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Spanish Crowdfunding in the United States

Spanish Crowdfunding in the United States

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Published by Crowdsourcing.org

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Published by: Crowdsourcing.org on Oct 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Why Latinos don't use
crowd funding
to finance their projects?Currently there are many entrepreneurs who are using crowd funding as a tool to finance their projects.Now the problem may be seen with this form of financing is that while in the United States has had agood reception, in the Latin region from Mexico until arriving at the Argentina has failed mating andmake fruitful use of this option.Saying this is necessary to learn the reasons by which this situation is occurring and thus understandwhy Latinos, specifically those living is United States, are not using a method that could help them tofinance and realize their projects.Why the Latino market does not use
crowd funding
 As we all know North America is one of the regions in which the use of 
crowd funding is really popular.Otherwise now is what happens in especially the Latino population that is living in the United States.But that Latinos living in this country would not use this tool and have not accepted it as a way topromote and raise funds for their projects or to carry out its social causes?The answer to this question is quite complex but can be summarized in the following key points:Initially the idea of Latinos not generating quality projects should be discarded. In fact there are manyprojects that are planned and there are several that are executed. The negative point is that many of these projects only also are in the role due to lack of funds.Also the lack of talent or creativity of the creators of the projects should be discarded. Ideas proposedare really very good and innovative.Clarified these points, it should be clear that the fact that Latinos do not use crowd funding is due tothat they do not have sufficient knowledge about it.In other words we can say that this population does not use these platforms to raise funds because theydon't know how they work, do not know how is the crowdfunding movement and do not know thatoption are not only found in English but also exists in Spanish.The future of 
crowd funding
 After seeing this situation it is necessary to clarify that currently several efforts are being made topublicize this financing system before the U.S. Latino market and furthermore with the entry into forceof the new laws that they managed it in this country is expected achieve real change.Finally should be taken into account that currently even the leading platforms in Latin America have notmanaged to enter completely into this market. But nonetheless it cannot be said that in other countriessuch as Argentina, Colombia, Spain and Mexico, these platforms are having a truly remarkable success.

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