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Published by Janesya Sicilianty

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Published by: Janesya Sicilianty on Oct 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 11
Materials and Their Properties:
How have computers gotten so much faster?
1. Which of the following does not determine the physical properties of materials?a. constituent atoms b. type of chemical bondc.pHd.shapee.All of the above affect physical properties.Ans: cLinked to:Materials and the Modern WorldDifficulty Level: Easy2. Transistors have contributed a lot to the information age through their use asa. integrated circuits. b. microchips.c. switches.d. catalysts.e. semiconductors.Ans: cLinked to:Microchips and the Information RevolutionDifficulty Level: Easy3. Which kind of strength describes a material’s ability to withstand twisting?a. compressive b. shear c. bruted. tensilee. flexibleAns: bLinked to:The Strengths of MaterialsDifficulty Level: Easy176
Chapter 114. A superconductor can be described as having electrons thata. are bound to individual atoms. b. are free to move randomly around the material, colliding with atoms from time to time.c. combine with matter in a way that changes the material.d. can move freely without losing energy.e. bind together so tightly they do not move.Ans: dLinked to:Electrical Properties of MaterialsDifficulty Level: Easy5. Which of the following exists at very low temperatures?a. semiconductor  b. superconductor c. insulator d. conductor e. composite materialsAns: bLinked to:Electrical Properties of MaterialsDifficulty Level: Easy6. One important characteristic of some semiconducting devices is that theya. are a perfect insulator. b. conduct electricity better than a conductor.c. are highly magnetized.d. occur only at very low temperatures.e. allow electricity to flow in only one direction. Ans: eLinked to:Electrical Properties of MaterialsDifficulty Level: Easy7. Doping is a process that addsa. phosphorus ions to the crystalline structure of silicon. b. aluminum ions to the crystalline structure of silicon.c. any minor impurity to an element or compound.d. a positive or negative charge to the lattice of a crystal.e. all of the above177
Chapter 11Ans: eLinked to:Magnetic Properties of MaterialsDifficulty Level: Easy8. Moore's Lawa. was first applied during the industrial age. b. states that electrons flow from negative to positive poles.c. applies to the ever-increasing information capacity of computers.d. applies to the service charges on cell phones.e. explains the ferromagnetic characteristics of iron.Ans: cLinked to:Microchips and the Information RevolutionDifficulty Level: Easy9. Which phrase describes electrical resistance?a. material through which electrons flow freely b. arrangement of a material's electronsc. potential of a battery with flowing currentd. inverse of electrical conductione. channels for the flow of electronsAns: dLinked to:Electrical Properties of MaterialsDifficulty Level: Easy10. The information in a computer is stored and manipulated bya. transistors. b. bytes.c. service providers.d. doping.e. DVDs.Ans: aLinked to:Electrical Properties of MaterialsDifficulty Level: Easy178

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