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Sample 11

Sample 11

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Published by J. Buchanan
After finals...
After finals...

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Categories:Book Excerpts
Published by: J. Buchanan on Oct 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 9 extract“See man,” I said. “That's what happens whenyou out there fuckin' around with different chicks.You always end up in a bad situation.
... Ilearned that shit back in high school.”“Awww, shit,” Cherokee interjected. “Here yougo again with some of your crazy ass reasoning ...Look man, just because some broad caused somefucked-up shit to happen to you way back in theday, doesn't mean that tragedy will happen toanyone who’s not monogamous.”Gabe laughed and said, “For real Lando. Youact like once you cheat, you’re automaticallycursed for life.”“Naw man. I'm just sayin’ ... fuckin'roundwith the wrong broad can be dangerous.”“Oh yeah?” Cherokee said indifferently. “ThenI guess I'll be livin’ dangerously for a long time,'cause I don't plan on being monogamous with
 broad. That shit can be dangerous too ... In arelationship, if you cheat you’ll have problems, ifyou don’t cheat you’ll still have problems. Sowhat’s the point?”I looked at him like, ‘Huh?’“And besides,” he continued, “I need thatplural pussy!”“Plural pussy?” I questioned.“Yeah. I need multiple different pussies,” hedeclared.Gabe and I laughed.Cherokee was the type of guy who stayedsingle. He felt, why even be in a relationshipwhen you know that you’re eventually gonna do whatguys do anyway, which is cheat.“You’re crazy,” I said. “It’s not always likethat. There's plenty of good girls out there.”
“Believe that if you want,” Cherokee said,steering around the freeway curve onto the JohnHanson Highway. “But that's bull.”Gabe said nothing. He just listened in adaze.“Anyways... You’ll be alright G’,” Iaffirmed.“Yeah you’re right,” Gabe realized. “I can’tlet myself get stressed. If Constance decides tohave the baby, and if I'm still alive after Chantelfinds out, then I'll just have to live up to myresponsibility.” A smile finally formed on hisface as he said, “But until then, I'm incelebration mode!”Twenty minutes later, we exited off thehighway and found ourselves in Riviera Beach on abusy avenue in the midst of a traffic jam. Carswere piled up as we weaved in and out of thegridlock. Ten minutes down the road we werefinally rolling up to the valet of a very nicerestaurant by Chesapeake Bay.“Thank God we made it,” Gabe said, as heshared some breath mints with us. “I don’t knowhow much longer I could’a lasted. I’m so hungry mymouth feels like a desert.”“Me too,” I said with a chuckle.Cherokee spoke to the vehicle as we pulled upto the steakhouse, “Allow valet parking and enablesecurity mode.”The alluring voice command responded,“Instructions granted.”We got out of the car and a thick aroma ofsautéed and grilled food hit me like a hurricane.I started to feel like I was in an old-schoolSaturday morning cartoon, where wavy smoke-likescents put me in a trance and floated me helplesslytowards its source.Cherokee gave the Rover X keys to the valet.We started to walk toward the restaurant entrancein what seemed like a slow motion glide. We
stepped through the tall, fancy double doors of thelobby and there was a chubby, clean-cut male hostguarding the entrance to the dinning area. Hepepped up and formed a smile onto his round face aswe approached.“Good afternoon gentlemen. Welcome to TheVacation Cove bar and grill.” His facialexpression turned serious. “Unfortunately, due tothe overlapping crowds, I am going to have to askthat you either wait, or come back in about thirtyminutes after your reserved time ... Please excusethe inconvenience.”“Reserved time?” Gabe said, looking at me likeI knew something about reservations.I turned around to Cherokee and said, “Wegotta have reservations to eat here?”“Not that I know of,” he said. “Whenever Ieat in here I'm with my-”“Pardon the interruption sir,” said the host,looking strangely at Cherokee, “but you lookawfully familiar.”“Yes,” Cherokee said with confidence. “Ifrequent this restaurant.”He carefully studied Cherokee for a momentlonger, then said, “That's right. You're Mr.Klughes' son.”Cherokee smiled and said, “Exactly. I'mChris.”The host stepped closer to Cherokee and said,“Wait here a moment sir. Let me see what I canarrange.” He turned around and waddled off intothe dinning area.Gabe and I looked at each other with surprise.“Damn Cherokee,” Gabe said. “Seems like yourpops got some pull up in here.”“As much money as he spends in this joint, weshould get a seat with no problem.”“Cool,” I said with a grin. “...But you waslookin’ kind’a nervous for a while! You thought wewere out’a here, huh?”

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