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Published by Avada Kedavra
Conversation Exercise
Conversation Exercise

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Published by: Avada Kedavra on Jul 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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From the options A, B, C and D, choose the form that best fits the functionstate, to complete the dialogues below!
 Mike : Hello, Slater. Did you have a good trip?Slater : It was not too bad. In fact I managed to sleep a bit. --1-- (to expresssatisfaction)Mike : Is that all your luggage?Slater : Yes. Wait a minute. The small bag is missing. --2-- (to express dismay) Imust have left it at the duty-free shop.Mike : --3-- (to reassure) We can ask the security guard to get it. Which shop wasit?1. To express satisfactionA It was so quiet.B The passengers slept.C The seat was really comfortable.D It has made me feel rested.2. To express dismayA Oh dear!B What a nuisance!C Where could it be?D I remember now.3. To reassureA Don't cry.B Don't worry.C Are you sure?D We'll look for it.Mother : The pot's hot. --1-- (to warn)Daughter : --2-- (to reassure) I'll use a pot holder.Mother : Could you lay the table for me?Daughter : Of course. --3-- (to offer)Mother : That's all. Everything else has been done.1. To warnA Beware!B Don't touch it!C Leave it alone.D I just took it off the stove.2. To reassureA I can cook.B I'm not stupid.C I'll be careful.D I've done it before3. To offerA Is that all?B May I help you?C It's a pleasure to help.D Is there anything else I can do?
Wife : If you don't hurry, we'll be late for the show.Husband : There's plenty of time. --1-- (to complain)Wife : Plenty of time? The show starts in twenty minutes.Husband : It takes only ten minutes to get there. We can leave now.Wife : --2-- (to express relief)Husband : --3-- (to advice) It's bad for health to be so anxious abouteverything.1. To complainA Why are you in a hurry?B It's only six o'clock.C I won't take long.D You are always so impatient. 2. To express relief A Good.B That's betterC Thank goodness for that!D It's about time!3. To adviceA Slow down.B Don't worry.C You must be patient.D You need to relax a bit more. Siok Moi: --1-- (to apologize) I got held up by the heavy traffic.Indra : That's all right. It's always like that on Saturday evenings. Have youmet Liza?Siok Moi : --2-- (to refute)Indra : Come and meet her then. Liza. I'd like you to meet Siok Moi.Liza : --3-- (to greet)Siok Moi : Hello. It's a pleasure to meet you. Indra has told me so much aboutyou.1. To apologizeA I'm sorry I'm late.B I know I'm late.C Forgive me for being late.D I'm terribly late, aren't I?2. To refuteA I don't know.B No I haven't.C You know I haven't.D I can't remember.3. To greetA Good evening.B How do you do?C How are you?D I think we've met before.
Jennifer : Kate, I'm having a get-together in my house on Wednesday night.--1-- (to invite)Kate : I'm sorry Jennifer. I won't be able to. I promised my mother I'd havedinner with her on Wednesday night.Jennifer : --2-- (to accept an apology) How is your mother by the way?Kate : She's fine, thanks. She often asks me about you.Jennifer : --3-- (to convey greetings)1. To inviteA Are you free?B Would you like to come?C I'm sure you'd like to come.D If you come, you'll enjoy yourself.2. To accept an apologyA Take it easy.B You're welcome.C That's all right.D I don't mind.3. To convey greetingsA Give her my regardsB I hope to see her soon.C Tell her that I appreciate it.D Tell her that I asked about her too.Amy : Mother, I have something to tell you.Mother: What is it?Amy : --1-- (to confess)Mother:How did it happen?Amy : I was dusting the shelf and knocked it over.Mother: --2-- (to scold) That's the second vase you have broken. I'm going todeduct some money from your allowance each week.Amy : --3-- (to protest) It was an accident.Mother: It'll teach you to be more careful.1. To confessA I didn't finish the dustingB You won't believe what I've done.C Promise me you won't get angry.D I have broken your favorite vase. 2. To scoldA Not again!B How could you?C You are really careless.D Don't go into my room again.3. To protestA Oh no!B That's not fair.C I'll complain to Father.D I don't have enough pocket money.

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