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Published by Janesya Sicilianty

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Published by: Janesya Sicilianty on Oct 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 4
Heat and the Second Law of Thermodynamics:
How do humans control their body temperature?
1. Which situation below best demonstrates the second law of thermodynamics?a. a truck crashing into a wall b. a child growing two inches in one year c. a fraternity partyd. marshmallows meltinge. leaves falling from the treesAns: dLink to: The Second LawDifficulty Level: Easy2. In a living system, in what form is energy lost?a.chemical b.mechanicalc.heatd.no energy is loste.reproductionAns: cLinked to: Heat Transfer Difficulty Level: Easy3. Which statement represents the second law of thermodynamics?a. Heat will not flow spontaneously from a hot to a cold body. b. Every isolated system becomes more disordered with time.c Scientists have constructed an engine that does nothing but convert heat to useful work.d. a & be. a & b & cAns: bLink to: The Second LawDifficulty Level: Easy59
Chapter 44. Which type of heat transfer happens in a fluid?a. convection b. conductionc. radiationd. a & be. a & b & cAns: aLink to: Heat Transfer Difficulty Level: Easy5. Which statement about heat and temperature is true?a. Heat and temperature are synonymous to scientists. b. A liter of boiling water and a milliliter of boiling water contain the same amount of heat energy.c. The larger the temperature difference between two objects, the more slowly heat energy will betransferred from one to the other.d. A liter of boiling water and a milliliter of boiling water are the same temperature.e. Two statements above are correct.Ans: dLink to: Heat Transfer Difficulty Level: Easy6. Which of the following statements obeys the second law of thermodynamics?a. A refrigerator cannot work unless it is plugged in. b. Life can evolve on other Earth-like planets.c. Crystals form when salt water evaporates.d. It takes more force to accelerate a 10-pound weight than it does to accelerate a 5-poundweight.e. none of the aboveAns: aLink to: The Second LawDifficulty Level: Easy7. Radiation is heat transfer bya. electromagnetic radiation. b. kinetic energy of molecules.c. visible light.60
Chapter 4d. conduction.e. convection.Ans: aLink to: Heat Transfer Difficulty Level: Easy8. Which temperature states all motion stops?a.-273
F b.-460
Fe.-273 K Ans: cLink to: Coming to Terms with HeatDifficulty Level: Easy9. Efficiency isa. the ratio of energy output to energy input. b. the ratio of energy input to energy output.c. the term used in describing heat energy.d. a rating scale for combustion engines.e. directly proportional to radiation.Ans: aLink to: The Second LawDifficulty Level: Easy10. In the language of physics, what is a high temperature reservoir?a. a place where exhaust gases are released b. an explosion of hot gasesc. pistons in the open position.d.atmosphere receiving a hot gas-air mixture.e. air and gas at a stable equilibrium.Ans: bLink to: The Second LawDifficulty Level: Easy61

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