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Our Heavenly Home.

Our Heavenly Home.

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"In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I
would have told you." — ^John xiv. 2.

"In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I
would have told you." — ^John xiv. 2.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Oct 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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OUR HEAVELY HOME.BY MELACTHO W. JACOBUS, D.D., LL.U."In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, Iwould have told you." — ^John xiv. 2.It is the blessed presumption of our Christianitythat there is a heaven for the people of God. If ithad not been expressly revealed it could have beenplainly inferred from the whole Christian system ;not that the eye hath seen it, though it hath seenSinai on fire and Jesus transfigured in his robes of light; not that the ear hath heard it, though ithath heard the anthem of angels at Betlilehem.But God hath revealed it unto us, not only in thewritten word, but in the Christian heart also, bythe Spirit. All the assaults of Satan, all the effortsof skepticism, all the powers of the vain world, allthe plague of the depraved nature can only ob-scure tlie prospect or stagger somewhat the hope.But the voice of Jesus is heard amidst all the con-fusion saying, in the whole tenor of his teaching, — "Be not afraid:" — "It is so:" — and "if it werenot so, I would have told you; because I wouldnot have allowed you to entertain so natural anexpectation only to be disappointed." Fears come328 OUR HEAVELY HOME.rushing upon the soul, Hke the swelling billows of the ocean just where they foam in the breakersand lash against the shore. But amidst the deep-est darkness the signal lights are seen hung outfrom the very skies. And these are responded toby the testimonies within, as well as by the voices
from the garden and the cross, that the wholeChristian system requires such a consummation.What a sport of human hopes would be made bya Gospel that says nothing of heaven^ by a salva-tion that stops at the grave, by a Saviour who doesnot bring life and immortality to light. They,therefore, who receive Christ at all do understandthat it is for a deliverance which looks beyond thegrave; that it is for an inheritance which wouldbe despoiled of its excellence and beauty if it didnot lie far beyond the reach of this present evilworld.And so Jesus, with inimitable tenderness, comesforward to the distressed disciples and administersthis magic consolation. The great cure for heart-trouble, he says, is to believe in him, and then heannounces this ultimate fact of a home in heavenfor God's people. Look beyond, he says. Fearnot. All that you expect and more will be yoursin glory — " If it were not so, I would have toldyou."We propose to consider icherein it is the presump-tion of our Christianity that there is a heaven forthe people of God.First : A heaven is to be presumed hy the char-acter and the life of Jesus on earth.OUR HEAVELY HOME. 329Look upon him as you will, I challenge theblackest infidelity to say that he belongs to thisearthly sphere. You would know that his Father'shouse was not even on some most favored island of 
our globe, nor in some royal domain such as mon-archs have fitted up for themselves. His works,his tastes, his longings, his affinities, were everyhour proving him to be the tenant of some bright-er realm. And his miraculous life, and his mira-culous resurrection and ascension, all discovered tomen that a better world than ours must claim him,and that somewhere in God's great universe theremust be a land of purity and blessedness and peaceand glory such as would be congenial to him.He came down amongst these human circles andtraversed our sinful sphere, a living exception tothe race, a personal contradiction to the great uni-versal law of depravity.So he announced himself as the Way to someother region, and the Truth in open refutation of the world's errors, and the Life in the highest sense,and beyond all this dying life of ours. And wher-ever he Avent it was as if odors from the Isles of the Blest were emptied upon the air — the sick revived, the dying were healed, the dead wereraised, and all pointed to a superior departmentof being. It was as if the Avhole host of angelshad been sent down to open to view that othercircle of society and that upper Avorld of light.o wonder that his disciples, catching gleams of his glory, asked him, "Whither goest thou?" Andno wonder that his reply to their question was,330 OUR HEAVELY HOME."Whither 1 go ye know and the way ye know,"but ye can not follow me noiv. o wonder thatbeholders inquired whence he came.And therefore it is, that however our Christian

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