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56 Alexander Technique Tips

56 Alexander Technique Tips

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Published by Ahmed Faraz

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Published by: Ahmed Faraz on Oct 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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56Alexander TechniqueTips
Leland Vallwww.freeyourneck.com
Description of the Alexander Technique
What is the Alexander Technique?
The Alexander Technique is a set of ideas that can be described as adiscipline for understanding, recognizing and preventing habits of excesstension, especially in relation to posture and movement.
How is it taught?
The Alexander Technique is taught through gentle, manually guidedmovement and verbal instructions.
The Alexander Technique offers a continuous feeling of increasedlightness, ease and strength throughout the body. Its ability to remedyspecific ailments relates to the amount that you are contributing to thoseailments.
How to Benefit from the Alexander Technique
The Alexander Technique is a tool for self-discovery. Your success willmostly be based on your level of interest and the joy you take in theprocess of self-discovery that is outlined in the concepts of the Alexander Technique.
How long does it take to benefit?
The Alexander Technique is not an all or nothing proposition. Benefitscome as you learn and specific lasting progress often arrives as a suddenand unexpected realization. The best way to make progress with theAlexander Technique is to be open to the possibility of self-discovery,however and whenever the event occurs.
These Tips
These tips are organized loosely by concept, but there is no hierarchy ofimportance. Each tip is meant to suggest the possibility of all the other tips,and all tips are similar in intent.
Habit and Change
The Alexander Technique suggests that you can break habits of excesstension by recognizing that you have other choices related to movementand posture. To use these tips successfully, any given tip must takeprecedence over the completion of the task at hand.
www.freeyourneck.com2 of 13 ©2010 Leland Vall
Experience the world from your back, forward.
You might think that you experience the world as if the world is infront of you or maybe as though you are looking through a camera.Instead, think of the camera as if it is behind you. Step into theframe of your experience.
Awareness begins behind you.
Worse Better 
See the world as if your whole face is an open eye.
Avoid “trying” to feel.
If something touches you, you generally feel it automatically. Youdon’t have to “try” to feel. Better to simply be open to the possibilityof feeling.
Avoid “trying” to see.
Allow the light to come to you.
Think a smile.
Think of your body as light in weight, broad and open.
No matter your position, think that you fill the room and beyond.
www.freeyourneck.com3 of 13 ©2010 Leland Vall

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