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Divine Justice.

Divine Justice.

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"Justice and judgment are the habitation op Thy throne."—
Pa. lzxxix. 14.

"Justice and judgment are the habitation op Thy throne."—
Pa. lzxxix. 14.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Oct 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DIVIE JUSTICE.BY WILLIAM H. H. MURRAY."Justice and judgment are the habitation op Thy throne."— Pa. lzxxix. 14.I WISH to speak to you this morning upon the justice of God, or divine justice. ot a few saythat many of our pulpits are cautiously reticent uponthis subject, and that they preach of the mild to theexclusion of the severe virtues of God. I desire thatnone should be able to truthfully say this of this pul-pit ; at least, while I am in it as a preacher. I believein the Fatherhood of God, as you all know ; in hislove and mercy and compassionate feelings toward usall : yea, I believe in these so fully, that I believe inhis justice as well. For no one, as I look at it, can everadequately comprehend the greatness of God's love,who does not hold, with all the forces of his heartand mind, that justice and judgment are the habita-tion of his throne. What I have to say this morning,in expanding my theme, may be grouped under thesetwo heads : — 1. The justice of God as an element of his govern-ment; and, — 158Digitized by VjOOQlCDIVIE JUSTICE. 159
2. As a rule of his conduct.When I speak of the government of God, you mustplease remember that I use it simply to aid the con-ception, not to make any distinction between it andGod himself. God is his own government, both in itsprinciples and its administration. The President of the universe is without a cabinet. o councillors sitwith him ; no adviser is called to his side ; no- divis-ion of interest exists to provoke differences in thatheavenly nationality. o opposition, even in thought,is tolerated or dreamed of. Among the intelligencesthat people the invisible world, there is but onethrone ; and before the glory of that the highest arch-angel veils his face. Throughout the whole universe,over stars, systems, and worlds, one sceptre rules.On the bounty of one Supreme Benevolence all ani-mate beings feed, and to the authority of one CentralWill all modes of life are subject.The government of God is thus shown to be noth-ing less than God himself, and the elements of it thevery essence of the Deity. With a Being thus om-nipotent in his power, and unrestrained in his exerciseof it, by whom all differences must eventually be de-cided, and the destiny of every living creature fixed,what would naturally and properly be the predomi-nating principle ? What would be the corner-stonefirst laid, and upon which the whole vast superstruc-ture rests ?Before we hastily answer this question, let us callto mind that the government of God has for its sub- jects two widely-different classes of beings, — the justDigitized by VjOOQlC
160 DIVIE JUSTICE.and the unjust, the loyal and the rebellious. This isindisputably true, and changes the complexion of theentire case. If any inquire, " How ? " I reply, In thisway: Were all the subjects of God's governmentpure and right-minded, the severe virtues of Godwould have no occasion for exercise ; the terrors of the law would lie unmanifested, and the bolt hiddenin the bosom of the cloud, and God, in the companyof his own pure beings, could lay aside his harness,and rest in the security of untempted innocence. Insuch a society, where there would be nothing to re-strain, nothing agaiust which to guard ; where, throughthe lapse of vast ages, nothing would occur to rufflethe serenity of the Divine Mind, or disturb the quietof God's kingdom, — love and the milder graces would*undoubtedly, be in the ascendant. But such is notthe case. The reverse is true. So far back as humanannals extend, or inspired narrative reveals, evil hascontended with good ; and God, as the arbitrator be-tween the two, has been kept day by day on thealert. How active the divine energies must con-stantly be to decide the countless questions of recti-tude as they hourly arise! How keen and keenlyalive must be tjhe sympathies and the antipathies of God ! That you may realize how intensely active arethe discriminating energies of Jehovah, mentally esti-mate the occasions, both past and present, calculatedto tax their closest exercise. Consider first in timeas in significance, the fall of the angels.I make no attempt to explain the mystery, how be-ings once pure, sinless, and beyond the reach of guile,Digitized by VjOOQlC

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