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Chak de India

Chak de India



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Published by Reshma
This is the document which tells the skills learnt in this movie
This is the document which tells the skills learnt in this movie

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Published by: Reshma on Jul 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Presented by,Reshma T
Chak De India!
 The story of the film is about a typical underdog winning the game.Shah Rukh Khan is Kabir Khan, a former National Hockey player, who fellfrom grace after he failed to convert a penalty stroke into a goal against amatch with Pakistan. He is labelled a traitor, chucked out from the team, andis forced to leave his neighborhood where he grew up. The team members are introduced to us (a brief, crisp, and funny take) oneby one. There is Balbir Kaur (Tanya Abrol), the hefty, loud, always-angry girlfrom Punjab, Komal Chautala (Chitrashi Raut), delightfully brash, and veryharyanvi, Soimoi Kerketa ( Nisha Nair), the shy girl from Jharkhand, PreetiSabharwal (Sagarika Ghatge), the pretty captain from Chandigarh, BindiyaNaik (Shilpa Shukla), the arrogant senior player from Maharashtra, to name afew of the main characters. These intros are shot very well, and define thecharacters once and for all. You just know what is coming next. Yes, thatmakes it predictable, but doesn't take away the fun. The team is assembled, and they must go through a rigorous training. Theyare made to run ten miles at 5 am and practice hockey with a vengeance. The coach is, of course, hard-as-nails, and will not give any concessionwhatsoever. The girls love to hate him, but are unsure about that. A coupleof cat fights, and attitude-throwing, they eventually come together, and workharder.When the team was ready to perform it had a match against the men’s teamwhere the women’s team was undermined. The sponsors are not willing toback up the Women's team, and the girls must beat the boys team, to ensurea sponsorship. That does not happen, but the board has to give in, and thegirls are off to Australia. Finally, when the girls arrive in Australia, they arequite taken aback by the facilities provided to their foreign counterparts. Theexpression on the girls faces are genuine, amusing, and sometimes touching.Now, the world cup starts where they will be playing against Austrians by 0-7, which was very shameful for them. And this failure transformed them intowinners for the rest of the battle. With a little push from the coach, the girlsclimb up the charts, beating any team which comes their way, and end upbeing in the finals. Yes, the girls do win the World Cup. We all knew it from the beginning, yet we
all were waiting for that one final nail-biting-tense moment where the girlswould be about to lose, and one singular hand-of-god action would savethem. Yes, it was predictable, but the build-up to that one moment is so welldone, that you can't help and let out a clap or two.Each one of these girls, deserves an award. Yes, there were one paticularscene when Khan goes back to his place, and people crowd around in (visiblypoor) amazement, he handing a kid his hockey stick and the kid in turnshouting Chak De! which should not have been there, but I suspect thedirector put them there so as to bring a conclusion to Khan's character. Thankfully, it stays away from the 'nationalistic' feel, and concentrates moreon the sport. Also, the movie takes subtle and effective pot-shots at cricket,and the general feeling towards Indian players in a foreign country. Chak DeIndia does, however, fail to mention that Hockey is THE National game of India.Overall, Chak De is a good movie, eminently watchable and enjoyable for acouple of times, even for sport haters like me. I would rate this movie a 9.5out of 10.Chak de India stands apart because of following reasons:
 The movie is very
- and the script is tightly coupled with thecharacters. I promise, you will be glued into the screen.
Choice of characters
- Every player in the team truly representedtheir states, and the culture. Somehow, somewhere you will identifysomeone with each of these “next-door” characters
Attention to detail
- Great amount of attention has been paid to theplayers, the diversity in culture, their language and team dynamics.
Where are the
? Chak de India is probably one of the few YashRajfilms with a verym
low nonsense level
. No unnecessary drama, no
site seeing..its all about the game. Very focused.
No Godness factor - Unlike the regular bollywood movies, Chak de..hasstayed close to the ground and there is no attempt to make a God outof any actor (SRK included). They all fail, they all fight and lose out too.
Most importantly, SRK is not SRK in Chak de India- he has tried to getout of his comfort zone (i.e. the usual love story); and must say that hehas done an awesome job.

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