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Diagnosis Script 4

Diagnosis Script 4

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Published by Eman Nazzal
Diagnosis Script 4
Diagnosis Script 4

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Published by: Eman Nazzal on Oct 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Intraoral Examination 
To make a good intraoral examination we have to be familiar with theintraoral structures in order to know which is normal and which isabnormal.For example :we should know the normal variation of buccal mucosa.The last structure we examine in the extraoral examination is thelip(the vermillion border of the lip) so we start from the lips in theintraoral examination .Then labial mucosa and sulcus, buccal mucosacommissure area ,sulcus (vestibule) , gingival ,alveolar ridge (lower jaw andupper jaw), tongue (dorsum surface ,lateral surface and ventral surface.we should evaluate each structure in these surfaces), floor of the mouthand the last structures we examine is the hard and soft palate.
note: this order is the one that we should follow for examination in the clinic to make everything easy for us.
 Now when we examine the lip we start with the lower lip , we turnedit outside and we palpate for nodules ,tenderness or any masses, then we
examine the labial mucosa and we look for blisters ,ulcers ,traumaticlesions or any abnormality including the vermillion border( applying our,we don'tiesany abnormalit
weknowledge in oral pathology) sothem.
 Then we examine the sulcus and commissural area and we identify thelabial frenum (
note that these things that we see it in the lower lip 
) .we alsoidentify if there is any abnormality like : pigmentation ,masses ,ulceration,erosions(like hematoma which is blue ,purple or red in color) or whitelesions.We do the same thing for the upper lip , we identify the labial mucosa andthe labial frenum which sometimes has a structure we call it
frenal tag
.so the frenal attachment is sometimes broken may be due to trauma inchildhood making the frenal tag.

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