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Visual Per Farts

Visual Per Farts



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Published by raj

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Published by: raj on Jul 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lincoln University (PA) Bulletin 2003-2006
 Academic Departments and Programs
 p. 88
School of Humanities
 Professors: William Burres Garcia, Ph.D., Chair Alvin E. Amos, Ed.D.Associate Professors: Jeffrey A. Chapp, M.F.A.Charles Henry Pettaway, Jr., M.Mus.Assistant Professors: Andrew K. Sonpon, M.F.A.Established in August 2002, the Department of Visual and Performing Arts, whichincludes the disciplines of 
Music, Visual Art, and Theatre,
provides academic, aesthetic, andtechnical challenges through a diverse curriculum. The Department encourages students todevelop and evolve an historical consciousness of the critical role played by African Americansand other peoples of color in the visual and performing arts. Further, it offers and provides asolid fundamental foundation in the arts, and nurtures individual creative and artistic potential,and talent through advanced studies.The Department offers majors in
Studio Arts
(without a foreign language requirement)and in
Music Education
and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Teacher Certification (K—12)leading to the Bachelor of Science; and
Studio Arts
and in
with an emphasis in music performance leading to the Bachelor of Arts (with a foreign language requirement).The Department offers minors in
Studio Arts
In addition, elective coursesopen to all University students include
Theatre, Art History, and Studio Arts
(ceramics,sculpture, printmaking, painting, drawing, and graphic arts). Electives in
 Applied Music
( individual and class instruction in voice, piano, woodwinds, brasses, percussions, andstrings) and
Music Ensembles
(Concert Choir, Concert Band, Jazz Band, and Chamber Orchestra).
electives include acting fundamentals, set design, and performance.
Lincoln University (PA) Bulletin 2003-2006
 Academic Departments and Programs
 p. 89
The Visual Arts Program
Since its inception in 1995, the Studio Arts program provides studio and lecture courses,and out-of-classroom experiences so that students may develop academic and technical skillsneeded to research, create, and critically analyze art in its many culturally diverse forms.Further, it provides opportunities for students to develop the skills needed to make a contributionin the arts and to be competitive in a global community. The mission of the Visual Arts programis to provide students with a well-organized curriculum and a safe creative environment wherethey are stimulated to ask questions, enabled to solve problems, and encouraged to take risks inthe process of creating artworks and acquiring knowledge about the art world. Discovery isencouraged through experimentation and problem solving. Students are given opportunities todevelop the skills, structure, and encouragement to prepare them for advanced studies in theliberal arts and/or careers in the vast arena of the visual arts.
Studio Arts Major
Studio Arts majors will be given experiences in a broad spectrum of academicdisciplines offered at the University. These experiences will enable majors to be prepared for career opportunities in the arts while remaining flexible in an ever-changing world.Within the discipline, students will be introduced to both two-dimensional and three-dimensional art concepts, materials, and techniques. They will develop basic competencies inthe studio areas of 2-D and 3-D design basics, drawing, painting, printmaking, computer basedgraphic arts, and ceramics. These competencies will be achieved through studio exercises, classlectures with multi-media presentations, assigned readings, and independent research. Throughadvanced studio work and individualized research, Studio Arts majors will become proficient ina specific studio area. They will also develop an awareness of historical precedents, culturalmodels, and contemporary practices within the context of their area of studio concentration.Majors will be introduced to several art history traditions through both studio experiences andlecture courses, including general historical surveys of world art, and specialized courses inAfrican and African American art.
During the senior year, Studio Arts majors are required to make a formal public presentation-exhibition of their creative work together with an accompanying thesis statement.They must complete a minimum of forty-two (42) credits within the studio and lecture courseofferings which constitutes 35% of the 120 credits required for graduation from the University.
Lincoln University (PA) Bulletin 2003-2006
 Academic Departments and Programs
 p. 90
 Major Requirements
The following are the requirements for the Studio Arts Major leading to the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree:1. Submit a portfolio of artworks and an application with a designatedconcentration area before the second semester of the sophomore year.2. Develop a plan of study with the departmental major advisor to decidecourse choices and sequence, and to discuss possible electives.3. * Complete a minimum of forty-two (42) semester hours in selectedstudio art and art history courses within the Department of Visual and PerformingArts.4. Apply for graduation.5. Exhibit artwork during the senior year. The exhibit may be a one-personshow or a group exhibit with other graduating Studio Arts majors.Students will be responsible for preparing and exhibiting their work in a professional manner.6. Submit completed Senior Art Thesis. Two copies are required with onecopy to remain with the Department of Visual and Performing Arts.7. Complete Senior Seminar.
Language Requirements
 Bachelor of Arts
degree requires
two years
of a foreign language.
Minor Requirements
 Departmental approval is required for students wishing to minor in Studio Arts.The following are the requirements:1. Develop a plan of study with the departmental major advisor to decide course choices and sequence.2. *Complete a minimum of fifteen (15) semester hours inselected studio art and art history courses.*Introduction to Art (ART 201) is a part of the core curriculum and may not be countedtoward the major or minor.

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