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Getafe Negro, festival de novela policiaca de Madrid 2013

Getafe Negro, festival de novela policiaca de Madrid 2013

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Programa de la VI edición de Getafe Negro
Programa de la VI edición de Getafe Negro

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Published by: Biblioteca la Bòbila on Oct 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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VI edición
Del 16 al 27De octubre De 2013
Getafe Negro 
s h nvid n n d s sivsiis más dsds d pnm  dns ps. es ñ 2013 ms s VI diinq, misid n vz más p lnz Siv,niá n ns idd  sis ninsy xnjs, iss y dmis d pim dn.Dn d  m ps d Gin mniipp  , hms qid sgi mpind spsiiidds d
Getafe Negro 
, hind g  nnm d vz my d iddns. en  16y  27 d , n miis pgminiá j dins nqs y pspivs sdivss s d n d s gns pidsp  pi. Psnins q dán  nnvs s d s nsgds y nvs, mssdnds dnd s fxiná s  psn y  d  nv ng, is d in  spáss sn gns d s ividds pinipsq dn ss ds smns nán G dimginin  inig, dnd s psnjs iisdispss  d sán s
pgniss.en s diin Fni sá ns invid dhn. e ps vin h sid pin n  gnng y n n n d s indsis diismás pns d ep. admás, hms iniidn in n 
Festival de novela policiaca de Toulouse 
q spms s png s pximsñs. Qi gd   mjd d Fni nespñ y  Insi Fnçis d espñ n Mdids vis py.asimism,  in d G Ng h sidpsi gis   in pi-pivd.e Minisi d edin, c y Dp, cmnidd d Mdid,  univsidd cs III y Insi cvns hn sid s insiins pispiipns, jn  ais y Ámi ce c Ings.N qi min sin d  g d Js lisSmpd, si y in pdid mnmsy  q ndims hmnj dnd  pgmin d Fsiv.
 Jn Sad d G

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