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Graphing Calculator Scavenger Hunt

Graphing Calculator Scavenger Hunt

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Published by heathermkohn
Graphing Calculator Activity
Graphing Calculator Activity

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Published by: heathermkohn on Oct 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Name ________________________________ Date _________ Graphing Calculator Scavenger Hunt1) Press What is the ID# of your calculator? ______________ 2) What happens to the screen when you push over and over?And when you push over and over? _____________________________________________ 3) is called the "caret" button, and is used to raise a number to a power.Find 6
= _____. To square a number use What is 56
? _______ 4) Enter (-2)
into the calculator, what answer did you get? ___________ Now enter –2
into the calculator, what answer did you get this time? ________ Why do you think you got two different answers? __________________________________________________ Would (-2)
and –2
give you two different answers? Why or why not?5) Press to access the STAT PLOTS menu, how many stat plotsare there? _____ Which option number turns the stat plots off? ________________ 6) Press
which option number will sort data in ascending order? ____________ What do you think will happen if option 4 is selected? __________________________________ 
7) What letter of the alphabet is located above? ______________What two keys would you need to press to use it? ____________________________________ 8) Where is the pi symbol located? _______________________ What two keys would you need to press to use it? ______________________________9) Use your calculator to answer the following:2 x 41.587 ________ 2578/4 _________ 369 + 578 _________  Then press . What pops up on your screen? ___________ Arrow over and change the 4 to a 2. What answer do you get now? ________ How will this feature be helpful? __________________________________________________________________ 10) Press
What do you get ____________________ 11) Pressto access the calculator's catalogue. Scroll up, toaccess symbols. What is the first symbol? _____________ What is the lastsymbol? _______________ 12) Pressto access the calculator's catalogue. An
appears inthe top right corner of the screen. This means the calculator is in alphabeticalmode. Press
What is the 5
entry in the M's? What do these letters stand for? _____________ 13) Press
what do you think the first entry will do? _____________________ Now press

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