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Revelation 19-22

Revelation 19-22

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Published by bruddalarry
These are my notes from the final talk on Revelation chapters 19-22. This part of Revelation deals with the end of all things, of course. I tried my best to paint a picture of the hope we have for our future, how God's presence answers all questions and heals all ills. I believe that a people captured by the vision of God's plan will live different lives.
These are my notes from the final talk on Revelation chapters 19-22. This part of Revelation deals with the end of all things, of course. I tried my best to paint a picture of the hope we have for our future, how God's presence answers all questions and heals all ills. I believe that a people captured by the vision of God's plan will live different lives.

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Published by: bruddalarry on Jul 29, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Summary of our Study:
Write, or think, about your fears.Write, or think, about your hopes.The end of Revelation is about the abolition of our fears, and the fulfillment of more than we can hope for.
Intro Remarks-Inspired very much by Ezekiel 37-48, and Daniel 7-John is a commentator on the O.T. in light of Jesus
work-There is a contrast here between two women and two cities-John is coming full circle from the beginning of the book-With the description of Jesus-With the promises to the churches-eat of the tree of life, not hurt by second death, given authority to rule,clothed in white, so onThe marriage of the lamb (Revelation 19:7-10)-The actual marriage occurs later in chapter 21-God
s people as Christ
s bride occurs often in the N.T. and O.T. (see Isaiah54:5-6, 62:5, Jer. 31:32, Ezek. 16:8, 2 Cor. 11:2, Eph. 5:27)-The point is “get ready”
Revelation 17-18
Revelation 1-3-John
s vision of Jesus, the letters tothe churches-“Revelation”-What is revealed about Jesus andHis relationship to us?Revelation 4-5-The vision of the throne room, theLamb and the scroll-“Redemption”-What has God redeemed in my life?Revelation 6-7-The six seals, the two multitudes-“Perseverance”-What do you hope for?Revelation 8-9-The six trumpets-“Idolatry”-What do you worship?Revelation 10-11-The angel with the little scroll, thetwo witnesses-“Witness-What is your witness?Revelation 12-13-The woman, the two beasts-“Faith-Do you trust the One who made thepromise?Revelation 14-16-The 144,000, the seven bowls-“Judgement-Can you trust God
s judgements?Revelation 17-18-The harlot and the beast-“Purity”-How does our culture call us tocompromise?
The coming of Christ and the defeat of the Beast (Revelation 19:11-21)-Uses the description of Jesus from the first chapter-Is the battle literal? (See Rev. 14:20, 16:16, notes on amount of blood, Har-Megedon)-Their defeat is effectively instant in the narration, through the word of Jesus-Whatever you think of the grisly description of birds eating flesh the point is:-THE FORCES OF EVIL IN THIS WORLD ARE DEFEATED!The Millenium (Revelation 20:1-10)-The only other places in the N.T. that refer to this are 1 Cor. 15:20-29 and John 5:29-The O.T. covers this in Ezekiel 37-48, with a similar progression of God
s peoplevindicated, Christ reigning on earth, His enemies coming against one more time, andthe final unveiling of a redeemed Jerusalem-The number is figurative: 10x10x10 = A LONG TIME-There are two resurrections, one to life, one to death (John 5:29). The life one occurshere.-Resurrection is our ultimate goal, not heaven. Heaven is intermediary state (seePhil. 3:8-14, Rev. 6:9-11)-Who are Gog and Magog? Nobody really knows. Best guess is an association withbarbarians from the north-Their destruction is instant-The Points of the Millennium-God is merciful: he gives the rebellious chances upon chances-Our rule is meant as a contrast to the rule of Satan-Think about America ruled by Christ-There will be no repeat of Satan
s ruleThe White Throne Judgement (Revelation 20:11-15)-There are two sets of books opened up: deeds and life-Our deeds reveal who we are-But it is more important to know who we are, than what we do-Matt. 7:16-20- You will know them by their fruits-Concerned with identity first
Show list from Eternal Life Now 
-The Lake of fire is clearly spiritual-Death, Satan, all spiritual things-It is clearly bad, and eternal-The progressive defeat of God
s (and our) enemies-Harlot, The beast & false prophet, Satan, Death & HadesThe Consummation (Revelation 21:1-9)- The regeneration of all things (see Rom. 8:21)-Why no sea? Represented chaos, evil (see Isaiah 57:20)
Revelation 17-18
Read Revelation 21:3-4 
-This is IT. This is the story of the Bible, from Genesis on.-First the expelling from the garden (Genesis 3:22-24)-God
s promise to Abraham to bless many nations and multiply (Genesis 12:1-3)-God
s promise to the nation Israel to be their God and dwell among them (Lev.26:11)-God
s dwelling amongst us in the person of Jesus (John 1:14)-God
s dwelling in us through the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 3:16)-Finally, the consummation (Rev. 21:3)-Everything is leading up to this point in history-Being in God
s presence answers every question, heals every pain, solves everyproblem, now and forever-God gives a free invitation to experience his presence (vs. 5-7)-Those who go to the lake of fire are the ones who reject this free invitation &choose their own deeds (v. 8)The Bride of Christ (Revelation 21:10-27, 22:1-5)
Read Eph. 2:19-22 
-We are the bride of Christ, the New Jerusalem-Twelve apostles on the foundation stones-Twelve tribes on the gates-The people of God!-Measuring of the city-12,000 stadia wide and high-144 cubits thick wall-A cube, shaped like the holy of holies (see 1 King 6:20)-The stones (especially Jasper) describe clear, colorful stones-The Lamb and the Lord God Almighty are the temple (v. 22)-Are also the source of light-No night? No more darkness in the spiritual sense (Matt. 6:23, 8:12, 22:13)-The kings of the earth and the nations will bring their glory into it (v. 24)-Our culture, arts, humanities, are celebrated-River of life flowing from the throne (v. 1, see Ezek. 47:1-12)-The tree of life, just like the one in the Garden of Eden (Gen. 2:9, Ezek. 47:12)-The healing of the nations is to contrast with our current times, were there isdivision-We shall see His face (v.4)-To come face to face with the living God meant death (Exod. 33:20)-His name shall be on our foreheads (v.4)-Contrast to the whore (see Rev. 17:5)-This is all a spiritual picture of who, what the church is, in shadow now, and will be fullyrevealed in the future-We may not feel like any of this, but God is the one who clothes us in whiterobes, not us (see Rev. 19:8)
Revelation 17-18

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