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Published by A'Lee'Ray
Harry Potter Fanfiction. I don't own. It's all from harrypotterfanfiction.com. So Enjoy!!!
Harry Potter Fanfiction. I don't own. It's all from harrypotterfanfiction.com. So Enjoy!!!

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Published by: A'Lee'Ray on Jul 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Maybe it was a better idea to go to theGreat Hall with the others before hetotally sank into depression. But thenagain, Harry didn’t think he would beable to stand the accusation. Were theyupset at him? Probably, he reasoned.Probably don’t want to even see meanymore. After all, it was his faultthat so many people died, right? Heshould’ve finished Voldemort offfaster. He should’ve been quicker.Tonks, Lupin, Fred. Dead, and willnever be seen again. They were hisfriends. And he, Harry, had let themdie. He was no hero, no saviour. He wasjust as bad as Riddle.
He stared around the dormitory and thensat on the bed that used to be his.There would be funerals tomorrow. Hewas expected to go to them, perhapsmake a speech. Could he do it? Harrydoubted he could face George after whathappened to his twin. He wouldn’t beable to look in Mrs. Weasley’s eyes,not after she had treated him as if hewere one of her own sons. Apologizingwouldn’t be enough and he knew it. Butthen what should I do? He needed tosomehow make it up to them, somehowmake it alright. Though he knew sayingsorry wasn’t enough, it was definitelythe first step. Maybe they would tellhim what to do to make it up to them.
Maybe they would tell him to just packup and leave this place forever.But could I actually do that?He would never see Ron and Hermioneagain. He would never see Ginny. Butit’s not like they wanted to see himanymore. They were all angry at him, hewas sure of it. But where would he go?Go abroad or stay in the UnitedKingdom? But those were details, andHarry couldn’t be bothered about thatjust yet.Leave the country.Forever?Maybe he should just go now; it would

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