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Published by Janesya Sicilianty

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Published by: Janesya Sicilianty on Oct 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 7
Albert Einstein and the Theory of Relativity:
Can a human ever travel faster than the speed of light,at “warp speed”?
1. Einstein’s theories of relativitya. are a result of the contradiction between Newton’s laws of motion and Maxwell’s equations. b. proved the laws of nature are not universally applicable.c. indicated that Maxwell’s equations were in error.d. showed that the speed of light is not always a constant.e. none of the aboveAns: aLink To:Frames of ReferenceDifficulty Level: Easy2. Special relativity is applied toa. reference frames accelerating. b. reference frames that do not accelerate.c. very difficult mathematical problems.d. general cases of relativity.e. cases in which the object moves faster than the speed of light.Ans: bLink To:Frames of ReferenceDifficulty Level: Easy3. According to the theory of relativity,a. as the speed of light is approached, time slows down and approaches zero. b. as the speed of light is approached, time speeds up and approaches infinity.c. as the speed of light is approached, distance shrinks and approaches zero.d. a & ce. none of the aboveAns: dLink To:Special RelativityDifficulty Level: Easy108
Chapter 74. Which scientist believed that planets move in a straight line along the curved surface of space?a. Einstein b. Kepler c. Galileod. Newtone. CopernicusAns: aLink To:General RelativityDifficulty Level: Easy5. Which work established Einstein’s international reputation?a. early work at the patent office b. publication of the special relativity theoryc. calculations for the general relativity theoryd. prediction of light bending during a solar eclipsee. establishing the time dilation principlesAns: dLink To:General RelativityDifficulty Level: Easy6. Which prediction of the theory of general relativity was the first to be tested by scientists?a. The Earth will experience a solar eclipse in June 1919. b. Mercury will advance in its orbit by 43 seconds of arc.c. The strong gravitational field of the Sun will bend light coming from a distant star.d. Newtonian physics applies only to large masses.e. Length contraction will occur in particle accelerators.Ans: cLink To:General RelativityDifficulty Level: Easy7. Which of the following scientific instruments has been used to document time dilation?a. quartz crystals b. laser c. Hubble telescoped. NIMBUS satellitee. stopwatch109
Chapter 7Ans: bLink To:General RelativityDifficulty Level: Easy8. What is the difference between general and special relativity?a. General relativity applies to accelerating frames of reference and special relativity does not. b. Special relativity is a special case for two frames of reference accelerating in oppositedirections.c. General relativity can only solve problems of time dilation and length contraction; specialrelativity can apply to problems of large mass and the speed of light.d. Special relativity is much more complex than general relativity, requiring rigorousmathematical calculations to explain.e. Two of the above choices are true.Ans: aLink To:Special Relativity, General RelativityDifficulty Level: Easy9. The Lorentz factor is a number a. more than one. b. showing the magnitude of change in time and scale.c. comparing the relative speed of two atomic clocks.d. representing the atomic mass of a type of oil.e that is used in Newtonian motion calculations.Ans: bLink To:Frames of ReferenceDifficulty Level: Easy10. Approximately how many people today understand the special theory of relativity?a. a dozen b. hundredsc. thousandsd. millionse. billionsAns: dLink To:Special RelativityDifficulty Level: Easy110

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