpose and that was to tell her without saying it out load. She was not slowto catch on. Jake smiled bake and Michele put her index finger to her lipswith the motion to stay quiet. She then reached over the lesson and gaveJake a kiss on his cheek. Now Jake knew what the song, “butterfly kisses”

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