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Improving Our Career in Medicine

Improving Our Career in Medicine

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Published by doctorrao
Improving Our Career in Medicine
Improving Our Career in Medicine

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: doctorrao on Oct 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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India with many educated manpower continues to be world
greatest Human resource; howeverpeople get stagnated and apathetic to work, the reasons are many, the reason may the individualapathy, great bottle necks include red tapeism, bureaucratic control, lack of infrastructure, poorworking condition and interpersonal conflicts in many Government and even private establishments.In the era of privatization it is utmost important to improve our career or we will certainly perishwith our own lack of desire to progress. I find life is interesting just doing our day to day work just tosatisfy the job requirements, it is important that we should invest at least 10% of our life and timeto find a better way to progress in life, which may look difficult as many of us are satisfied with thepresent earnings and job security. Life teaches the best lessons when we are placed in disappointingcircumstances, we should take up a call to improve the career. Careers can improve or completelychange direction over time, but long term changes don't just happen overnight - you need to work atit. When new opportunities arise - sometimes raise up without notice - will you be ready for them?There are many things you can do to increase your chances of being prepared for theseopportunities when they appear. The great draw back many of newer generation of students andyoung Medical professionals just read what is essential for performing well in examination, if youwish to know better world, Read: books, magazines, and Professional journals related to theprofession of either the job you have now, or from an organization you would like to be employed infuture. Reading will help you acquire a better perspective of the Profession and your place in it.Iwish to state how I was inspired, improved, by reading many scientific articles. Just I wish to state,what made me what I am Today, as an example, how The Lancet the well-known medical journalcontributed to my career when I was placed as Medical officer in Andhra University inVisakhapatnam in 1973, the administrators of the Library wish to discontinue subscription to the journal, The Lancet as nobody is reading the journal, and it is not a Medical College, and I requestedthe Librarian that I will borrow the journal every week to fulfil the administrative formalities tocontinue for the subscription, he did it and I greatly improved my ideas of practice in the mostnarrow circumstances to work in a dispensary. Many of us neglect our priorities certainly we cannever become master of our work and continue to remain a slaves of our Jobs, just try to think aboutpriorities Re-evaluate Your Priorities: Take some time to stop and think about what your prioritiesare in your career and your life in general. Don't be side tracked by something that sounds good onthe surface but won't take you where you want to be with you career. Just because someone elsemay do this, that or the other thing to develop their career path, doesn't mean you need to. Do whatis best for you, many students ask what is good speciality for me to proceed in my higher studies,and I always tell do not look at some one look to self and decide, if we take medical specialities everybranch needs different temperament, take an Anatomist, he is very cool as nothing serious happenin the profession however a Surgeon cannot be like a Anatomist as everything is serious to handle.Communication has become part of our lives, from facing the Viva to patient interaction as anexaminer if I asses the students, who really good in the subject are poor in communication and theywill be overtaken by well communicating students, The good GOD not made all equal in life still tryto be better communicators and certainly succeed in many ventures you take up. Develop YourCommunication Skills: Good communication skills are essential for all endeavours in life, especially
for career development. This includes verbal, written and body language communication. Considerto increase your public speaking ability by taking more active part in many Seminars we take up. Youwill learn a lot from listening to other members speak also. Many books are available to help withwriting skills and good body language. Remember, people who appear relaxed and composed, andcan communicate their ideas clearly are more likely to get promotions and raises. Medicalprofessionals are poor in up keeping their health with exercises, in view of demanding timeschedules, Exercise Regularly: Exercise will make you feel better and be healthier. It will help youincrease your stamina when working long hours or taking weekend or evening classes - or justgetting through a typical work day. Right or wrong, healthier feeling people radiate an energy that ismore likely to get them promotions and raises. Just walk a while when you are free, as the world /nature teaches many lessons than when we glued to our chair and bed. If we ask our students howcomfortable you are, the majority answer I am fine which means that he is in his comfort job whichreally means his progress has stopped.
Challenge Yourself 
: Always challenge yourself - stepoutside your comfort zone. This is the only way you can grow both personally and in your career.Don't be afraid of trying something difficult, even if you fail at achieving what you originally intendedto accomplish - you will still learn something new from the experience - and this will help yourcareer. If we wish to progress in life, it is not relaxation and it is just continuous struggle. Manywestern medical students travel to many developing countries as they live and work in most idealcircumstances with technical advances. I wish our medical students, when they travel to a placeaway from routine work, just visit a hospital and look at the modalities of work; even the poorpeople are treated by very committed Doctors in developing countries. Our Indian medicaleducation system we are training our medical students in a protected environment, which makesmany of them poor performer when they really work alone in rural health centres. Set Clear Goalsand Measure Your Progress
Whether you hope to obtain a promotion, raise, or new job, you w
accomplish anything in 2013,
unless you set and hold yourself to tangible goals. Once you’ve
 determined your annual goals, identify the more easily attainable intermediate milestones that willallow you to measure your progress. No matter how long you have been at a job or how many timesyou have proven yourself, you must continually strive to exceed expectations and generateincremental value for your hospital or establishment and above all yourself. Make an effort to go toconferences, seminars, happy hours, and industry events; seek individuals who may be able to helpyou reach your career ambitions not only today but also tomorrow. I have been both popular andunpopular as I do not agree with many things proposed in the profession by many around or even,my own boss as he may not be always right may be some times we may be good to our patients. Inthe era of privatization we are more dependent on our employer we may lose security if we differ onevery matter try to be accommodative with scientific spirit, Volunteer to complete challengingprojects and assignments. One of the best ways to advance your career is to identify anorganizational problem and propose a solution. By offering to implement the solution, you will notonly increase your visibility as a problem-solver in the organization, but you might also expand yourskills in the process. Each of us has a certain number of years to invest in working and making aliving. Having a job is fine, but creating a career will maximize your opportunities for success. Tohave a successful career requires that you pursue career management strategies. A successful career
doesn’t happen unthinkingly. It needs planning, tending, and frequent review. Are you
ready topursue these career development strategies? Try doing something good which improves the life of our patients, it is the best contribution, and career advances without our knowledge.

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