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Museum of Architecture and Design - Slovenia, Culture.si, 21 Oct. 2013

Museum of Architecture and Design - Slovenia, Culture.si, 21 Oct. 2013

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Museum of Architecture and Design - Slovenia, Culture.si, 21 Oct. 2013
Museum of Architecture and Design - Slovenia, Culture.si, 21 Oct. 2013

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Published by: Slovenian Webclassroom on Oct 20, 2013
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Museum of Architecture and Design
From Culture.si
The Ljubljana Architecture Museum was established in 1972 by the UrbanMunicipality of Ljubljana. In April 2010 the management of the museum wastransferred from the city to the state. Under the new name the
Museum of  Architecture and Design (MAD)
is the central Slovene museum for architecture,town planning, industrial and graphic design, and photography. Since 1992 theMuseum is located at Fu
ine Castle. It houses also a permanent display of oeuvres by the leading Slovene architectJo
e Ple
nik (1872–1957).Since 1972 the Secretariat of the Biennial of Industrial Design (BIO) operatesunder the aegis of the museum. In September2012 the 23nd biennial opened itsdoor with an international design exhibition.
1 Departments2 Programme3 Education4 See also5 External links6 Gallery 
The activities of the Museum of Architecture and Design have expanded sincethe move to the Fu
ine Castle. The museum now incorporates 6 departments:the Department of Historical Architecture in Slovenia, the Department of Contemporary Slovene Architecture, the Department of Industrial Design, theDepartment of Visual Communications, the Department of Photography, andthe Department of Educational Activities. The museum also houses a specialisedlibrary.The museum manages also a part of the Ple
nik Collection in situ, at Ple
nik House Karunova ulica 4. From 1988 to 2004 the museum also managed theJakopi
Gallery, which is today managed by the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana.
The Museum of Architecture and Design systematically collects, stores, studies,and presents material at permanent and temporary exhibitions. The display 
The Architect Jo
e Ple
nik 1872–1957 
is based on a major exhibition of the same titleat the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris in 1986. Special themed historicalexhibitions include
The Modern Classic Arne Jacobsen 1902–1971: A Centenary Exhibition
17th-Century Architecture in Slovenia
(2006) and
18th-Century Architecture in Slovenia
(2007). Beside periodical exhibitions of Slovene architecture, the museum also hosts regular exhibitions of internationalarchitecture. Such as the exhibition
 Beyond Everydayness: Theatre Architecture in Central Europe
which was organised by the network of CentralEuropean theatre and architecture organisations participating in the TACEproject, including the National Theatre Museum of Slovenia. Among contemporary design exhibitions the exhibition
 Niko Kralj: TheUnknown Famous Designer
was quite a break-through: it showcased thearchives, sketches, photographs, prototypes and final products of the world-renowned Slovenian industrial designerNiko Kralj(1921–2013), including thefamous Rex armchair, Lupina series, 4455 and modular system furnitureFutura, Savinja, Javor, Konstrukta, as well as the Mosquito chair, which wasdesigned as early as 1953, but due to the complexity of its manufacture, it only entered regular production in 2012.
Contact info
Muzej za arhitekturo in oblikovanje(MAO)
http://www.mao.simao@mao.si(mailto:mao@mao.si)Pot na Fu
ine 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana
386 (0) 1 548 4270
386 (0) 1 540 0344
Government of theRepublic of Slovenia
, Directormatevz.celik@mao.si(mailto:matevz.celik@mao.si)
386 (0) 1 548 4271
Tanja Vergles
, Secretarytanja.vergles@mao.si(mailto:tanja.vergles@mao.si)
386 (0) 1 548 4270
Pika Leban
, Public relationspika.leban@mao.si(mailto:pika.leban@mao.si)
386 (0) 1 548 4274
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Events abroad
11 October to 17 October 2013
Silent Revolutions: Contemporary Design in Slovenia 
, an exhibition organised by the
Museum of Architecture and Design
, at theMoscow Design Week, supported by theEmbassy of the Republic of Slovenia Moscow,atThe ArtPlay Design CenterinMoscow, Russiaprogramme(http://www.silentrevolutions.si/)
Past Events
Niko Kralj, neznani znani oblikovalec // Making of by Drustvo Pekinpah on Vimeo
Lectures and other educational activities, including creative workshops, takeplace regularly at the museum.
