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Google Code of Conduct

Google Code of Conduct



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Published by tom george
entire documentation painstakingly compiled from various sources that describes Google's code of conduct in their organization
entire documentation painstakingly compiled from various sources that describes Google's code of conduct in their organization

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Published by: tom george on Jul 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Google Code of Conduct
"Don't be evil." Googlers generally apply those words to how we serve ourusers. But "Don't be evil" is much more than that. Yes, it's about providingour users unbiased access to information, focusing on their needs and givingthem the best products and services that we can. But it's also about doingthe right thing more generally -- following he law, acting honorably andtreating each other with respect. The Google Code of Conduct is one of the ways we put "Don't be evil" intopractice. It's built around the recognition that everything we do in connectionwith our work at Google will be, and should be, measured against the highestpossible standards of ethical business conduct. We set the bar that high forpractical as well as aspirational reasons: Our commitment to the higheststandards helps us hire great people, who then build great products, which inturn attract loyal users. Trust and mutual respect among employees andusers are the foundation of our success, and they are something we need toearn every day.So please do read the Code, and follow it, always bearing in mind that eachof us has a personal responsibility to incorporate, and to encourage otherGooglers to incorporate, the principles of the Code into our work. And if youhave a question or ever think that one of your fellow Googlers or thecompany as a whole may be falling short of our commitment, don't be silent.We want -- and need -- to hear from you.
Who Must Follow Our Code?
We expect all of our employees and Board members to know and follow theCode. Failure to do so can result in disciplinary action, including terminationof employment. Moreover, while the Code is specifically written for Googleemployees and Board members, we expect Google contractors, consultantsand others who may be temporarily assigned to perform work or services forGoogle to follow the Code in connection with their work for us. Failure of aGoogle contractor or consultant or other covered service provider to followthe Code can result in termination of their relationship with Google.
What If I Have a Code-Related Question or Concern?
If you have a question or concern, don't just sit there. You can contact yourmanager, your Human Resources representative or Ethics & Compliance. If you want to remain anonymous, you can make a report of a suspectedviolation or concern through the Ethics & Compliance Helpline.
No Retaliation
Google prohibits retaliation against any worker here at Google who reports orparticipates in an investigation of a possible violation of our Code. If youbelieve you are being retaliated against, please contact Ethics & Compliance.
Google Code of Conduct: Table of Contents
Serve Our Users1.Integrity2.Usefulness3.Privacy and Freedom of Expression4.Responsiveness5.Take Action
Respect Each Other1.Equal Opportunity Employment2.Positive Environment3.Drugs and Alcohol4.Safe Workplace5.Dog Policy
Avoid Conflicts of Interest1.Personal Investments2.Outside Employment and Inventions3.Outside Board Memberships4.Business Opportunities5.Friends and Relatives; Co-Worker Relationships6.Gifts, Entertainment and Payments7.Reporting
Preserve Confidentiality1.Confidential Information2.Google Partners3.Competitors; Former Employers4.Outside Communications and Research
Protect Google's Assets1.Intellectual Property2.Company Equipment3.The Network4.Physical Security5.Use of Google's Equipment and Facilities6.Employee Data
1.Spending Google's Money2.Signing a Contract3.Recording Transactions4.Reporting Financial or Accounting Irregularities5.Hiring Suppliers6.Retaining Records
Obey the Law1.Trade Controls2.Competition Laws3.Insider Trading Laws4.Anti-Bribery Laws
I. Serve Our Users
Our users value Google not only because we deliver great products andservices, but because we hold ourselves to a higher standard in how we treatusers and operate more generally. Keeping the following principles in mindwill help us to maintain that high standard:
Our reputation as a company that our users can trust is our mostvaluable asset, and it is up to all of us to make sure that we continuallyearn that trust. All of our communications and other interactions withour users should increase their trust in us.
Our products, features and services should make Google more usefulfor all our users, whether they're searching, advertising or postingcontent, and whether they're large corporations or individuals. Wehave many different types of users, but one guiding principle: 'Is whatwe are offering useful?'
3.Privacy and Freedom of Expression
Always remember that we are asking users to trust us with theirpersonal information. Preserving that trust requires that each of usrespect and protect the privacy of that information. Our securityprocedures strictly limit access to and use of users' personalinformation. Know your responsibilities under these procedures, andaccess data only as authorized by them, our Privacy Policy andapplicable local data protection laws.Google is committed to advancing privacy and freedom of expressionfor our users around the world. Where user privacy and freedom of expression face government challenges, we seek to implement

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