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After the Horcrux

After the Horcrux



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Published by A'Lee'Ray
Harry Potter Fanfiction. I don't own. It's all from harrypotterfanfiction.com. So Enjoy!!!
Harry Potter Fanfiction. I don't own. It's all from harrypotterfanfiction.com. So Enjoy!!!

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Published by: A'Lee'Ray on Jul 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 1Harry opened his eyes to the comfortingsight of his four-poster bed inGryffindor Tower. His mind was swirlingwith the events of the past few days.Voldemort was dead. The Death Eaterswere captured or fleeing.He sat up and looked around at thedormitory. This was the first place heever felt at home and that he belonged.Could this be the last morning that hewill wake up here? He didn’t attend anyof this school year, but it was supposeto be his last. He did not want to goback to Privet Drive, and they wouldn’twant him back there even for a briefvisit. Harry dreamed about his escapefrom that place, but now it was areality. He could go to GrimmauldPlace, but that house with all of itsBlack Family Legacy is so verydepressing. The possibility of himactually defeating Voldemort was so
remote that he never considered what hewould do afterwards.All these thoughts about where to liveand what to do for the rest of hislife, he quickly pushed to the back ofhis mind. Ron, Hermione, Ginny, andbreakfast were what he wanted to thinkof. He listened to hear the sounds ofRon snoring in his bed, but the roomwas silent. He must be at breakfast orin the common room. Harry quickly gotup put on his trainers, and headed downthe stairs for the common room.Checking his watch he noticed that itwas eight; breakfast time in the GreatHall. It suddenly occurred to him thatthere might not be breakfast with thedamage to the castle. The kitchensprobably had been emptied of food withyesterday’s celebration. He lookedacross the common room and saw a gapinghole in the outside wall. Walking tothe hole Harry looked out at the
grounds of Hogwarts. Witches andwizards were scurrying around somecleaning up debris and some takingpictures.“Good Morning, Harry,” ProfessorMcGonagall said from one of the cornerchairs.“Good morning, Professor. I see theclean up of the castle has begun.”“Yes, I only wish that the workers werethe only people outside though.”“What do you mean? Who are the otherpeople?”“Reporters, photographers, people whowant to see where You-Know-Who wasdefeated at the Battle of Hogwart’s….”“Battle of Hogwarts?”“Yes, the Daily Prophet is calling it