 Museum evenings
are thematically structuredlectures ranging from architecture, visual communications, industrial design,photography and other activities connected with museums. Taking place once amonth they aim to encourage public debate about museums and different areasof expertise that are increasingly neglected in contemporary society.In 2006–2007 the ARK - Institute for Architecture and Culture co-organised aseries of lectures under the title
 Architectural Epicentres
. These lecturesfocused on seven epicentres – Brazil and Mexico in the 1950s, Finland in the1960s, Switzerland and USA in the 1980s, Barcelona in the 1990s, and theNetherlands at the close of the 20th century, while the concluding lecturefocused on Slovenia and the (im)possibility of its becoming one of the nextarchitectural epicentres. The lecturers were Keith L. Eggener, Hugo Segawa,Harri Kalha, Bart Lootsma, Nott Chaviezel, Mary McLeod, Jose Luis Echeverre, Yasushi Zenno,Rado RihaandBo
tjan Vugaof SADAR + VUGA Architects. The book of essays presenting the lecture series was published by the Museum in2008.In 2008 in collaboration with the Pekinpah Association, the museum prepared aseries of lectures in design theory about sustainable alternatives in design withinternational lecturers. In 2010 they published a book of lectures
 Sustainablealternatives in design: It's high time we start losing time
featuring texts by:Dieter Rams, Ezio Manzini, Jonathan Chapman, Clive Dilnot, Per Mollerup, Victor Margolin,Cvetka Po
ar, andBarbara Predan. In 2010 the Museum of Architecture and Design presented a series of lectures in visual communications theory 
On Information Design
, in collaboration withPetra
erne Ovenand Pekinpah Association. The lecture series features sixinternationally renowned experts in the area of information design, among themalso Yuri Engelhardt, Rob Waller, and Karel van der Waarde.
See also
Museum of Architecture and Design Library Biennial of Industrial Design (BIO)Ple
nik CollectionPle
nik House
External links
Museum of Architecture and Design website (http://www.mao.si/)Museum of Architecture on Twitter (http://twitter.com/MAO_Slovenia)Museum of Architecture on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/muzej.za.arhitekturo.in.oblikovanje)Museum of Architecture channel on YouTube(http://www.youtube.com/user/MuseumArchitecture)Interview with the museum director Matev 
elik (http://ms.sta.si/2010/11/architecture-museum-director-celik-plecniks-work-
13 June to 11 July 2013
Five Years of Slovene Architecture - ARCHITECTURE= 
exhibition and screeningsof
Small and Smart: Expressions of Contemporary Slovenian Architecture in Films 
by the
Museum of Architecture and Design
,organised in cooperation with Architects'Bulletin (ab) (Architects' Society of Ljubljana(DAL)), Architectural Gallery DESSA,RAZ:UM and House of Architecture Mariborand with the support of the Embassy of theRepublic of Slovenia Tel Aviv, atArchitect
sGalleryinTel Aviv,Israelprogramme (http://telaviv.veleposlanistvo.si/fileadmin/user_upload/dkp_46_vta/pdf/2013/eNewsle_il_
6 May 2013
A screening of
Small and Smart: Contemporary Slovenian Architecture on Film 
,produced by the
Museum of Architecture andDesign
and ARK - Institute for Architectureand Culture, and lectures byJeff Bickert(ARK- Institute for Architecture and Culture) andPetra
Museum of Architecture andDesign
), supported by the Embassy of theRepublic of Slovenia Budapest, atKinoinBudapest,Hungaryprogramme (http://kek.org.hu/filmnapok/en/may-6-small-and-smart-contemporary-slovenian-architecture-on-film/)
24 April to 23 June 2013
Iskra: Non-Aligned Design 1946–1990 
, anexhibition by the
Museum of Architecture andDesign
(authors of the exhibitionCvetka Po
arandBarbara Predan) atMuseum of Yugoslav HistoryinBelgrade,Serbiaprogramme (http://www.mij.rs/vesti/98/dobar-dizajn.html)
18 April to 30 April 2013
New Slovenian Architecture 
, an exhibition byDamir Kova
and screenings of
Small and Smart: Contemporary Slovenian Architecture on Film 
produced by
Museum of Architectureand Design
and ARK - Institute forArchitecture and Culture at BINA 2013 atCultural Centre of Belgrade - Art GalleryinBelgrade,Serbiaprogramme (http://www.bina.rs/2013/en/archives/category/program)
22 March to 28 April 2013
Silent Revolutions: Contemporary Design in Slovenia 
, an exhibition by the
Museum ofArchitecture and Design
, coorganised bySlovenian Culture and Information Centre,Vienna (SKICA) atDesign Austria -DesignforuminVienna,Austriaprogramme (http://www.designaustria.at/posts/1666-silent-revolutions-contemporary-design-in-slovenia)
3 March 2013
House D 
