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House Boys - Chapter 11 - Something New

House Boys - Chapter 11 - Something New

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Published by JemGirl
This is the continuing story of Edward, David, Luke and Al.

This is a gay/yaoi erotic romance. This story contains mature content.
This is the continuing story of Edward, David, Luke and Al.

This is a gay/yaoi erotic romance. This story contains mature content.

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Published by: JemGirl on Oct 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This story is completely and utterly fictional. Names, characters, places, and incidentsare either the product of the author's imagination or are usedfictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead,events, or locations is entirely coincidental.The sexuality of allcharacters is entirely a figment of the author's imagination. For those of you that are NOT of legal age, please find other material to read.If youare offended by gay, bxb, boy love, yaoi, whatever you call it, stories, or it is illegal toview such materials in your area, you should be leaving at this time.Now, if you still feel like reading on, enjoy, and please leave a comment if you actuallyliked it.I will be repeating this warning for every chapter of this story.
==========Chapter 11 - Something New==========I managed to go a week and a half before Mr. Stroker said something about having to talk with me. I knew itwas about how I was acting. Not that I wanted him to realize that anything had truly changed. I did everything Iwas suppose to. I cleaned, I cooked, I did the wash, my weekly shopping trip, I carried out his dry cleaning andpicked it up on time. We still had sex as often as he wanted, I just tried to stay as emotionally detached as Icould. I didn't hate him, or think any less of him, I just told myself that I had to step back a bit. Take a longerlook at him and really get to know him. This included visiting him at the office to try to have lunch with him. Tosee how he acted around other people. How he acted under stress and all that.More times than not, I just ended up hearing him talk about work over the phone with someone, before hecanceled on me. But I was never upset. For some reason I liked sitting in the same room with him as we bothdid some form of work.“David,” I heard someone call.“Yes Sir,” I said as I raised my head to see who had called me. It was Mr. Stroker.
Oh yeah.
He wanted to talk tome about something. We stood between the kitchen and living room as I waited to hear what he had to say.Are you ok with this Sunday for going to get your suit?” he asked me. I blinked.“My suit?” I asked him to make sure I heard right.“You don't remember?” Mr. Stroker asked me with a slightly odd look on his face. I started to think about it.“Don't bother remembering,” he said as he reached out to hug me. I started to lean into him before I caughtmyself and stiffened for a second before letting him pull me closer. “One less thing for me to apologize for,” hesaid with something of a laugh in his voice before kissing my forehead.“So what time this Sunday?” I asked him as I tried to see if I had time to do the wash before we left or if it couldwait until we got back. I tried to move out of his grip before I ended up laying my head on his chest andlistening to his voice. I had to be a bit more forceful than I wanted, but he did eventually let me go. I felt hiseyes on me as I moved into the kitchen and started to clean up. I was on my third plate when I heard himstarting to talk again.“I made an appointment for two pm,” he continued. I'm sure he was watching me as I continued to wash thedishes. “Are you alright?” he asked a few minutes later.“I'm fine,” I told him. “Just a little tired,” I added on. It wasn't a complete lie. I had a long day and it was hardfighting myself to not enjoy the closeness that we really had not that long ago.“Will you be able to spear three hours for the fitting,” Mr. Stroker asked from his side of the room.“Three hours?” I asked as I paused to look in his direction.“Yeah, it takes a while to make a suit from scratch,” he tells me.
“From scratch?” I asked again. “I thought they were just making a pre-made suit fit me better?” I asked him.“So you remembered what I said?” Mr. Stroker asked me in turn. I nodded my head as I turned back to finish upwhat I was doing.“Yeah I remembered,” I confessed. It wasn't that hard to remember once he brought it up.“So can you put off studying on Sunday for about three hours?” Mr. Stroker asked me again. I slowly washed thebowl that I now had in my hand.
I might be able to take a book with me for when they were making thechanges and didn't need to have me standing.
 “Can I bring a book with me?” I asked him as I started to move my hands a little faster.“I don't see why not,” he quickly said. “I normally read their magazines while I wait,” he confessed.“Then it shouldn't be a problem,” I answered his earlier question before trying to focus on getting the dishesdone and not wonder if we were going to sleep together that night. I was concentrating on a piece of onion thatwas burnt into the frying pan so I didn't hear him walk into the kitchen.“I'm turning in now,” Mr. Stroker told me as his hands held my hips. I jumped and I knew he noticed that. Wewere both quite for a moment. I was afraid of what he might say and I'm sure he was thinking of what to say. Itmust have only lasted like three seconds, but it felt like we stood there waiting for a bomb to drop for forever.“It seems you have a lot on your mind and I have to be up for an early meeting tomorrow,” he tells me as I feelone of his hands as it rubbed my hip, through waist band of my shorts. His other hand slowly moved up to mywaist as I thought of nodding in agreement to his statement. As I followed through and lowered my head tostart, I felt his lips on the back of my neck.His warm, soft lips. He pressed his body into mine and the smell of him took over my personal space. I closedmy eyes and wished that he wasn't doing this to me as I leaned back against his chest. His hand that was on mywaist gripped me harder as his other slid between the waist band and my skin and went straight for it's target. Igasped as I held on to the frying pan and soapy sponge harder.“You look so sexy tonight,” he rasped into my skin as he held me to his body.Ah!” I gasped as he continued to jerk me off. I pushed my backside into his groin to give his hand more room towork with. My mind screamed that I wasn't suppose to be enjoying this until I shouted for it to shut the fuck up.I started to move in rhythm with his hand and each time I pushed back I felt him getting harder. I really wantedhim to fuck me, but I just held on to the sides of the sink instead of doing anything about. The sponge was thelast thing I had dropped over five strokes earlier.Sir's hand movements started to slow so I moved faster to make up for it as some primitive part of my mind toldme that I had to keep going.“Don't, move,” Sir said to the back of my neck again. I had forgotten or just accepted he physical closeness. Ihad to bite my lower lip as I did what he told me. I almost trembled from holding myself so still as well from thelost of his body that had been covering my shirtless back.Now I heard everything as I waited for him. The slide of his feet as he took a step back. The pull and movementof his clothes. The sliding of cloth along his skin as he lowered his pants. I almost shook as I heard the waistband of his boxers as they snapped against his skin. My skin tingled as he placed his fingers at the small of my

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