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Published by WasimOrakzai

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Published by: WasimOrakzai on Jul 29, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The overall evaluation of a organization’s strengths, weakness,opportunities & threats is called SWOT Analysis. It is astrategic planningtool used to evaluate thestrengths, weakness, opportunities & threats and involves specifying the objective of theorganization and identifying the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable toachieving that objective.
A SWOT analysis is designed to help an organization & provide you withinformation that helps in making decisions about your future. Before conducting a SWOT analysis,1styou defining and agreeing upon an objective.The key steps in conductinga SWOT analysis include:1. Brainstorming lists of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats2. Take the list of ideas and reduce them3. Review each idea separately and discuss each of these ideas4. Remember that the ideas with SWOT analysis is to gain a better understanding & look at the internal strengths and weaknesses of the org. and see how they relate to the opportunities and threats5. In final step, categorize those steps which are helpful for theorg. such as strength in internal environment & opportunities in the external environment, whilecategorize those steps which are harmful for the org. such as weaknesses in the internalenvironment& threats in the external environment. We avoid & exploit these two factors.
SWOT Analysis Of PICIC Commercial Bank :
The attributes of the organization that is helpful to achieving the objective. In other words, the activities that an organization does well. The strengths
of PICIC Commercial Bank is given as under ;
Abundance of manpower. ( Permanent & contingent employees )
PICIC Commercial Bank has made its mark as a complete service provider for its customers.As technology advances, PICIC Commercial Bank providing many facilities such asonline banking,
customers can access their accounts For deposits, withdrawals or inquiries
credit cards,
Loans, Savings, Consumer Banking etc.
Customers who do not wish to use the creditcard for payment can choose to send their payments through checks / drafts / pay orders. Acredit card is different from adebit cardin that it does not remove money from the user'saccount after every transaction. In the case of credit cards, the issuer lendsmoneyto the user to be paid to themerchant.
Introducing Telebanking services through 24 hour; call at 0800
50000, for attracting largenumber of customers.
Statement by Fax
Branch List by Fax
Product Information
The PICIC Commercial Bank’s Easy Pic Car Financing Scheme is specifically designed for individuals & must be resident of Pakistan and can purchase a brand new car for their personaluse on easy monthly Installments.
The bank provides the service of ATM / Debit Card,which is convenient and secure payment tool. Itcompletely eliminates the need to carry cash and make payments through it.
Effective recruitment of talented & skillful individuals.
For maintaining the employees, the
PICIC Commercial Bank provides the facility of health,employee relations….etc
The PICIC Commercial Bank introduce new product. For this purpose the bank may analysesthe product life cycle ( PLC ).
All staff members are well mannered in communications, & following the ethics.
In recent years, the PICIC Commercial Bank starts the ‘Suggestion Programs’.
The segments of the
PICIC Commercial Bank are expanding in recent years. The PICICCommercial Banks operates in four segments which are given as under;
The Corporate Banking segment includes underwriting and initial public offering
The Trading and Sales segment represents fixed income, equity, foreign exchanges,commodities, credit, funding, securities, lending.
The Retail and Consumer Banking segment represents retail lending, deposits, privatelending
The Commercial Banking segment represents projects finance, trade finance, leasing,lending, guarantees and bills of exchange.
2.weakness :
attributes of the organization those are harmful to achieving the objective. Inother words, the activities that an organization lakes or does not well. The weakness
of PICICCommercial Bank is given as under ;
Shortage of skillful labor / manpower that will leads the organization from success to failure.
The big problem is liquidity risk which reflects the corporations’s inability to rise funds.
 No proper procedures for training the manpower.
Low research & development for product & service innovation.
Lake of managerial & financial skills of manpower.
Absenteeism & turnover rate is too high that’s results the conflicts in the organization.
There is no training & educational program for the staff members to improve their performance,efficiency andother skills.
There is no concept of motivating the employees means to give the reward, bonus,compensations & benefits…etc
Job satisfaction of contengent employees is low.
For e.g. part time employees, temporaryemployees, contract workers
Supervision is week ,which cause delay in work & there is no use of cameras in the bank.
3. Opportunities :
The external
factor that is helpful to achieving the objective of the organization.
In simple words, opportunities means, the favorable chances in the external environment due to
which organization achieve growth & enhancement.
opportunities of PICIC CommercialBank is given as under ;
Organization is made up two types of recourses, such as physical & human resources whichcomesfrom external environment. If we utilize theses two resources efficiently, then there is no doubtto say that, it is the opportunity for the organization, in order to achieve growth.
In the age of globalization for achieving growth, the competent / skillful / English speakingemployees are on of the requirement of the organization.
PICIC Commercial Bank 
can increase the extensive advertisements of new products,services, vacancies, in order to increase customers & heir competent employees.
In order to achieve economic growth, the PICIC Commercial Bank expands the research &development department. Because the focus of these department is to introduce & innovate new products & services…..etc
Effective communication with customers will lead the organization towards success.
The PICIC Commercial Bank accepts money from savers & uses those funds to make loans tothe demanders of the funds. The bank increase the amount of loan, in order to attract the largenumber of customers. You can get the maximum amount of loan such as 2 lacks but therepayment period is 5 years & you can repay the loan through only cheques.
The PICIC Commercial Bank involves in creating public relations that will increase the profitability of the bank. Often, public relations are conducted through the media that is,newspapers, T.V, magazines, internet….etc that’s attract a large number of customers.
The bank is large & expanding day by day because customer accepts it. Its network expanded to136 branches, in 48 cities.
4.Threats :
external factors that is harmful to achieving the objective.
In simple words, threatsmeans, the unfavorable chances in the external environment due to which organization notachieve growth & enhancement.
of the PICIC Commercial Bank is given as under ;
We avoid discrimination because it is harmful for the organization in achieving its objective. Wehire the employees from external environment. Right person is for right for job.
Major credit risk is concentrated in textile & industrial sector. In recent years
the PICICCommercial Bank 
is using the credit limits for managing the credit risk & obtains adequatecollaterals from their customers.
PICIC Commercial Bank provides no accommodation facility in the external environmentfor employee, which also increase the
To avoid illegal activities in external environment. To take bribe or any other benefit from peoplewill reduce the image of the organization.

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