, a short film byDamjan Kozole,produced by Vertigo/Emotionfilm and the
Museum of Architecture and Design
at the 5thBudapest Architecture Film Days atToldiCinemainBudapest,Hungaryprogramme (http://kek.org.hu/filmnapok/en/strange-homes-selection-of-short-films/)
15 November 2012 to 23 February 2013
Eight Slovene designers (from OLoOPDesign, Bevk Perovi
Arhitekti, AKSLArhitekti, AlmiraSadar,BelaBela,Pleksimanija,Studio DrevoandJanez Suhadolc) presented at
Common Roots - Design map of Central Europe 
exhibition, andCvetka Po
Museum of Architectureand Design
, Ljubljana, as workshops andseminars participant, supported by theEmbassy of the Republic of Slovenia Tel AvivatDesign Museum HoloninHolon,Israel programme(http://www.dmh.org.il/exhibition/exhibition.aspx?pid=23&catId=-1)
3 October to 15 October 2012
Niko Kralj: The King of Chairs - On the Implicitness of a Legendary Slovenian Designer 
, an exhibition by the
Museum ofArchitecture and Design
at the Vienna DesignWeek atArchitekturzentrum ViennainVienna, Austriaprogramme(http://www.azw.at/event.php?event_id=1273&lang_id=en)
12 September to 16 September 2012
Silent Revolutions: Contemporary Design in Slovenia 
exhibition curated byMaja Vardjan,produced by
Museum of Architecture andDesign
in Wold Design Capital 2012 HelsinkiinHelsinki,Finlandprogramme (http://helsinki.embassy.si/index.php?id=4200&L=1)
4 June to 10 June 2012
Silent Revolutions 
exhibition produced by the
Museum of Architecture and Design
at theBelgrade Design Week inBelgrade,Serbia programme(http://www.belgradedesignweek.com/dizajnpremieres/silent-revolutions,-slovenia)
8 April to 11 April 2012
Museum ofArchitecture and Design
/ Biennial of Design(BIO) at the Holon Design Week, supportedby the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia
 wont-be-neglected) from
 Misli slovensko
STA websiteMAO debates (http://videolectures.net/maodebates2011_ljubljana/) on VideoLectures.NetNiko Kralj exhibition (http://www.mao.si/Exhibition/Niko-Kralj-The-Unknown-Famous-Designer.aspx)The book 
 Sustainable alternatives in design
Corporate identity for the
Museum of Architecture andDesign
by IlovarStritar designstudio, 2011Corporate identity for the
Museum of Architecture andDesign
by IlovarStritar, 2011Eight Slovene designers –(OLoOP Design, Bevk Perovi
Arhitekti, AKSL Arhitekti,AlmiraSadar,BelaBela,Pleksimanija,Studio Drevo, andJanez Suhadolcpresented at the exhibition
Common Roots – Design Map of Central Europe 
at theDesign Museum in Holon,2012From the first biennial in 1964to today, Biennial of IndustrialDesign (BIO) has presentedtwenty-one exhibitionssurveying the state ofinternational design. 2010Tapio Wirkkala, one of themost influential Finnishdesigners of the 20th century,Exhibition, held at
Museum ofArchitecture and Design
, 2005Biennial of Industrial Design(BIO) is one of the world
soldest international designevents with a tradition of morethan forty yearsBiennial of Industrial Design(BIO), in Ljubljana, is one ofthe few international biennialexhibitions dedicated toshowcasing industrial,product, and graphic designwork selected by professionaldesign institutions. 2010
 Architecture workshop organisersRetrieved from "http://www.culture.si/w/index.php?title=Museum_of_Architecture_and_Design&oldid=119446"
: ArchitectureDesignMuseumsVenuesArchivesPublishersResearchDesign museumsArchitecture museumsArchitecture archivesDesign archivesArchitecture exhibition organisersDesign exhibition organisersDesign exhibition venues Architecture exhibition venuesDesign publishersArchitecture publishers
Tel Aviv atDesign Museum HoloninHolon, Israelprogramme(http://www.dmh.org.il/Events/Event.aspx?pid=101&catId=0)
14 February to 2 April 2012
Silent Revolutions: Contemporary Design in Slovenia 
exhibition curated byMaja Vardjan,produced by
Museum of Architecture andDesign
atImpluvium (La Triennale di Milano)inMilan,Italyprogramme (http://www.triennale.it/it/mostre/future/831-silent-revolutions-design-contemporaneo-in-slovenia)
22 October to 30 October 2011
Silent Revolutions / Contemporary Design in Slovenia 
organised by
Museum of Architectureand Design
at the Dutch Design Week 2011 atZona Ventosa/Temporary Art CentreinEindhoven,Netherlandsprogramme (http://www.ddw.nl/event.php?eventID=de8bbc20af656ab4272d6efae4973ed2)
22 September to 25 September 2011
Silent Revolutions / Contemporary Design in Slovenia 
organised by
Museum of Architectureand Design
at the London Design Festival inLondon,United Kingdomprogramme(http://www.londondesignfestival.com/events/silent-revolutions-contemporary-design-slovenia)

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